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2 Common Issues That Enterprise SEO is Faced With

How to Turn Enterprise SEO Challenges into Opportunities

Resolving Enterprising Problems the Search Berg Way

Enterprise SEO is one of the most rewarding endeavors any business can take, allowing you to create a thriving, growing, ever-evolving online presence that garners results.

However, just like the entrepreneurial journey, no process comes without hiccups and speed bumps along the way. Enterprise SEO is no exception.

Full of challenges that threaten to undo years of decisive action and multiple issues that hinder productivity, it’s crucial to focus on the upside and look at challenges as opportunities waiting to be discovered.

Search Berg’s incredibly dynamic enterprise SEO solutions and services are intended to remain adaptable, engaging, and incredibly flexible, ensuring that you’re able to leverage every enterprise SEO challenge and convert it into an opportunity.

The various elements of enterprise SEO, including data, automation, AI, and content creation.

As businesses expand, they struggle with a range of issues, from managing vast web pages to coordinating efforts across diverse departments. We’re diving into how businesses can address these common hurdles head-on, offering insightful solutions that transform each challenge into a strategic opportunity.

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Common Issues That Enterprise SEO is Faced With

As mentioned, there are several problems that come with enterprise SEO due to how expansive and complex it is. Businesses may struggle with a variety of problems, and here are some of the most common issues, alongside proposed solutions:

Scalability Issues

One of the most challenging aspects of enterprise SEO is scalability. This is pertinent, particularly in the management of a vast number of web pages, which is characteristic of most enterprise SEO endeavors. Unlike small to mid-sized businesses with a limited number of web pages and smaller websites, managing, updating, and implementing consistent SEO strategies and solutions across dozens—if not hundreds—of pages is extremely challenging.

Some of the issues and solutions that frequently arise with this are:

1. Handling a Large Number of Web Pages

Managing and optimizing an extensive roster of web content becomes a complex task as businesses expand their online footprint and continue to break into new markets and arenas. It’s impossible to do without the help of professional enterprise SEO agencies and technology.

Proposed Solution: Implementing Automated SEO Tools

Automated SEO tools offer a scalable approach, efficiently handling numerous web pages by automating processes such as keyword optimization, content updates, and performance tracking. This not only enhances efficiency but also ensures a consistent and optimized online presence.

However, owning, operating, and managing automation tools and software isn’t cheap or easy, which is why outsourcing to reliable service providers is an important step in the right direction.

2. Implementing Changes Across the Entire Organization

Enterprises often face SEO challenges in implementing changes across various departments and teams, reflecting the dynamic nature of SEO requirements. As algorithms change, policies are updated, and trends move in new directions, enterprises with expansive online presences and multi-departmental services struggle to update their policies and content based on new changes.

Proposed Solution: Leveraging Technology for Efficient Scalability

However, it’s entirely possible to address this issue through technological updates. By adopting advanced project management and collaboration tools, as well as automation, enterprise SEO agencies can seamlessly implement changes, fostering organizational efficiency and aligning the entire organization with updated SEO goals. This transforms the challenge of implementing widespread changes into an opportunity for cohesive collaboration, communication, and interaction. Our team has experience in handling multiple departments within enterprises, from sales and marketing to customer outreach and service.

We have access to both the tools and technology and the manpower required to handle extensive enterprise SEO requirements and bring everyone on board with changing trends and requirements. Our team will coordinate with all relevant departments and handle all the changes necessary to manage your pages efficiently.

An illustration depicting scalability for enterprise SEO projects.

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Coordination—or Lack Thereof—Among Multiple Departments

Considering the vast scale and complex structure of most enterprises, it comes as no surprise that one of the biggest enterprise SEO challenges is fostering seamless coordination among departments.

Between communication gaps, interdepartmental coordination, lack of collaboration, and differentiated internal processes, it’s very difficult to successfully coordinate and be on the same page. This is particularly challenging when it comes to SEO since there needs to be cohesion and consistency with everything from brand image and voice to marketing strategies and approaches.

1. Using Silos for Enterprise SEO

SEO silos within an organization can impede effective collaboration, hindering the cohesive implementation of enterprise SEO strategies. This is because they tend to create disconnected, dysregulated, and isolated echo chambers and prevent interconnectedness under an overarching SEO umbrella. Think of it as mismatched members of a bridal party—it works, but does it look great? Not really.

Recognizing this challenge, enterprises can proactively address it by bringing in collaborative SEO experts who can work with members across all departments and teams. By breaking down silos and promoting collaboration among departments, it’s easier to share insights and expertise and create a very comprehensive SEO strategy.

Proposed Solution: Collaborative SEO Strategies

Establishing cross-departmental teams dedicated to SEO ensures that insights from marketing, IT, content creation, and other relevant departments are combined, and it’s easier for internal and external experts to make recommendations.

This not only breaks down silos but also cultivates a shared understanding of enterprise SEO goals, solutions, and strategies across the organization. It allows our experts to collaborate with relevant stakeholders and heads from within each department and ideate with them in more productive ways.

2. Aligning SEO Goals with Overall Business Objectives

Another challenge in enterprise SEO is aligning SEO goals with broader business objectives. This requires a strategic approach to ensure that SEO efforts contribute meaningfully to the organization’s overall goals and growth. Large enterprises may lose sight of their SEO strategy as an extension of their vision, mission, and business arsenal.

Proposed Solution: Facilitating Regular Communication Across Departments

To bridge this gap, enterprises can facilitate regular communication across departments and all project managers and agencies involved in managing and organizing SEO for them. This involves fostering an environment where different teams regularly share their goals, challenges, and achievements. By integrating SEO discussions into these communications and looping in professional agencies, enterprises can align SEO goals with broader business objectives, ensuring a smooth exchange of information and streamlining everyone’s roles.

The goal is to have a more integrated and collaborative approach to SEO within the organization and make it easier to overcome gaps and challenges that arise.

An illustration depicting communication across multiple departments and channels.

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Ensuring Consistency Across Multiple Locations

Enterprises often have a large physical presence and reach in addition to their digital presence, which can prove to be a major challenge for enterprise SEO. Maintaining uniformity across multiple locations is tricky and requires a very delicate balance between maintaining branding tone and material, information, and, of course, local context.

1. Maintaining Uniform Business Information

Managing consistent business information across diverse locations is a common challenge for enterprises with a widespread online presence. It’s easy for there to be issues and inconsistencies within their data, such as contact details or operating hours, which impacts local customers and hurts your SEO practice.

Proposed Solution: Introducing Centralized Control for Business Information

To address this challenge, enterprises can implement centralized control for business information. It helps to set up a single point of control using management tools or systems, where essential business information is curated and updated across all pages and platforms. Our enterprise SEO agency helps ensure that updates are reflected uniformly across all locations so enterprises can maintain accuracy and consistency in their online presence. You get two birds with one stone: custom local SEO and consistent business information.

2. Localizing Content While Preserving the Brand Voice

Localizing content for diverse audiences is essential for connecting with users in different locations. But how can you do this without compromising the brand’s identifying voice? This is, as you can tell, quite the pickle for most enterprises when it comes to SEO and outreach.

Proposed Solution: Standardizing SEO Practices Across Locations

It can be challenging to strike the right balance, but most enterprises can standardize SEO practices across locations. Our experts can help you generate a set of guidelines and best practices that maintain the brand voice while allowing for local variations in content.

This allows local teams to adhere to standardized practices and successfully target and interact with local audiences while upholding a cohesive brand image. We can also take over local SEO as part of our enterprise SEO services and handle multiple locations seamlessly.

An illustration showing elements of local SEO, including maps, website, GMB, backlinks, and reviews and ratings.

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Managing a Complex Website Structure

Navigating the complexities of a massive, multifaceted website structure is a major enterprise SEO challenge. As businesses expand their online footprint, handling hundreds of pages, sections, features, and functions can become a mammoth task for everyone, including designers, SEO managers, users, and search engines.

1. Navigating Complex Website Architectures

The challenge of complex website architectures is a natural part of enterprise growth as you continue adding more content and features. While beneficial, this rapid growth and addition can hinder users’ ability to find relevant information, leading to a subpar user experience, higher bounce rates, and even cart abandonment. Moreover, search engines may struggle to crawl and index the muddled web of interconnected pages efficiently, possibly hurting your rankings.

Proposed Solution: Enhancing Website Navigation for Users and Search Engines

You need to continually enhance website navigation for both users and search engines. Taking an intuitive and user-friendly navigation structure ensures that visitors can easily discover relevant content and enjoy a positive user experience.

Simultaneously, search engines benefit from a more organized and accessible site, leading to improved crawlability and indexation. Through optimizing and improving the navigation architecture, enterprises can make their websites more accessible and user-friendly—and fortunately, we have a talented web design team that can do that for you.

2. Streamlining Site Structure for Improved SEO

The sheer scale of an enterprise’s online presence may result in a convoluted site structure, thus harming your SEO efforts. Inconsistencies in how pages are organized and linked can hinder search engines from effectively ranking and indexing content and preventing backlinks from being beneficial.

Proposed Solution: Implementing a User-Centric Site Structure

The solution involves upgrading to a user-centric site structure. By prioritizing the organization of content based on user needs and preferences, enterprises align their website architecture with the natural flow of user navigation. So, while you might feel like your About Us page is necessary for recognition, it’s actually the lowest priority for users and should be placed as such.

This approach streamlines the site structure, ensuring that content is easily accessible to both users and search engines, and enhances SEO performance for better rankings and visibility.

For enterprises seeking comprehensive and tailored approaches, working with an enterprise SEO agency proves instrumental in navigating and optimizing your website and its vast array of pages and content.

An illustration depicting web developers and designers focusing on the user.

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Dealing with Competing Priorities

Many large businesses struggle with balancing competing priorities due to varying, multifaceted marketing initiatives. It’s challenging handling all those objectives and goals while integrating SEO seamlessly into every facet of your work.

1. Balancing SEO with Other Marketing Initiatives

The complex nature of enterprise operations tends to feature a myriad of marketing initiatives, ranging from social media campaigns to paid advertising. Integrating SEO marketing into this cocktail can be challenging, making it difficult to adequately allocate time and resources.

Proposed Solution: Aligning SEO Metrics with Broader Business Goals

To overcome this enterprise SEO challenge, enterprises should leverage SEO metrics to fit with broader business goals. Since SEO significantly impacts general business objectives, such as revenue growth or brand visibility, there’s no denying the inherent and monetary value of SEO within your marketing strategy.

In fact, it helps to hire a full-service marketing agency, such as Search Berg, so that we’re able to integrate SEO into all aspects of your promotional efforts. s

2. Establishing SEO as a Priority within the Organization

Ensuring that SEO is prioritized as the top dog within the organization can be a common struggle. With various departments and stakeholders having diverse agendas, establishing SEO as a central focus and doubling down on its impact on all other areas is definitely a struggle.

Proposed Solution: Communicating the ROI of Effective SEO Strategies

To position SEO as a priority, enterprises can focus on communicating the return on investment (ROI) of effective SEO strategies. Through numbers and evidence, our team can show you how it leads to increased organic traffic, higher conversion rates, and improved brand visibility. It positively impacts social media, PPC marketing, video marketing, and practically any marketing and advertising strategies.

Not convinced? Here’s a guide on calculating ROI for local SEO.

A graphic showing the calculation process for SEO ROI.

Staying Ahead of the Curve for Enterprise SEO

When it comes to staying ahead of the curve, you have to know what to look out for. From trends to changing practices, updates to algorithms, new policies, and other shifts, there’s a lot you must factor in to prepare for the challenges of enterprise SEO.

1. Staying Informed About Search Engine Algorithm Updates

First and foremost, you need to stay informed about search engine algorithms. This is not just a best practice but a necessity. The dynamic, ever-changing nature of algorithms, driven by the quest for improved user experience and relevancy, threatens to shake enterprises foundationally. By the time you nail your SEO strategy and maintain a robust online presence, it’s time to adapt your strategies to align with changes that came out of left field.

Proposed Solution: Building Agile SEO Strategies for Continuous Adaptation

Enterprises can effectively navigate the challenge of these continual updates by embracing agile SEO strategies that enable seamless upgrades and adaptations. This approach offers a more proactive stance in monitoring industry updates, quickly understanding and analyzing the impact of algorithm changes, and implementing these adjustments as soon as they’re relevant. Our enterprise SEO agency is committed to boosting your online visibility and positioning, and we’re pros at algorithm updates.

2. Adapting Efficiently to Changing User Behavior and Trends

Continuous adaptation is at the core of enterprise SEO success strategies. The digital landscape is dynamic, and businesses must be equipped to cope with changing trends and user behaviors. It’s tough building strategies that are not only effective today but also adaptable to the ever-changing SEO landscape. You never know whether what works today will work tomorrow, given how rapidly the tide changes.

One viral TikTok or Instagram reel could shake the foundations of your industry or throw your long-standing product out the window.

Proposed Solution: Incorporating AI and Machine Learning into SEO

A secret to having flexible, effective SEO strategies is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These technologies empower SEO professionals and agencies such as ours to go beyond traditional methods. AI and machine learning can analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and predict potential shifts in search engine algorithms, allowing us to make data-backed recommendations. Not only will it be easier to improve but also to overhaul entire SEO strategies, optimize content, embed keywords, and enhance overall user experience.

An illustration showing elements of SEO strategies.

This integration of AI not only enhances adaptability but positions enterprises at the forefront of SEO innovation. It’s not merely about reacting to changes but predicting and preparing for them. By staying ahead of the curve, businesses can maintain a competitive edge over competitors.

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3. Enhancing Mobile User Experience for Better SEO Results

As mobile usage continues to soar, with 5.61 billion users worldwide as of January 2024, enhancing the mobile user experience is imperative for enterprises aiming to achieve better SEO results. Google’s emphasis on mobile-first indexing underlines the significance of delivering a smooth and engaging experience for users accessing websites on mobile devices.

A website that is optimized to be compatible with multiple devices and focuses on the user.

Proposed Solution: Implementing Mobile-Centric SEO Strategies

Enterprises can tackle the challenge of enterprise SEO and mobile user experience by implementing mobile-centric SEO strategies. This involves optimizing website content, images, and design specifically for mobile users. Techniques such as accelerated mobile pages (AMP) and responsive web design contribute to faster loading times and improved mobile usability. Moreover, prioritizing local mobile SEO is vital, seeing as how location-based voice searches on mobile devices are incredibly popular and in demand.

Incorporating structured data markup also goes a long way in boosting the visibility of relevant information in mobile search results, contributing to better SEO performance. By embracing mobile-centric design and multi-device optimization, enterprises not only meet the requirements of modern search algorithms but also pander to the preferences of users who predominantly access information through their smartphones.

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Scale Up and Tackle Challenges Head-On with Search Berg

It’s vital for businesses to prioritize problem management and work through issues and challenges with enterprise SEO.

We know the ropes well and have an incredible grip over this process, helping you strategize, recalibrate, and reorient your strategy to perform better. Our enterprise SEO agency has some of the most experienced, talented, and insightful experts who will transform your strategy for the best performance.

Whether you’re new to enterprise SEO services or already have a strategy in place, we’re happy to perform a detailed audit of your current methods. Get in touch with us to learn more and set up a free consultation.

We’re excited to show you everything we can offer—don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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