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What Social Media Strategies Can Boost my SEO?

For businesses to succeed in the digital world, they need a foolproof social media strategy, backed with a sure-fire SEO plan!

The world we live in is not what our ancestors had predicted.Although we take it for granted, the technology around us has had a massive influence on how we live our lives.

Today our life is a massive web of global inter connectedness.

One of the major breakthroughs of this era is the rise of social media websites. These platforms have become so powerful that a page on Facebook can bring about a revolution, changing the course of a country’s future in drastic ways.

With the rapid integration of digital platforms and strategies, businesses are now constantly on the lookout for innovative marketing techniques. According to majority of marketers, modern marketing campaign are incomplete, and some even useless without an engaging online presence.

In 2017, social media users reached a whopping 2.46 billion. This number is expected to rise in the coming years. It’s as simple as this—as a business owner you cannot afford to ignore any of the relevant social media platforms.

Social Media Management and Search Engine Optimization

Social media management and search engine optimization are the two crucial pillars of any digital marketing campaign. For success, the two must work in conjunction with each other. Both are organic strategies that aim to bring visitors to your website.

Incredible Social Media Practices to Enhance Your SEO

As a business, you might be uncertain about how social media affects SEO. We at SearchBerg have outlined some great social media practices to help you achieve success in the SEO landscape. Read on:

Increase Your Number of Followers

According to Forbes, the number of followers on your social media page can impact SEO rankings. A company with just 100 Twitter followers will surely not be as impactful for Google as a company with a million followers. But the number of followers is not all that Google analyzes.

Google can detect the quality of these connections and followers. This means that it will penalize social media pages with fake likes or followers.

What’s more, social media marketing is a major purchasing factor. According to Social Media Today, 4 in 10 social media users have bought a product after sharing it or marking it as favorite on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Growing your network of followers is a process and takes time. From creating unique blogs on aspects that people care about, to producing how-to videos, there are many ways to create value for your visitors and potential customers. Engaging with your customers is the only way to build followers.

Encourage External Links

In its early days, Google used to rate external links very highly (it still does so, though other factors have taken precedence).

Even though to a certain extent, Google still considers external links to identify that the website is worthy enough to be linked.

Social media is a platform that can help you garner these important external links from reliable sources. Again, for this, you will need to have high-quality and relevant content posted on your social media website.

Use hashtags to create relevance and visibility. Also, have your social media team put your content out there on platforms like online threads and discussion boards.This will help you portray yourself as a reliable expert in the field.

Optimize Your Posts according to Google’s Preference

When looking for websites around the web,Google uses relevant keywords to rank pages. You can take advantage of this by optimizing content accordingly.

For instance, if you have created a video, you can add a short, catchy description to go with it. This description will help Google better understand your shared content and rank it. You can also add seasonal keywords, such as ‘Christmas’, and guarantee your chances of showing up when users search with that particular keyword.

Encourage Social Sharing

Social sharing can impact SEO rankings in the same way as external links. When your content is shared by a third-party, neutral source, Google gets its cue that your content must be valuable. The more people you get to share your content, the better it will be for your SEO results.

You can reward people for sharing your content. For instance, you could offer deals or discounts to people who re-tweet your videos. You can also carry out an interactive survey campaign. For example, you could take a (non-controversial) stance and ask your followers if they agree with it.

Optimize Posts for Local Search

With 40,000 search queries every second, Google is a busy platform. However, the search engine has devised algorithms to provide users with what they want within milliseconds. To get ahead in the search engine, you have to make it easy for it to recognize you in the vast world of web.

In recent times, Google has focused more on local. This is to ensure a good user-experience. For instance, it is very likely that a person typing the keyword ‘restaurants to eat’ is looking for restaurants in his/her area.

This is the reason your focus should be local. One way to do this would be to optimize your posts with location specific keywords (for example with the name of the city or town).

Another good approach would be to participate in local events, like festivals or trade shows. You could go live or post pictures of the event.

By stamping your local presence, you can make an impact on both social media platforms and search engines.

Never Miss a Chance to Spread Your Brand’s Awareness

For starters, why would you? You should aim towards creating an impeccable social media reputation that translates into highly effective brand visibility.

Any negative comments should be handled with care. You cannot afford to have people go against you in the online landscape where reviews spread like wildfire.

Whether it is through creating relevant infographics or a killer mobile app for users, you need to ensure that users have wonderful experience every time they interact with you.

Some Social Media Tools to Make SEO More Impactful

With businesses going digital at a faster pace than ever before, we now have a variety of online tools and resources at our disposal. Using them intelligently can prove to be the difference between an ordinary digital marketing campaign and an extraordinary one.

Let us take a look at some effective social media tools to take your SEO campaigns to the next level:


BuzzSumo, with its incredible categorization features, helps you find the most popular and relevant content across the web regarding your industry. From interviews to guest posts, it allows you to share a diverse array of content.

Through BuzzSumo, you can also discover hot trends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

What’s more, you can track what type of content resonates with what audiences. This is a great way to figure out an approach that works.


This is a B2B tool that helps generate leads for businesses in the online landscape. Through this platform, you can easily schedule and share posts on your social media profiles. What’s more, you can detect which posts led to conversions and which posts did not. It has a comprehensive reporting tool that helps track progress.

SE Rank

SE Rank contains a variety of SEO tools combined in a single package. What makes it unique is its incredible social media management offering.

From scheduled publishing to ranking content, it can make your social media campaigns more targeted.

Finally, it helps you assess SEO metrics – that is, how exactly are your social media marketing efforts affecting your SEO. This, according to some, can be a digital marketer’s dream come true.


Having a 360-degree view of all your social marketing efforts can be the key to success in the digital media landscape. This is where Cyfe differentiates itself as a social media management tool.

With a comprehensive dashboard, it allows you to get all your analytics in one place. This can help you track per-post performance, which allows you to create better strategies for the long-run.

Finally, with its amazing pre-built widgets, you can keep track of what’s happening on all your digital advertising channels, such as websites, emails, digital displays, etc.


The goal of this social media platform is to help you share social content, monitor activities and build great relationships with your audience.

Employing this tool in the right manner can help you single out influencers. By entering the relevant keywords, you can get data insights, such as social media connections, number of times they post content and other SEO-related metrics.

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