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What Do You Get With Our SEO Keywords

The right combination of keywords give direct to your content marketing and SEO strategy. We understand SEO—and everything
associated with it—along with keyword research. Here are some of the many benefits you get when you hire Search Berg for keyword
assessment and research.

Conversion Driven Keywords

Conversion Driven Keywords

We identify high volume search terms according to your target audience that will bring traffic to your website as well as conversions.

Long-Tail and Short-Tail Terms

Long-Tail and Short-Tail Terms

Our keyword research includes a healthy mix of high volume short tail and long tail search terms that collectively, will boost your website’s online presence.

Local and Regional Keywords

Local and Regional Keywords

We identify region specific search terms according to your business location in order to generate traffic locally.

Competitor Keyword Analysis

Competitor Keyword Analysis

We conduct an exhaustive study of your successful competitor's keywords—what they’re ranking on, what position, and so on, in order to identify new keyword opportunities.

Website Audit & SEO Assessment

Website Audit & SEO Assessment

We conduct a complete analysis of your website and identify areas of weakness to help improve your rankings. Get a Free Website Audit Report.

More Traffic, Higher Rankings

More Traffic, Higher Rankings

By focusing on the right keywords, you will see gradual increase in web traffic and Google rankings which will subsequently leads to more conversions and sales.

Start Ranking. Drive Traffic

Increase Revenue

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With more than 10 years in the SEO industry, we have hundreds of satisfied clients.
Read the testimonials below and see what they have to say about our work.



Western Mass Auto Insurance

Western Mass Auto Insurance provides affordable auto, motorcycle, apartment, and home insurance. They provide efficient customer service and low cost and low down payment insurance services in Indian Orchard and Springfield, Massachusetts.

Western Mass Auto Insurance struggled with their online presence as they couldn't get the attention of their target audience. They previously ranked on the first page of Google for 4 keywords.

Search Berg helped Western Mass Auto reach out to the local audience. Our SEO strategies helped them shoot up straight to the top of the first page results. They now rank number one for 14 industry-relevant keywords!

Lice Troopers

Lice Troopers is a lice removal company that specializes in lice removal services for clients. They have lice treatment centers in South Florida, Central Florida, New York, New Jersey, where they provide natural lice removal treatments. The company also offers free head lice screening, lice prevention guides, and phone consultations.

Despite a responsive and mobile-friendly website, Lice Troopers was struggling to generate leads that would convert. Search Berg increased Lice Troopers’ overall ranking for various local keywords on search engine results.

The keywords that had been ranking on third, fourth, and fifth in Google’s SERPs now appear on the first and second pages!

Ghoste Book Writers specializes in writing premier quality eBooks. They create original, grammatically flawless content, and offer unlimited revisions to provide stellar customer service.

Ghost eBook Writer needed a digital marketing partner that could boost their online visibility and bring in more traffic to their website while circumventing their industry’s notoriety. Where previously the client was >nowhere to be found among the first 200 ranks on Google, after partnering with Search Berg, their ranking showed a monumental leap to the top!

Our result-oriented SEO strategies helped them rank as number one for 8 keywords and as number two for 4 keywords on Google’s search engine results!

Hair Extensions of Houston

Hair Extensions of Houston is a full-service salon specializing in providing expert hair extension maintenance, installation, coloring, and styling services. They use an exclusive hair extension installation technique to install extensions without heat, chemicals, glue, sewing, or braiding.

Since Hair Extensions of Houston belongs to a competitive and saturated market where consumer loyalty is fickle in this industry, it was immensely challenging to develop a majority market share and rank high on Google’s SERPs.

With Search Berg’s help, Hair Extensions of Houston went from having no online presence to ranking as number one on 17 industry-relevant keywords! They also rank on the first page of Google SERPs for 11 other keywords.

Five Star HardWood Floor

Five Star HardWood Floor provides hardwood flooring services in Seattle. Insured, bonded, and licensed, the company houses a professional team of trained flooring contractors that refinish and install hardwood floors.

Despite their commitment to excellent customer service, Five Star Hardwood Floor struggled to attract the local customers in Seattle. To stand out in the eyes of its target audience in Seattle and surrounding areas, Five Star Hardwood Floor needed to dominate Google’s SERPs.

Search Berg’s compelling SEO strategy helped them go from no online presence to ranking as number one for 15 keywords on Google’s SERPs in no time!

Service Master Colorado

Service Master Colorado provides residential and commercial cleaning and restoration services. With an experience of over 60 years, they’ve been providing quality services to their customers in Routt, Moffat, and Grand Counties.

Running a small business successfully in a competitive and saturated market is a formidable challenge. As such, the client was ranking on the 29th and 33rd pages of Google for just two keywords, and the rest were nowhere to be found in the first 200 pages.

Search Berg helped Service Master Colorado improve their online visibility substantially. We helped them rank as number one on Google’s rankings for a whopping 11 industry-relevant keywords! They also rank on Google’s first page for another 12 keywords page!

Advanced Dental Center

Advanced Dental Center is a Germantown based clinic in Maryland, USA, which provides comprehensive and quality dental care services to its clients. With an experience of over 15 years, the clinic offers expert dental procedures to families and children.

When the demand for their dental services began to fluctuate, Advanced Dental Center was getting worried about attracting enough customers to keep their business flourishing.

Search Berg used a combination of result-oriented SEO practices, such as content marketing, and website optimization to improve leads, generate more conversions, and ultimately improve sales and revenue.

Advanced Dental Center previously ranked as number 170 on Google’s SERPs. Search Berg helped them rank as number one for 8 industry-relevant keywords and land on the first page for more than 28 keywords!

Pro Serve Plumbing

Pro Serve Plumbing has been business for over 15 years and is known for its top-quality plumbing services. The family-owned company operates in Fort Worth, TX, and provides reliable plumbing solutions in the area.

Pro Serve Plumbing wanted to reach out to a broader customer base to become the leading plumbing company in Fort Worth with a compelling online presence, so they reached out to Search Berg for help.

Where Pro Serve Plumbing had previously appeared on the 9th, 8th, and even 27th pages of Google’s SERPs—with our help, their ranking had drastically improved. Pro Serve Plumbing ranks on the first and second spots for 10 keywords and on the first page for 36 competitive keywords on Google’s SERPs!

Oklahoma Shelters

Oklahoma Shelters is the leading manufacturer and installer of shelter homes in Oklahoma. They provide storm shelter solutions to residential and commercial properties for protection against tornadoes.

Oklahoma Shelters was struggling to attract customers with its traditional modes of marketing. They feared that their products would go unnoticed without a compelling online presence. To avert this crisis, they reached out to Search Berg for help.

Where Oklahoma Shelter was nowhere to be found on Google’s SERPs, with our help, they’re now ranking as number one on Google’s SERPs for a whopping 16 industry-relevant keywords. They also appear on the first page of Google’s SERPs for 5 other keywords.

Keyword Rank
Get your car insured Indian Orchard 01
Insurance Services Springfield 01
Local Car Insurance Indian Orchard 01
Insurance Services Indian Orchard 01
Commercial Van Insurance Springfield 02
Commercial Truck Insurance Indian Orchard, MA 01
Keyword Rank
Lice center Brick NJ 01
Lice treatment service Brick NJ 01
Lice removal clinic Howell 01
Head lice removal Freehold NJ 02
Best lice treatment Jackson 02
Lice clinic Brick NJ 02
Keyword Rank
Affordable eBook ghostwriter 01
Affordable eBook writers 01
Affordable eBook writers needed 01
e book writer 01
e book writers 01
eBook content 01
Keyword Rank
Custom blended hair extensions Houston 01
Hair extension maintenance Houston 01
Premium Russian hair extensions Houston 01
Safest hair extension Houston 01
Premium Russian hair extensions Texas 01
Original hair-loc system Houston 01
Hair extension installation Houston 01
Hair Extensions Installation Services Houston 01
Keyword Rank
Dustless Refinishing Seattle 01
Hardwood Floor Dustless Refinishing Kirkland 01
Wood Floor Dustless Refinishing Seattle 01
Hardwood Floor Dustless Refinishing Redmond 01
Wood Floor Dustless Refinishing Redmond 01
Dustless Refinishing Redmond 01
Keyword Rank
water damage restoration companies steamboat 01
water damage restoration company steamboat 01
water damage restoration service steamboat 01
fire damage control steamboat 01
mold removal company in steamboat 01
Keyword Rank
Dental Germantown 01
Dentist Germantown 01
Emergency Denture Care Germantown 01
Dentist Germantown MD 01
Dentist in Germantown 01
Dentist in Germantown Maryland 01
Keyword Rank
Emergency plumber Forth Worth 01
Gas line repair specialists Fort Worh Tx 01
Plumbing services NEW FAIRVIEW TX 01
Emergency plumbing services in Fort Worth 01
Emergency plumber in Fort Worth TX 01
Keyword Rank
Storm shelters oklahoma 01
Oklahoma Safe Rooms 01
Underground Cement Shelters OK 01
Concrete storm shelters oklahoma 01
Underground bunkers in OKC 01
Bunker Delivery OKC 01

Let's Get Your SERP Rankings Back on Track!

Poor keyword implementation can make your SERP rankings drop. At Search Berg, we undo the damage to unlock high rankings, impressive traffic, and stellar sales.

  • Receive a comprehensive keyword report based on extensive research from our experts. We take a deep dive into your web copy and content to obtain a complete picture of where you stand.
  • Using our analysis, we create a keyword implementation strategy that yields impressive results. We use a mix of high-ranking keywords that are dominating Google SERPs.
  • Start ranking for the top local keywords in your industry. Gain a power-packed boost in visibility and conversions.
  • Start ranking for the top local keywords in your industry. Gain a power-packed boost in visibility and conversions.
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Let our team take the lead! We’ll analyze your business and create a custom SEO keyword research plan that fits your requirements. Ready to get started?

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Our team of SEO professionals has access to a proprietary, industry-leading toolset that allows them to tailor keyword research according to your industry niche and locality, as well as what actual consumers are searching for.

Our 360-degree approach for SEO keyword research allows you to come up with content that fills in lucrative content gaps, optimize existing pages, and generate more leads with high sales intent than ever before!

We’re an award-winning digital marketing agency that pulls out all the stops for customer satisfaction. You won’t have to sign a contract, there aren’t any hidden fees, and if you don’t rank within 30 days, you get your money back-no questions asked!

Get started with our SEO keyword research services today!

Improve Rankings and Content Quality with Our SEO Keyword Research Services

Keywords are a quintessential component of SEO strategies, but keyword research and optimization is not just a one-time effort.

In order to succeed and rank higher on the SERPs, you need to continually examine and research keywords for SEO, ensuring that they’re popular, relevant, and designed for impact. Our SEO keyword research service includes a detailed audit, competitor analysis, and keyword bidding that help us identify and rank popular keywords and incorporate them into our strategy.

We have trained experts who know how to combine keywords, identify high-ranking, high-performing keywords for your industry, and choose the right type of keyword for you. Whether your focus is regionally or locally, long-tail or short-tail (or both), or a combination of all of these, we’ll identify and narrow down precisely what you need through our keyword research services.

Additionally, we’ll also identify keywords that are hurting your pages by either ranking too low, being too spammy, or becoming outdated. Search Berg does it all!

Reach out to Search Berg’s keyword research services for more information and set up a detailed consultation with our team to identify what your goals for your keyword research are. We’ll help you design a custom strategy to boost your rankings and allow your content to perform better for certain keywords, helping you improve your online presence!

Comprehensive Keyword Research Services


Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO keyword research?

Search Berg’s keyword research services include two facets. We start by carefully examining your website (web copy and content) to understand your current keyword incorporation. This is followed by thorough research of the top-ranking local keywords for your industry.

  • What are the benefits of SEO keyword research?

    SEO keyword research provides essential insights that help us rework your web copy and content. At Search Berg, we also run our keyword strategy across platforms other than your site (social media, Google My Business, etc.). This helps us improve your online visibility and rankings. You’ll earn more conversions and secure your bottom line as you reach more people.

  • Can I do my own SEO keyword research?

    Yes, but it's not recommended. At Search Berg, we use professional SEO keyword research tools. Additionally, the research is done by a team of experienced, qualified, and highly skilled SEO professionals. Combining these two strengths, we perform comprehensive research that helps us create a robust and effective keyword implementation plan.

  • Why are keywords so important?

    Keywords are the words and short phrases that web users enter in the Google search bar looking for products, services, or content. Every local industry has a set of high-ranking keywords. When these are incorporated into your online content, you’ll start ranking on Google. Each time a web user enters a local, industry-specific keyword on Google, your business will show up. The outcome? More clicks and conversions. Over time, you’ll achieve impressive business growth and significantly improve your brand reach and identity.

  • Am I a good candidate for keyword research?

    If you sell products/services online, you're an excellent candidate for keyword research. Our clients include startups, small businesses, established companies, and corporations. A successful keyword research plan can help you reel in new target audience segments and increase your audience retention rate.

  • Can I make changes to my plan?

    Absolutely! Our clients have complete control. If you wish to tweak some strategies or head in a different direction, we’ll plan a meeting with our SEO team. You can discuss your ideas with them, and we’ll proceed accordingly. The goal is to help you rank higher and make better sales. We’re always happy to implement your feedback.

  • What if I’m not happy with my results?

    At Search Berg, we offer a complete money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This is how confident we are in our SEO keyword research services! If you’re not satisfied, we’ll offer a full refund.

Reach out to us and tell us your SEO Goals.


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