Search is heading in a direction that not many could have predicted. And thanks to the technically complex search platforms of today, it has become more difficult than ever to please Google. We can spend the whole day ensuring anchor text diversity and analyzing keyword saturation, and it still won’t be enough! So when it comes to SEO, it is a good idea to just sit back, relax and look at the bigger picture.

Are SEO and search dead?

No, far from it actually! Some may claim that they are dead or dying because they are nothing like they used to be a few years ago. Search engines can’t be fooled with backhanded, black hat tactics. Instead they are becoming increasingly focused on discovering and catering to user intent. This intent is deduced by pinpointing user location, mobility, search history etc. It’s a whole new world for SEO out there, and the only way your brand can be a part of it is with intuitive content that caters to user intent.

The Future Is Exciting… And Scary!

The last few years have been quite melodramatic. Google algorithms like Panda and Penguin have completely devastated sites that weren’t ranking ethically. And still, evolution continues.

If you are a business owner, looking to create a viable online marketing strategy for 2015, you should only be concerned about content creation. High quality, unique, plagiarism-free content lays the foundation for a great SEO experience that delivers great results, now and in the future.

Some people say that social media will replace search. Yes, SMM is expanding exponentially. But it won’t be replacing white hat SEO practices anytime soon… or ever!

But Search Is Not Dying…

The problem is that people think SEO is only about manipulating and fooling the search engines into ranking a website higher. And now that it can’t be done anymore, they think SEO is dead.

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Fact of the matter is that SEO has become more powerful than ever, mandating webmasters to use keywords as an organic part of the content. It takes a lot to rank higher these days, and it all starts with great content.

Search traffic gives you the ability to target buyers, wherever they may be in the buying cycle. It ensures that your brand has a presence online when they come looking for info. And if you only use sponsored content to show up on search results, your customers will still trust the organics results more, or take their queries elsewhere.

SEO is not dead; in fact it’s not going anywhere. Now, how is your company going to deal with this fact?

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Aaron Tylor

Aaron Tylor

Aaron Tylor is a Senior Account Manager at Search Berg, a full-scale SEO and WEB Agency.

He brings more than 15 years of practical, hands-on experience in Lead Generation, Web Development and Digital Marketing. Starting out as a junior link builder right out of college, Aaron has expanded his career to deliver quantifiable results for some of the most demanding, high-profile campaigns. He regularly contributes to the SearchBerg Blog and on other web and digital marketing platforms. His goal is to get published on Moz and give a presentation at PubCon.

In his spare time, Aaron can be found golfing or binge-watching on Netflix. You can follow Aaron on Linkedin here.