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The Ultimate Guide to SaaS Link Building in 2023

In the dynamic realm of digital landscapes, where innovation and competition reign supreme, the role of SaaS link building has emerged as a crucial driving force behind online success.

Think of it this way—your SaaS website is waiting to be discovered amidst the vast expanse of the internet. What holds the power to breathe life into this virtual creation? Link building. It’s a strategy that not only defines your website’s visibility but also shapes its destiny in the eyes of search engines and your audience alike. It’s no surprise that SEO experts consider link building to be the 3rd most important SEO ranking factor.

As the online realm becomes increasingly saturated, rising above the noise becomes imperative. This makes SaaS link building all more important in 2023.

It’s no longer enough to offer a groundbreaking SaaS solution; you must ensure it’s visible to your target audience. That’s where link building comes into play, acting as a bridge connecting your SaaS platform to the right audience and amplifying its voice amidst the virtual cacophony.

Intrigued? You should be.

We’re delving into the strategies, tools, and best practices that make SaaS link building not just a buzzword but a tangible force driving your online presence. So, fasten your seatbelt as we weave a tapestry of SaaS link building success that’s yours for the taking.

Why Saas Is Different From Standard Digital Products

Contrary to what many people believe, SaaS (Software as a Service) is actually not a digital product.

Customers are not buying your software as a product that they can own and keep on their devices, such as an eBook, a downloaded application, or downloading a software program that they are paying to run and maintain on their own.

But rather, they’re paying a company with an existing software and hardware framework, systems, maintenance teams, and tools on the back end to use their software. In fact, this has become so common that 99% of companies use at least one SaaS solution for their business, and 38% of all businesses use SaaS for all their operational needs.

While that’s incredibly promising for SaaS providers, it’s not that straightforward. The growing popularity of these solutions means there’s going to be more competition, and you will need effective SaaS SEO in 2023 if you want to stand out.

The Formula for Successful Link Building for SaaS Solutions

Successful SaaS link building is not going to be an easy process and requires more creativity, innovation, and greater personalization for your brand since you’re primarily working as a B2B provider.

Fortunately, our experts are sharing some of the best recommendations to implement in 2023:

1. Resource Page Link Building

You ever look at competitors or businesses that you aspire to be like and see their names on the most highly-coveted lists? Do you also hope to rise to that level and be recommended by peers and industry members or clients?

We’ll let you in on a little secret: that’s known as resource page link building.

The goal here is to get your SaaS solution or software listed on what is known as the ‘best of lists’ and other types of resource pages.

These pages tend to rank software programs based on their relevance, performance, and other factors, creating comprehensive indices that search engines like Google also love! It makes your business significantly more credible and reliable based on their algorithm.

This strategy works so well because it’s more direct than other SaaS link building techniques and very directly pushes the reader to click through to your website—what could be better?

Here’s a brief guide on what to look for when choosing resource pages:

A guide to pitching to resource pages

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2. Guest Posting On High-Quality, Relevant Sites

Want your SaaS tool or platform to gain significant recognition from credible sources and generate a valuable readership? You need to invest in guest blogging as a SaaS backlinking technique.

Guest posting remains one of the leading strategies for building credible links and content, used by 64.9% of link builders—but that doesn’t mean you generate dozens of spammy articles about how great your solution or program is.

You need to identify the best websites, looking at factors such as Domain Authority (DA), relevance, industry value, and readership. Approaching a website that caters directly to your industry but has an average DA rating would possibly benefit you more than a random website.

An illustration showing the benefits of guest posting for SaaS businesses

Guest posting allows you to bring in experts and share valuable opinions, insights, and knowledge about your industry’s issues, the benefits of your SaaS, and much more without tooting your own horn.

We offer comprehensive SaaS guest posting services that will establish your company as a problem-solver and industry leader, with all the bells and whistles—and backlinks. Getting published on reliable websites that link back to your software program and website is excellent.

The goal here is to get niche-specific or contextual backlinks that offer a viable solution rather than a sales plugin on a third-party platform—and we can do that for you!

3. Trend And Research-Based Link Building

One of the most impactful professional link building services to invest in for your SaaS brand is trend and research-based link building.

This is known as thought leadership and helps you establish yourself as an authority and industry leader by producing original research and data. This is particularly helpful for SaaS clients because you ultimately want to trailblaze rather than jump on trends and follow the masses.

There are several ways of conducting research, including case studies and analyses of your own clientele, their issues, your solutions, and the results that came out of it. These results and studies act as resources for other members of your industry, allowing them to link, repost, and share your studies.

An illustration depicting the benefits of trend analysis for SaaS companies

Don’t hesitate to conduct surveys, share business reports, and provide insights into the ways your SaaS solution has helped your clients and disrupted the industry. It’s an excellent way to generate buzz.

Our SaaS link building services have helped clients like PM Movers, a Dubai-based professional moving company, establish itself as an industry leader and generate viable links and, thus, organic traffic through a variety of methods. Our goal has been to help them establish their authority and dominance in their industry and stay on top of the latest trends in their line of work. Our team develops detailed, up-to-date original content analyzing what’s happening in their industry and plugging in their analysis of it as an authority.

This approach is exceptionally effective for SaaS brands that introduce innovative solutions and address existing gaps already—so why not make the work you’re doing more credible?

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4. Audit and identify both linked and unliked brand mentions

This is one of the most underrated link building strategies for businesses to focus on.

It involves conducting a detailed audit of all the different mentions of your SaaS solution or brand to identify where it’s been mentioned and in what context. Once that has been accomplished, our team will help you approach websites that are unlinked and ask them to add a backlink.

It’s straightforward, fuss-free, and helps you get several backlinks that you didn’t even know existed or were created. That’s why we always recommend starting out with a detailed audit of your business or brand before any type of link building services are deployed.

Additionally, you can do the same for images and infographics that are being used without credit or appropriate linking. You can request that credit and links be added to any custom image, graphic, or illustration and have a set of assets ready for use.

A graphic showing multiple brands and popular platforms for link building

5. Double Down On PR Campaigns For Link Building

Public relations campaigns are one of the most effective link building services for SaaS solutions because they help brands connect with relevant journalists and platforms alike. Press Release directories feature important articles and content that help subtly promote your solution or program, while effective marketing and communication will build connections with journalists.

This feeds back to one of the most significant trends in SaaS link building, which is using the HARO (Help A Reporter Out) strategy. Given that 78% of journalists are interested in receiving PRs, newsworthy content, and announcements, and want unique stories to cover, HARO + Public Relations = Killer link building.

You can do this directly by signing up as a source on multiple platforms that connect journalists and businesses or subject matter experts and pitch to them through the content and PRs that we develop for you. In fact, if your profile and content are compelling enough, many of them will be approaching you directly too.

Get Noticed and Reach Clients Who’d Benefit from Your Software with Our Help

When marketing SaaS, it’s important to know that your audience isn’t going to be the same as your average consumer. A generic strategy just won’t cut it—and that’s why you need Search Berg’s cutting-edge link building services.

We offer highly personalized SaaS link building strategies and recommendations that are intended to help your business and digital product stand out and reach relevant audiences and clients.

Let us help you help them! Get in touch with us for a consultation.

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