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Solving Common Google My Business Challenges for Small Businesses

Is GMB All That It’s Cut Out to Be?

Google My Business, also known as Google Business Profile, is one of the leading platforms for businesses across industries to push their content, services, deals, and offers to customers on a regular basis. In fact, 51% of shoppers surveyed by Google said they researched a purchase they intended to make.

It’s a comprehensive, multi-functional tool that offers a wide range of functions and features, from the ability to integrate social media posts to featuring high-quality images and engaging with customers through its own design. It’s incredibly simple to use and helps businesses increase their visibility, rankings, and engagement on Google itself.

But as simple as it is, it’s not just a one-and-done thing to set up and optimize your profile.

Even the best strategy and plan will eventually stop bringing in results, and like most good things in life, you will hit a plateau that leaves you feeling dissatisfied, frustrated, and almost ready to quit.

However, the trick with Google small business advertising is to stay consistent and face all GMB challenges head-on.

The Google Business Profile optimization experts on our team reached out to other businesses and individuals to see what challenges they faced when it came to their GBP, and how they overcame them, and suffice to say, we heard a lot of interesting issues.

Let’s talk about some of the issues and challenges they faced and how they overcame them using their quick-thinking and expansive approach:

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Having Multiple Locations for Your Business

There are several industries where businesses are fortunate enough to branch out and expand their reach to different locations. From restaurants to retail stores to chains and franchises or even service providers based across multiple states and countries, there’s no limit to how your business expands.

And while that’s excellent for the business itself, in the digital marketing world, this can prove challenging because you’ll be required to adapt your strategy continually.

One of the biggest GMB challenges that businesses with multiple locations face is having to create, update, and manage multiple GMB pages and profiles for the same enterprise. Why is that the case? Let’s take a look:

  • Content Chaos: Creating and maintaining unique, location-specific content for each listing requires significant effort. Generic content across all pages fails to resonate with local audiences, hindering local SEO and customer engagement, which means you will need to create location-specific material regularly. From seasonal factors to local holidays and occasions and even pain points, you need to make sure everything is contextualized and appeals to the local audience.
  • Verification & Management Challenges: Verifying each location can be a time-consuming process. Additionally, manually updating information, responding to reviews, and scheduling posts for every listing quickly becomes a management nightmare—so what do you do then?

Bellhop’s Multi-Market Mastery

Bellhop, a moving and logistics company, offers a glimpse into how to navigate this GMB challenge. They treat each market as its own entity, building SEO and marketing efforts around local preferences. This translates to individual GMB-optimized pages for each market, allowing for targeted content and local reach.

According to the Bellhop team, they begin by launching a landing page for new markets, then set up their GMB page with everything from operating hours to photos. This ensures a strong local presence from the get-go. Their approach highlights the importance of localized content and establishing a robust GBP presence for each market.

A guide to local SEO for businesses.

This can be challenging if you’re a small or mid-sized business with limited resources and personnel, which is why it helps to work with professional Google Maps optimization services and experts who can create multiple pages and manage them for you. Our team specializes in this task, offering extensive expertise and know-how in this industry.

We’ll be able to generate localized content to make sure each GMB post aligns with local events, concerns, celebrations, and even local discounts. If you’re based in Milwaukee but have a store in Portland, we can help you create content that is so localized that nobody will be able to tell where you’re based!

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Inconsistency Across Various Markets

On the flip side of that same coin, however, is another GMB challenge that many businesses face, which is being inconsistent across different markets.

While having an expansive, multi-faceted presence online is definitely rewarding, it’s also crucial to keep in mind that every single page—yes, even if there are dozens—needs to have the same information at its core.

Not sure what that means? Let’s break it down using TP-Link’s strategy.

TP-Link is one of the leading tech companies in the world, offering the top Wi-Fi solutions for commercial and residential clients across the globe, and with such an expansive reach, they’ve had to work on strategizing for their company in several ways.

For businesses like TP-Link, operating in a multitude of markets presents a unique set of challenges for Google Business Profile management. Here’s a closer look at the main GMB challenges they faced:

  • Maintaining Accuracy Across Borders: Ensuring consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) data for each location is crucial. Inconsistencies across markets can confuse search engines and hinder local search ranking.
  • Language Barrier Blues: Catering to diverse audiences necessitates content in their local language, including product descriptions and business hours on each GBP listing.
  • Content Conundrum: Developing localized content that resonates with local preferences requires significant effort. Generic, one-size-fits-all content fails to capture the interest of local customers, which is why cookie-cutter approaches don’t work.
  • Internal Coordination: Ensuring seamless communication and collaboration between regional marketing teams is vital for consistent updates and information accuracy, which is exceptionally challenging for global operations such as theirs.

TP-Link’s Bridge to Consistency

Despite these challenges, TP-Link has navigated the global GBP landscape with remarkable success. Their secret weapon? Strong communication and streamlined processes. Here’s how they achieved consistency across their listings and how you can achieve that with the help of our Google My Business SEO Services:

  • Centralized Hub: TP-Link, despite multiple local pages and outreach in several countries, does have a dedicated department or team responsible for managing GBP listings globally. This team likely oversees content creation and translation and ensures information accuracy across all markets, streamlining all messaging and promotions to align with company values, goals, and missions.
  • Communication Channels: Clear and efficient communication between the central team and regional marketing teams is critical. Regular updates, standardized templates, and communication tools likely play a vital role in this process.
  • Data Management Tools: Utilizing data management platforms or spreadsheets can streamline the process of maintaining accurate and consistent NAP data across all locations. If you’re unable to implement that strategy or invest in additional resources, you can work with our Google Business management experts.
  • Content Localization Strategy: Developing a content calendar and templates with clear guidelines for localizing product descriptions, business hours, and marketing messages allows for efficient and impactful content creation. It also helps maintain guidelines and instructions on ensuring that all messaging aligns with the company’s overall approach and values.

Translators from different corners of the world localize content.

TP-Link’s commitment to consistent GBP listings has yielded impressive results. They’ve witnessed a “massive increase in local search visibility,” allowing them to reach a wider audience in each market. This translates to a direct impact on sales, proving the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts and affirming the fact that they’re killing it in the game.

TP-Link’s journey offers valuable lessons for businesses with a global presence. By prioritizing communication, establishing efficient processes, and maintaining consistency across their GBP listings, TP-Link has achieved remarkable growth and local online dominance.

Flexibility and a commitment to consistency are key to conquering the challenges of global Google Business Profile management—and we can help you achieve that.

Ready to take your business to global heights? We’re ready when you are.

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Ranking Low Among Local Businesses

What is the goal of SEO but to help businesses rank higher and gain more visibility? Unfortunately, it’s no longer a niche approach but a requirement for any business or individual who wants recognition in their field.

However, despite the wealth of knowledge and actionable strategies available, businesses need to recognize that even the most consistent Google My Business advertising strategy might not be enough to help them stand out.

There are several reasons why you might find yourself drowning in the busy world of SERPs, from poorly done profiles to inconsistent information. And sometimes, it’s just a matter of sheer bad luck.

Is a low GMB ranking really such a challenge, however? A low GMB ranking relegates your business to the depths of search results, effectively hiding you from potential customers. Here’s how this affects you in the long run:

  • Missed Opportunities: Customers searching for local solutions won’t find your business, leading to lost sales and leads. They won’t be able to discover you as they Google your product, service, or solutions, which is a major issue.
  • Reduced Visibility: You become invisible in the online marketplace, hindering your ability to compete with local competitors and businesses that are in the same industry as you.
  • Decrease in Trust: A low ranking can raise doubts about your legitimacy and trustworthiness in the eyes of potential customers, even if you’re truly excellent at what you do. Since the algorithm ranks you below others, it indicates to customers that they should be wary.
Comparison between organic SERP results and paid ads with highlighted sections
Comparison between organic SERP results and paid ads with highlighted sections

Reputation Rhino’s Rise to Local Prominence

Reputation Rhino is a dedicated PR firm based in the US, which had, ironically, struggled with its own PR and rankings. Despite extensive experience, an impressive clientele, and immense outreach, they struggled to stand out from the competition.

But they tackled this challenge head-on, adopting the following strategies:

  • Leveraging The Power of Reviews: They recognized the importance of online reviews – a crucial factor in GMB ranking. They monitored reviews and complaint sites dedicatedly, ensuring timely responses and addressing any customer concerns. This helped them engage with both happy and upset customers and demonstrate their dedication to customer care.
  • Proactive Review Generation: Understanding the impact of positive reviews, they reached out to satisfied clients, encouraging them to share their experiences on prominent review platforms. This targeted approach amplified their positive online reputation and helped establish them as an authority in their industry. Ultimately, lead and review generation is one of the best ways to overcome the GMB challenge of reduced visibility.

Reputation Rhino’s dedication paid off, as they witnessed a surge in local visibility, placing them at the forefront of local search results and Google Maps. This, in turn, had more improved outcomes for their business, including:

  • Increased Website Traffic: Their website saw a significant uptick in organic traffic, attracting potential customers browsing for local services.
  • Increase in Lead Generation: With increased website traffic came a wave of inquiries and quote requests from local customers, ready to do business.
  • Wider Customer Base: Their newfound online presence drew in new customers from diverse neighborhoods, broadening their reach.
  • Positive Impact on Sales: The culmination of these factors resulted in a significant boost in sales and revenue, solidifying their position as a market leader.

Reputation Rhino’s success story is a testament to the fact that positive reviews are a game-changer and can truly help businesses build a stellar reputation in the market.

You don’t have to wait around to hit a low before you work your way up—our GMB optimization agency is a quick call away.

Using Poor Quality Photos and Media

Your Google Business Profile allows you to leverage and advertise with images and different types of media, which is why it’s an absolute waste of a privilege if you’re not doing it right.

We don’t mean to sound judgmental—or do we? —but if you’re not leveraging this criminally excellent opportunity to highlight your best product and services, show your facility, or even engage people with tempting visuals and media, what are you even doing!?

Jokes and judgment aside, this is definitely one of the more serious GMB challenges that businesses fall prey to. Many businesses simply don’t invest in high-quality photos to post online or resort to using stock photos that are generic and not really representative of their brands.

While this can work for some, it’s a major missed opportunity for others. Our GMB SEO practices always emphasize the use of custom photos and images that directly showcase your work and products as a way to drive engagement organically.

Here’s how one of our client’s GMB profiles looks after we created custom posts and used their photos to market their services:

A sample of our client’s GMB post showing images from their portfolio.

This is also precisely the strategy that propelled ApplebaumMD, founded by Dr. Robert Applebaum, a Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon, to the epitome of digital marketing success.

ApplebaumMD’s Recipe for Success

Just like ApplebaumMD, you can leverage the power of visuals to grab attention, boost engagement, and ultimately drive more business through Google Maps optimization services. Here’s how:

  • First Impressions Matter: GMB photos are the first thing potential customers see. Crisp, professional photos showcasing your facilities, staff, and services create a positive first impression, fostering trust and interest. Stock photos or blurry images send the opposite message, potentially pushing customers away. If you don’t have professional photos, invest in paid stock photos or customized images to drive the point home.
  • Engagement Booster: High-quality photos act as silent storytellers, providing a glimpse into your business’s atmosphere and offerings. Eye-catching visuals capture attention and keep potential customers engaged, encouraging them to learn more about your services and pique their interest. Generic, low-quality photos can even make your business look less legitimate than it is!
  • SEO Advantage: Google rewards GMB profiles with fresh, relevant content. Regularly updating your photos with new, high-quality images demonstrates your business’s activity and can improve your local SEO ranking. Optimize your photos further by using relevant keywords in the descriptions, increasing your visibility in local searches. If you’re not sure where to begin with that, let our GMB SEO services handle that.
  • Building Trust: Authentic photos showcasing your team, equipment, and happy customers build trust and legitimacy. For something as serious as surgery, stock photos just don’t cut it. People want to see what providers such as ApplebaumMD offer, helping them feel more confident when choosing a business they can see and connect with visually.

By investing in high-quality photos for your GMB profile, you’re making a powerful investment in your business’s online presence. Take the lead, reach out to us, and let your photos do the talking!

Struggles with Establishing Community Trust

It’s all fun and games when things are online, and you’re able to build an incredible presence in the digital sphere—but it gets pretty real pretty fast when you’re dealing with the real-world implications of this.

Many businesses struggle to stay engaged with their community and surrounding stakeholders when it comes to their role as an authority in their field. Take as such the example of Martin Gasparian, an attorney at Maison Law, who collaborated with local law enforcement to overcome this GMB challenge that emerged in the face of a lack of trust.

It’s difficult to build genuine customer relations if your audience believes you’re only trying to sell them services or entrap them with your work, which is why you need an alternative approach.

A graphic depicting the importance of community building.

Learning from Leading Lawyers at Maison Law

A positive online reputation and connections with local authorities and community members can enhance a firm’s credibility in the community’s eyes. Generic GMB listings with no local connection struggle to build trust, which is why businesses should invest in collaborating with other local businesses or members.

From sponsoring teams to hosting events, there’s a lot you can do that our Google My Business optimization service providers have discussed in this blog, too. But here’s a closer look at how Maison Law achieved its goals:

  • Partnerships for Trust: They prioritized fostering relationships with local police, sheriff’s offices, and legal authorities. This connection adds credibility to their GMB profile and builds community trust, letting people in their locality know that they are reliable service providers.
  • Content for Value-Addition: They leveraged targeted GMB content like blog posts and client testimonials, as well as informative posts to share insights and legal guidelines and promote safety practices rather than just pushing their services. This strategy showcases expertise and informs the community about legal matters, fostering trust and engagement and giving clients the sense that they’re gaining something.

Their commitment to community trust yielded impressive results. They witnessed increased client interaction, improved online visibility through GMB optimization, and numerous client inquiries—which goes to show that you can overcome this GMB challenge with the right approach and professional services.

Overcome the Challenges of Using Our Google Business Profile Services

We know the challenges that GMB offers when you’re working with this platform. It’s a continually evolving tool that requires extensive planning and decision-making, regular monitoring, and updates to keep the algorithm active and noticing your business.

Work with us for our Google Business Profile optimization services and let our seasoned experts design the most killer strategy for your business.

We’re committed to bringing your business to new heights of success and generating immense digital and real-world traction that drives sales and brings home the numbers you want.

Let’s work together to supercharge your Google Business Profile for the ultimate boost.

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