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How To Unleash the Power of Instagram To Promote Your Brand

Whether you are new to Instagram or have been struggling with low user engagement on your IG account lately, the likely reason is that you are not using all the right tools and offering enough opportunities to users to be more active.

When it comes to Instagram marketing, joining the platform is a great step itself. The social media site ranks 3rd on the most-used (per daily basis) social media platforms, according to the statistics reported in Pew Research Center’s 2018 Social Media Use Survey.

  • Aesthetics are priority #1

The people featured in these each accounts are attractive, the sceneries pretty and the packaging pristine. Plus, there is consistency; the pictures on many popular IG accounts follow a similar theme, so that when displayed in a grid format on the profile, the photos look cohesive.

Whether or not you are a photographer, you will find yourself appreciating the nature of these pictures, their beautiful subjects, their use of focal points and negative space and the inclusion of complementary, often pastel, hues. Makeup brands are particularly competent in establishing a perfect flow of colors in pictures on IG.

So how do you do what they do? Yes, they have professional photographers and graphic designers, but you don’t need to master either to have a good-looking Instagram profile.

A little advance planning goes a long way. Think about how you want your posts to look and get the right tools.

You’ll find a ton of picture editors and filters, perfect for non-designers who find working with light and colors challenging. In fact, nearly 60% of top brands’ Instagram accounts use a consistent filter for all content.

Plus, as beauty brands do, you can also reuse a picture again with different shade if you are selling one product in different color. Recolor and repeat—it works well for those with scarce content.

Interaction Going Digital

To understand Instagram users, we need to understand human behavior today.

We’re social creatures and crave interaction; the growth of social media—with its many features for sharing information in a creative manner—allows human to take their usual conversations online.

This includes asking for advice regarding purchase decisions. So if a person loves that product and talks about it on IG, you can bet that their friends and family will be curious and develop interest in it.

The point being: to sell in 2018, you need pursue a social strategy.

Instagram has witnessed substantial user growths in the past few years, from 28% of U.S. adults using IG in 2016 to 35% of U.S. adults having reported they use Instagram today. It’s all thanks to the brands with their appealing profiles, beauty brands being one of them.

To use IG the right way, follow their lead. Here are a few reasons why these brands’ IG accounts look amazing and receive amazing response.

  • Great hashtags are the rage

Beauty brands are not popular for their good looks alone. They are also popular for their words. In particular, their use of hashtags and phototags. IG is visual, so graphics are everything—if they reach the right people.

Just like on Twitter, and to some extent on Facebook, hashtags are an organic way of boosting visibility of content. Instagram posts that use at least one hashtag receive over 12% more engagement than posts excluding them.

And just like on Twitter, the right hashtags matter. IG allows up to 30 hashtags per post, but this can look too spammy; too ungraceful. However, if you’re Instagramming the way a beauty brand does, you’ll use hashtags the way they do: separate from the main caption, with periods-for-line-breaks. You can also add your hashtags to the first comment, posted separately.

Hunting the right hashtags takes thought and some additional help. You can use online analytics tools to find hashtags on IG. You can also search for hashtags directly on IG’s Discover section, where you can view that number of times a particular hashtag has been used.

Or you can hand over this task to social media marketing experts, whose range of services included sifting through keywords and finding the best for your brand.

A word on photo tags

Beauty brands make use of photo tagging on their posts. Photo tagging on IG is similar to tagging people in your photos on Facebook, only you can tag anyone outside your followers list (provided they allow tagging). Beauty brands tag celebs—whose fans can then discover that post.

In addition to tagging other people, you can also tag your products (which you have been allowed to sell through IG) in your photos. Users can get to the product pages directly though these. It’s that simple.

  • Conversations with followers matter

Whether you are a commercial contractor or a turnkey white label gaming software provider, you have much to gain from engaging and responding to customers on any social media account, including Instagram.

Here are a few ways to enhance engagement:

  • Ask followers questions such as which product they like the best, or how they feel about a certain photo using emojis.
  • Host product giveaways or free services for tagging their friends on that post and following your IG account.
  • Answer queries in comments and reply to any compliments/problems with appropriate response.
  • Stories make brands human

Give your follower unique insight into the product creation/ service delivery process with the Stories feature. Make them interesting but not about an important announcement or some part of your business you want to highlight (these last 24 hours). Stories with polls help you gather insight from followers.

You can also pin certain stories to your IG profile permanently. These usually include product categories or FAQs, so that users don’t have to search for specific information about your business.

Final Thoughts

Test out every feature Instagram offers to make your account more visible to your target audiences and engage the community. Search Berg offers social media management services amongst other online marketing solutions. Our Instagram experts are dedicated to consistent research to apply the latest strategies to your social accounts.

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