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Why Content-Driven SEO Is the Ultimate Digital Marketing Strategy for 2020


  1. Engaging Content Helps Drive Quality Traffic to Your Website. 3
  2. Leverage Optimized Content to Improve Online Visibility and Climb SERPs. 7
  3. Speed Up Buyers’ Journeys. 9
  4. … And Put Your Sales on Autopilot! 11
  5. Give Your Domain Authority a Much-Needed Boost 12
  6. Cut Your Customer Attrition Rate and Bounce Rate By Half 14
  7. Establish a Winning Social Media Presence. 16
  8. Envision and Actualize Long-Term Business Growth. 17

60% of marketers make sure they create at least one piece of content every day.


Because a whopping 70% of people prefer getting informed about products/services/trends through content.

If you’re new to the world of digital marketing, we’re sure you’ve grown sick of seeing the phrase “content is king” plastered across blogs and social media platforms.

And we don’t blame you.

But while it may sound cheesy and hackneyed, its meaning runs deep. Try your hand at leveraging SEO while leaving content out of the mix and you’ll soon notice that you’ve taken on a task that’s impossible to accomplish.

“How important is content in a digital marketing strategy?”

More than you may think.

Simply put, content and SEO go hand in hand. Sideline one, and you’ll put your business at risk of low conversions, high customer attrition, and massive revenue loss.

As one of the most effective and fast-acting digital marketing strategies of 2020, content-driven SEO is a recipe for success any way you look at it.

But despite its rapid and consistent efficacy, many companies fail to create winning content-driven digital marketing strategies.

The outcome?

They’re confronted with countless hurdles that prevent them from achieving KPI targets and they experience long-term issues that impede business growth.

“Alright, I get the gist of it. But what’s in it for me?”

If you’ve been following our blog for a while now, you may have stumbled across our previous blog on the importance of content-driven SEO in 2019.

We suggest getting a quick refresher to familiarize yourself with the content-driven SEO landscape of 2019.

Juxtapose the blogs so you can identify divergences and draw parallels between each section. This will help you take note of the changes that have occurred since, so you can tweak your strategy accordingly.

Let’s dive in!

1. Engaging Content Helps Drive Quality Traffic to Your Website

graphic design that reads ‘engaging content’ and displays two women producing content

Companies that post an average of 16 blogs a month drive 3.5 times more traffic to their website than those that post 0–4 blogs each month.

While you may have employed a plethora of actionable SEO strategies, overlooking the importance of content could end up doing more harm than good.

It’s no surprise that a whopping 50% of marketers admit that curated content has played a big role in boosting organic traffic to their website!

Jostle’s frequent, high-quality, and expertly optimized blogs are a great example of content-driven SEO done right. Notice how multiple blogs are uploaded on the same day without compromising quality, creativity, and relevance.

screenshot of value-added and engaging blogs by Eventbrite
expertly optimized blogs

The gripping titles, eye-catching blog thumbnails, and informative content each play a big role in allowing Jostle to boast an impressive domain rating of 61.

Jostle’s domain rating

And while leveraging blogs is a great way to drive high-quality traffic to your website, it’s equally important to make the most of other forms of content.

In addition to blogs, you should be focusing on creating compelling, unique, and optimized:

Optimize the content by diving into the deep end of keyword research.

We suggest using Google Keyword Planner to identify and incorporate relevant keywords into your content.

Simply enter words or phrases closely associated with your business to find the right keywords for your content.

screenshot of the Google Keyword Planner

Focus on short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords, geo-targeting keywords, and LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords to increase quality traffic to your website.

We suggest paying special attention to long-tail keywords, as they have a 3–5% higher click-through rate than generic keywords.

geo-targeting keywords

Incorporating optimized HTML tags into your content will go a long way in generating more traffic and increasing the visitor-to-lead conversion rate.

Ultimately, impactful content ensures your visitors stay on your website longer. These strategies will help you do just that!

2. Leverage Optimized Content to Improve Online Visibility and Climb SERPs

concept illustration of top Google search results being analyzed by a marketer

Whether you’re a seasoned marketing specialist or recently began testing the waters of digital marketing, we’re sure you’re well-acquainted with the importance of climbing SERPs by now.

But let’s dive a little deeper.

The first five organic search results on Google receive 67.6% of all clicks.


Because a whopping 75% of people never scroll past the first page on Google.

Understandable, right? Who has the time to?

But this is probably where you’re subconsciously hurting your brand.

If you haven’t implemented a content-driven SEO strategy yet, the chances are that your web pages are showing up on the 8th, 9th, or even 30th SERP.

Active content creation is a great way to undo the damage by climbing SERPs and giving your online visibility a much-needed boost. In fact, websites with blogs have an astounding 434% more search engine-indexed pages!

Leverage high-quality blogs, articles, press releases, videos, and infographics to boost audience engagement and retention. As your product/service pages and content pages begin to climb SERPs, you’ll manage to target a wide, localized, and quality audience.

Over time, this will reduce uninterested visitors and allow you to build a strong network of quality leads that are more likely to invest in your products/services as opposed to dillydally around.

3. Speed Up Buyers’ Journeys concept illustration of online order confirmation

With over 61% of American consumers admitting that they’ve made a purchase after reading a blog, leveraging content is a surefire way to speed the buyers’ journey.

Potential customers are actively on the lookout for engaging, value-additive, and succinct information that helps them make a decision.

Let’s say your company designs and manufactures high-quality and visually striking tote bags. While you may have uploaded high-definition pictures on your website, producing little to no content around the product will dramatically reduce the chances of a potential purchase.

Instead, writing an engaging and optimized product description is a great way to increase the chances of attracting interested customers and speeding up the buyer’s journey.

Kate Spade’s descriptive and engaging—albeit precise—product description is the perfect example of powerful content that paints a picture in the reader’s mind.

screenshot of Kate Spade’s descriptive and engaging product description for a tote bag

Top it off with an engaging and informative blog titled “6 Versatile Ways to Use a Tote Bag” to further expedite the buyer’s journey!

4. … And Put Your Sales on Autopilot!

Struggling to boost sales?

Leveraging content-driven SEO is one of the most effective ways to not only grow sales, but also put them on autopilot!

Whether you create visually dynamic infographics or write value-added blogs, you’ll notice a gradual and steady increase in revenue and profits.

If your content strikes a chord with your audience, they’re more likely to share it with friends/family on social media or messaging platforms. This is a great way to expand your audience and organically target new demographics!

We recommend leveraging video content to further increase your chances of receiving quality shares.

According to research, 92% of users who engage with a video on their mobile phones share it with others. In fact, video content generates 1,200% more shares than text and image content.

While leveraging the latter is important, incorporating the former into your digital marketing strategy is imperative.

As you focus on creating unique, value-added, and optimized content, you’ll reap the benefits of consistent revenue gain that helps your brand grow in the long run.

5. Give Your Domain Authority a Much-Needed Boost

concept illustration of web analytics displayed on a tablet

Domain authority (DA) is a popular search engine ranking score that determines your website’s rank on Google SERPs.

The score ranges from 0–100. DA between 40–50 is considered average, DA between 50–60 is considered good, and DA over 60 is considered excellent.

Reputable websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Glassdoor, Architectural Digest, and Elle Décor have an impressive DA between 80–95. Not only does this give them an edge over competitors, but it also means people are more likely to perceive them as trustworthy sources of information.

This means increased traffic, higher SERP rankings, and better sales!

While there are many ways to improve your website’s DA, producing impactful, optimized, and engaging content is the most effective.

Instead of creating content that superficially covers the basics of an industry-relevant topic, go all in!

This means taking the time to research industry trends so you can produce content that informs the reader.

This is a great way to build a consistent audience, attract high-quality backlinks, and give your website’s DA a much-needed boost. Over time, you’ll manage to become a reputable and trustworthy voice in the industry.

We suggest browsing through the content of key competitors in your industry. Focus on both established and up-and-coming businesses.

For instance, if you recently started an online tech support business, identify key local and global players in the industry. Your research should generally include Geek Squad, Bask, My Nerds, Total Tech Care 360, Tech to Us, and iYogi, among others.

Work closely with an SEO and content marketing specialist to analyze their current content marketing strategy.

This will help you plan ahead and leverage winning content-driven SEO so you can hit the ground running!

6. Cut Your Customer Attrition Rate and Bounce Rate By Half

concept illustration of web analytics on a computer screen

Nobody likes the thought of losing potential customers.

And while losing the odd customer here and there isn’t too bad for business, you know you’re dealing with a serious problem if the numbers keep plummeting… consistently.

Creating content that informs and enthralls your audience is a genius way to cut your customer attrition rate and bounce rate by half.

As your audience is greeted by a visually engrossing blog page that features high-quality blogs and infographics, they’re more likely to stick around. And if you continue to post gripping content, you’ll master the art of audience retention!

But while consistency is important, creativity is equally essential.

Take special care to avoid falling into the all-too-familiar abyss of complacency and stagnancy.

Instead, retain a laser-sharp focus on keeping quality and ingenuity intact.

We also suggest producing high-quality press releases to keep customers informed about recent updates, fresh milestones, and notable events. Keeping your audience in the loop will go a long way in helping them feel involved and informed about the brand’s key happenings.

loyal customers

We strongly recommend focusing on local SEO for your content—especially press releases—to ensure you target local customers. This is all the more important if your products/services are only available in selected regions.

Find out more about how you can optimize and leverage Google My Business to tap into your local audience and boost sales.

7. Establish a Winning Social Media Presence

concept illustration of social media marketing

According to research, a whopping 73% of customers are influenced by a brand’s social media page as they make a purchasing decision.

Simply put, social media matters more than you may think.

And while you may have created impressive, updated, and interactive Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages, kicking things off is only half the battle.

It’s equally important to ensure you actively share your social media pages to establish and maintain a winning social media presence.

Content-driven SEO is a great way to give your social media pages a quick shout-out. Whether you give a nod to your Instagram page in the call-to-action (CTA) or seamlessly slide in a Facebook link within the first few paragraphs, you’ll manage to boost your social media traffic.

We also suggest creating a YouTube page (more on how to optimize YouTube videos here) and linking your social media pages accordingly.

Here’s what the links should look like:

Chick-fil-A’s eye-catching, simple, and effective YouTube page

Of course, leaving your page in a state of limbo will wash your efforts down the drain.

Instead, create and share SEO-friendly video content on a weekly or monthly basis (or more if you can!).

You can also include links to YouTube videos in your blogs, articles, and infographics. Cross-linking will go a long way in helping you sustain an active social media presence!

8. Envision and Actualize Long-Term Business Growth

As the ultimate digital marketing strategy for 2020, content-driven SEO swiftly unlocks the portals to long-term business growth.

Simply put, sidelining optimized content can put your business at risk of losing relevance and reputability over the years. Instead, optimized content keeps your business on the map while consistently widening your audience base and boosting visibility.

It’s no surprise that over 56% of businesses admit that they want to increase their content creation spending!

In fact, 62% of companies have approximately 5,000 employees that work on producing daily content.

Sounds like a debatable investment?

We can help simplify and economize things.

As one of the leading digital marketing agencies in New York, Seattle, Orlando, San Diego, and Washington DC, we offer award-winning content-driven SEO services.

Our content marketing team will analyze your current strategy and tweak it accordingly so you can reap the benefits of powerful content that keeps your audience engrossed.

We’ve published a whopping 150,000 content pieces and created over 22,800 infographics and videos so far!

Our affordable content-driven digital marketing services start at $0.06 per word so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

Call 855-444-4777 to request a free quote and get started!

We also offer expert paid marketing, website design and development, social media management, reputation management, and link building services across the globe.


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