10 Jun 2015

4 Verified Points about How to Write SEO Articles Fast by Experts


Writing for search engines is an entirely different animal from your run-of-the-mill article and news writing. And if a writer tells you that it isn’t, it’s time to start questioning their writing skills. Sounds a bit harsh, yes? The truth always does!

Fact of the matter is that SEO articles of yesteryears were crappily written, stuffed with keywords and hidden in plain sight all over a website in hopes that search engines would take notice of those writing pieces written for the sake of delighting search engines only; well, it was the a norm of that time. This was the time when all a writer had to do was fit in keywords and long-tail key phrases into the text, whether they made sense or not. Anyone could have become an ‘SEO writer’ those days. Hell, you didn’t even have to be a real human to write SEO articles, as there were programs that knew how to write good articles for SEO to churn out the keyword-laden monstrosities by the dozen.

That is definitely not the case anymore in the present day as you are reading this article! As search engines’ algorithms have evolved, there is now more emphasis on quality, entirely changing the scope of SEO article writing services for good. Now only creative writers with a superior command over language know how to write SEO optimized articles that are great to read for people as well as for the search engines.

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What is a SEO Article, by the Way?

As I told you kin the above paragraph, once a good SEO article was about the placement of targeted keyword phrases with a density as high as 4% and it was a must. As a result, the writers did produce the piece of writing, but it was great for the search engines only. Today, the definition of a good SEO article is completely opposite, in fact, it is the right and actual definition.

Now the SEO writers know how to write articles for SEO keeping in the readers in mind instead of search engine only. This major change in the definition took place with the advent of social media networks, where users take a prompt action about the value of a published piece of writing. We think it’s about time search engines raised their standards and demanded quality content from webmasters.

Why is It So Important to Write for Search Engines?

The raised standards and focus on content quality for readers has got the article writers between the devil and the deep blue sea. The search engines did raise the standard of quality for the readers, but the writers have to delight the search engines too.

There are two broad goals that mandate developing flawless SEO content for your website;

  • Engaging and entertaining the visitors and ultimately driving conversions
  • Ensuring that content i.e. blogs, articles and web copy, is always available to a wider audience; it means that it should appear in organic search results.

Thus, knowing how to write SEO friendly articles is an important part of your strategy for achieving both these goals.

They are important because a huge chunk of your traffic will come via search engines and content optimized for search visibility will help your website secure it. Even the traditional marketing is beginning to consider a unified content strategy for better, smarter, quicker and more widespread internet domination. SEO should be a huge factor at the earliest stages of any internet marketing strategy, producing keyword rich content that can be seamlessly integrated into any website without impacting its readability.

How to Write SEO Articles Fast with High Impact for Readers!

Here we present you with a quick 4-point checklist. Just make sure that your articles conform to each of these and you will be well on your way to implementing a successful SEO strategy, making readers a well as search engines happy.

1 – Make Original Content Your First Priority

Articles, images, infographics, videos and all other content of your article must not be a rewrite or re-hash. Make sure it’s entirely original and there is no chance of it getting caught on plagiarism charges. Unique, high quality, well-written articles are imperative for good SEO. So take your time to write content that is good to read, and easily scannable as well as distinctive.

2 – Pay Special Attention to Page Titles, Description & Formatting

When search engines come to read your pages, they need to be told clearly what each page is about. They check page title, the description of the page, the major headings and images to understand what the text is about and then decide how to position that particular page in search results. So make sure that each page has a unique title, don’t just give them generic names like page 123, contact us, etc. but be specific, include your specific keywords in all titles and try to keep them short.

3 – Prefer Natural Keyword Placement

Ensure you optimize keyword placement throughout the article. Use the most search generating keywords at the beginning of the article, and don’t forget to add them to title, headings and sub headings. But it is very important that these keywords and key phrases appear effortlessly in the article, and not interrupt the usual flow of the piece; they should add to it and be unobtrusive at the same time.

4 – Images

Images are also something of a necessity for websites. Have at least 1 custom image for every written piece, may be even two depending on the length of the article. Do remember to use only custom images, free images, or giving a link source and credit for the image that is used, to avoid copy right issues.

Apply this 4-point checklist to ensure you are well aware of how to write good SEO articles for readers and search engines. Great SEO articles are always made with quality content! It may seem strange to aim for high search visibility armed only with well-written content. But the truth is that you can only achieve your online marketing goals by making good content an essential part of your strategy. Dynamic, engaging, full of useful information SEO articles can help you sell your brand online like nothing else will!

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