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Top Link Building Strategies for Local SEO

Why Link Building is Essential for Local SEO

Say you’re a small business owner in a small town. Local SEO is bound to be a focal point for your marketing strategy. Now, think of that small town as a digital space where other small, mid-sized, and large businesses all exist together. Some of them are your competitors, some are potential collaborators, some might exist to show you the ropes, and others simply stand around to spread town gossip about who’s got the best goods on the market.

That’s how you can understand the role of link building within local SEO: to build collaborations, learn more, share recommendations, and get the validation and feedback you need from more established platforms.

Essentially, link building plays a crucial role in enhancing the visibility and credibility of local businesses in search engine results, thus increasing traffic, customer engagement, and conversions.

It also helps establish authority and trustworthiness for local businesses. Backlinks from reputable websites and platforms signal to search engines that your business is credible and reliable, while also making a solid impression on customers and readers.

The right link building strategies can also increase local visibility by increasing the likelihood of appearing in local directories, maps, and review sites. These backlinks not only drive direct traffic but also improve local SEO signals, such as NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) consistency, that help algorithms recognize you.

A graphic depicting local link building.

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Apart from all this, link building holds the potential for excellent community engagement and partnerships. Collaborating with local organizations, businesses, and supports local SEO, and fosters relationships within the community, garnering great recognition and referrals.

All in all, it also leads to a diverse and natural backlink profile, which is essential for staying ahead in local search rankings. The more diverse your portfolio is, the easier it is for businesses to gain recognition.

There are several excellent link building strategies that businesses can deploy in order to up their local SEO game, and we’re diving straight into a few of our top recommendations:

1. Local Business Directories and Citations

Local business directories and citation sites can be instrumental parts of your local SEO link building strategy. These digital listings allow businesses to showcase their services and share contact information and location details. You need to create consistent, accurate, and up-to-date listings across mainstream directories such as Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Bing Places to help you gain more visibility and recognition on local search results and also generate solid backlinks. Search engines rely on NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) consistency to verify the legitimacy and relevance of local businesses, which means all your listings need to be consistent and accurate if you’re looking to rank higher.

Additionally, our link building services will also identify niche-specific directories and local chamber of commerce websites, which will improve and diversify your backlink profile even more while also building up your online authority within your industry. Not to mention, it helps to build a reliable reputation within your niche communities and, ultimately, local search rankings, leading to better recognition by customers. It’s one of the simplest, most cost-effective approaches you can take.

2. Local Content Marketing and Outreach

Content marketing is king for local SEO link building, reigning supreme when it comes to generating the kind of traction and support your business needs. Content marketing offers businesses the chance to create valuable, locally focused, conversion-driven content that resonates with their target audience. Through a combination of blog posts, infographics, videos, or guides centered around local interests, events, celebrations, culture, and preferences, businesses can attract organic traffic and improve their visibility in local search results. Incorporating relevant keywords and geographic indicators into content will optimize it for local search queries, increasing the probability of it ranking higher on local SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Additionally, through local partnerships, events, sponsorships, or even collaborations, your content reaches and attracts natural backlinks from local organizations and media outlets. Our link building strategy also includes targeting trustworthy personnel from the local community bloggers, journalists, and influencers who boost content visibility and foster mutually beneficial relationships. Sharing value-laden content that addresses local needs and interests and acknowledges customers’ pain points lets businesses establish themselves as trusted authorities within their communities, driving sustained engagement and brand loyalty.

A graphic showing the types of content marketing businesses can engage in.

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3. Local Link Reclamation and Unlinked Mentions

Local businesses frequently encounter instances where their brand is mentioned but there’s no corresponding link attached, which is a wasted opportunity. Link reclamation and acquisition is one of the simplest ways to gain valuable backlinks. Our backlink building service enables us to use tools and insights to conduct regular searches for mentions of their brand name, products, or services across the web. As we come across unlinked mentions, we’ll also contact the respective webmasters or authors to request the inclusion of a backlink to your website, and conduct regular audits to see where else we can find these mentions. We also observe and monitor competitors’ mentions to see if we can score similar backlinks for your business.

We believe in actively pursuing link reclamation and acquisition so you’re able to boost local SEO link building efforts. This link building strategy not only enhances the website’s search engine rankings but also reinforces its relevance and credibility within the local community, and it’s one of the most low-effort ways to generate traction and traffic for yourself.

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4. Local Guest Blogging and Contributions

Guest blogging and contributions on local websites and blogs are some of the best link building strategies for creating relevant and authoritative backlinks. Our team will identify local publications, blogs, and online communities within your industry, unique niche, or local community that include guest blogs and contributions.

Following that, our talented writers will generate compelling, informative, and localized content tailored to your audience’s interests and preferences while also leveraging link building SEO techniques such as using relevant keywords and geographic indicators.

Guest blogs are not outwardly promotional but rather serve as resources and information for readers, establishing you as an authority or expert, enabling you to subtly plug in a website backlink in the author bio or CTA. You can either link to your general website or relevant landing pages to drive traffic and enhance SEO performance.

A custom graphic depicting the art of guest blogging.

A major goal for many businesses should be to establish themselves as thought leaders within their community, and you can further work with local influencers and experts to contribute guest posts to your own blog. This is a white-hat approach to reciprocal link building that boosts your overall local SEO strategy and keeps your audience engaged.

5. Local Business Networking and Partnerships

Remember how we mentioned that the internet is just like a small town where people network with and rely on each other? We’re back to that thought.

Building relationships with other local businesses and organizations is not just good faith; it also opens up opportunities for link building in local SEO. To do this, you need to engage in offline engagement, participating in networking events, chamber of commerce meetings, or industry conferences to build a rapport with fellow business owners and professionals in your area. These real-life opportunities can be converted into reel-life opportunities as we work with you on identifying collaborative opportunities such as joint ventures, events, or promotions that can generate buzz and attract local attention.

But how is this a link building strategy, you ask? Well, with an established partnership, businesses can exchange backlinks with anyone from local suppliers, service providers, or retailers to even competitors if you know how to leverage your own USPs. You just need a reliable service provider who will be able to design that edge for you (hint: it’s us!).

A graphic depicting a business partnership between local businesses.

6. Local Resource Pages and Roundups

Many businesses don’t realize this, but local resource pages and roundups are one of the most valuable ways to generate relevant backlinks. You’ll often see these pages being hosted by local websites or even offshoots of major websites that tailor listicles and compile resources, businesses, or events for each locality or industry. Think Time Out, Tripadvisor, and more localized options such as foodie blogs, fashion blogs, and other recommendation sites run by locals.

Identifying such resource pages or roundups within your niche or target area is the first step, and we can help you do that in order to leverage them for your link building strategy. Once identified, reach out to the website owners or administrators, introducing your business and expressing interest in being included in their list of recommended resources or featured businesses.

To truly win them over, emphasize the value your business brings to their audience and community. Highlight unique selling points, customer satisfaction, or community involvement initiatives as a way to gain valuable backlinks and visibility.

It also showcases your dedication to community involvement, strengthens your reputation as a trusted local provider, and helps you attract quality leads and links.

7. Local Sponsorships and Community Involvement

For businesses with a little added funding or a bigger marketing budget, it’s worth sponsoring local events, charities, or community initiatives to show a sense of corporate responsibility and simultaneously earn prominent backlinks from event websites, news outlets, and social media platforms. It’s never a wasted effort to engage with the people you live around, and, in fact, it leads to mutually beneficial partnerships.

It’s an innovative link building strategy and approach to strengthen your brand’s visibility and earn valuable backlinks from event websites, news outlets, and social media platforms. However, when considering sponsorship opportunities, it’s crucial to prioritize events or organizations that align with your brand values and target audience. This ensures authenticity, consistency, and relevance. After all, it doesn’t make much sense for a local butcher shop to sponsor an event for veganism, does it?

Another way to go about this is through participation in community events, whether through volunteering or hosting local workshops within the community. It demonstrates your commitment to making a positive impact, enhances your reputation as a responsible corporate citizen, and shows your goodwill. But apart from that, it’s one of the smartest ways to leverage local SEO for link building, as your involvement is often recognized and acknowledged by local media outlets and community websites.

By leveraging sponsorships and community involvement activities, businesses can not only enhance their local SEO performance but also foster positive relationships with local stakeholders and community members. This ultimately contributes to long-term brand loyalty and customer engagement both online and offline.

A graphic showing brand sponsorship and exchange.

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8. Local Reviews and Testimonials

Local reviews and testimonials are a criminally underrated link building strategy. Encouraging satisfied customers to leave reviews on popular platforms such as Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), Yelp, and TripAdvisor is key.

You can further request satisfied customers to include a backlink to your website in their review in clever ways, such as tagging the product page, tagging or mentioning your service page, and other ways that generate concrete links.

Additionally, collaborating with local influencers or bloggers within your industry also forms a barter system as you exchange a product or service in exchange for an honest review or testimonial. They can share their insights on their website or social media channels and tag your official website or link, enhancing both your brand’s credibility and the quality of backlinks you get.

But the game doesn’t end with positive reviews. You also need to regularly monitor and respond to negative reviews in order to express your dedication to customer satisfaction and building trust with potential customers. If you struggle with review management and local SEO, hiring link building services can take your strategy up a notch.

9. Local Community Forums and Groups

Participating in local community forums and groups presents a strategic approach to link building for local SEO. We’ll begin by identifying active online forums, discussion boards, or social media groups that are unique to your locality or industry. Through your official accounts, you can become a part of these communities and participate and engage in conversations by offering valuable insights, advice, or solutions to members’ queries.

However, there is a fine line between offering value and insights and self-promotion, so be wary of that distinction when you share links to relevant pages on your website.

Remember that it’s crucial to avoid spammy or self-promotional behavior, as this can detract from your credibility and reputation within the community. Find ways to showcase your expertise and authority in your field, share website links where relevant and applicable, and focus on this as a long-term, slow-burning strategy instead.

10. Local Event Hosting and Participation

As we mentioned earlier, community participation is essential for businesses. One way of having direct control over how that promotion works is by hosting or participating in local events.

This opens up several opportunities for link building in local SEO, and establishing your leadership role and potential via workshops, seminars, or networking events relevant to your industry or target audience.

Having multiple events and offerings is a solid link building strategy that can be promoted across multiple channels such as event websites, social media platforms, and local event listings. You can also ask attendees and participants to share information on their own websites or social media accounts, featuring the unique link back to the event page or website.

A graphic exploring the ways businesses can help the local community.

You can also work with other local businesses or organizations to co-host events that will attract a broader audience or take an active role in helping out with community events, trade shows, or festivals by setting up booths, sponsoring activities, or giving presentations.

Don’t underestimate the value and relevance of local events to boost brand visibility and community connections and attract more qualified leads. It’s a slow but surefire way to get the traction you want.

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Use Link Building for Community Building in Local SEO

We understand the value of link building for local SEO, which is why our dedicated link building services are tailored to your unique needs. Whether you sell products, services, or a combination of those, our SEO experts will review your model, devise a custom link building strategy that is tailored to your goals and needs, and execute it, too.

With extensive reach, killer research, and the ability to generate high-quality content for your brand, we’re your full-service backlink building service. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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