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5 Types of SEO Content That Pull Links Like Crazy

Imagine waking up one day, and your content ranks on the top of SERP for high-volume keywords with massive traffic coming to your site. Yes, it’s possible. However, you need a well-thought out content strategy in place that best utilizes the different types of SEO content at your disposal.

SEO content is excellent for pulling links because it adds value for the reader and other websites. For instance, a research article on your site increases the chances of backlinks because other sites would portray this information in their content via a link back to your site.

In this blog post, I’ll explain 5 types of SEO content that pull links like crazy.

If you are new to this concept, you can check out our beginner’s guide to SEO content writing.


5 Types of SEO Content for Links (Internal and External)

I analyzed hundreds of blog posts and articles that we’ve done for our clients over the years to find the best SEO content that pulls links like crazy. Here’s what I discovered.

1. Round Up Posts

Round-up posts are pretty easy to publish because all you have to do is find any interesting topic, ask the right question, and copy and paste content replies. You want to make sure that the replies are from industry experts or authorities.

Here’s how it goes.

  • You build a list of experts in your niche.
  • You ask them a question and save their response.

For example: “Name 2 things a beautician can suggest to acne patients”

You’d ask this in the right forum.

Some would answer in a paragraph or two, and others would just write a one-liner.

  • After you have all the answers, you ask for the contributor’s headshot and a link.
  • You take all the expert opinions, aggregate them and publish them on your site.

Roundup post SEO Content

But, how does this help in SEO?

Simply put, everyone you mentioned in your round-up post shared a link to their site. These industry experts would want your content to reach a massive audience to boost their authority.

So, they’ll promote your content by linking it on their website or social media handle. While everyone might not do that, believe me, most would.

When content is shared on social media, it has the chance of creating a “share chain” where everyone who likes your content will share it further.

1. Pillar Pages

Pillar pages are a type of long-form content optimized for a broad keyword. This keyword is an overarching topic related to your business’s service or product.

For example, if you provide paid marketing service, your pillar page can target the keyword “paid media,” just like SmartBug did in their pillar post.

SEO Content Pillar Post

Pillar posts may or may not pull links from external sources, but they are great for internal linking.

Just make sure you don’t get too into the sub-topics and only provide an overview. Next, write specific blog posts related to the core topic of your pillar post.

For example, if your pillar post is about “content marketing,” provide an overview of all that goes into it. And then write specific blogs (cluster blogs) on the aspects of your core topic and link them to your pillar post.

Here’s a visual representation of what I mean.

Pillar post guide

When your cluster blogs link to your pillar post, you create a chain of link juice. One piece of content ranks and shares traffic and ranking signals with others interlinking with it.

This is an excellent strategy for ranking for broad keywords without acquiring backlinks! Plus, it gives boosts your site’s topical authority, so that’s killing two birds with one stone.

1. Listicles

Listicles are pages that contain content in the form of a list. This type of content is excellent for SEO because you can go for long-tailed keywords and use them in the main and subheading.

Additionally, listicles are great for engagement because the reader can quickly skim through the list.

Listicles can be used as a “how-to” or “tips” blog to answer your target audience’s problem in-depth.

This way, sites that offer products or services related to your listicle blog post will link back to your content if it’s well-written. Sure, you can’t write content that’ll fit EVERY website’s need, but creating a buyer persona will help you get there.


2. First-Hand Research Posts

SEO content pulls organic backlinks. This means your content is so valuable that other websites can’t help but link to it. So how do you create something of that much value?

You conduct first-hand research in your niche.

First-hand research is excellent for pulling tons of backlinks and building your brand authority. Because when you research topics important to your target audience, you provide authentic and data-backed information.

The best part? Anyone who reads your content and wants to state the facts you discovered has to link to your site for reference. This way, first-hand research drives tons of qualified traffic to your website.

You can start your research by asking your research questions on HARO. Or, if you have an extensive list of clients, you can ask them through a questionnaire.

Just make sure you do thorough keyword research and find out what your target audience is most curious about.

3. Infographics

Not all SEO content is full of words and expert vocabulary. Sometimes, your most valuable SEO content is one with less text and more visuals. That’s right; infographics are like link magnets if you design them with your audience in mind.

Other websites might not link back to your content, but they would definitely cite your infographic if it’s relevant to their industry.

The best way to kick your infographic efforts into action is by converting your first-hand research into one and installing it on a separate page. This saves time you’d spend collecting data.

Finally, you can also repurpose old blogs and turn them into engaging and exciting infographics.

We do offer infographic design services, if you’re so interested.

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