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Drive into the Future of Digital Automotive Marketing with SEO

Marketing has experienced a significant shift in the last few decades. Businesses from a diverse range of industries are now abandoning old-school TV and billboard based techniques and using the internet as a channel through which they can connect with foreign consumers and expand their global reach. In fact, marketers across the globe have reportedly shrunk their conventional advertising budgets up to 28% to inflate the size of their digital marketing budget.

This shift in marketing trends has revolutionized modern automotive dealerships. Instead of listing their inventory in local newspapers or TV commercials, car dealers can now advertise to their target audiences through their websites. Customers can also use the internet to compare prices and their experience with dealers, which allows dealers to build credibility and use feedback to improve their operations.

However, with more and more auto dealers building their online identities, competition in the digital realm is rising. Car dealerships need to stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends and implement the same, in order to stand out and attract prospective customers.

Here are some SEO techniques driving the future of digital automotive marketing.

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

More than half of the individuals shopping for cars over the internet use mobile devices to browse through available options, according to studies. Unresponsive websites incapable of adjusting their elements according to screen sizes of various smart devices can make it difficult for visitors to view available vehicles. Poor user experience may drive prospective leads away from your website, increasing your bounce rate and ultimately leaving a negative impact on the website’s Google rankings. So if your site doesn’t have a responsive, mobile-friendly design, consult trusted web developers to upgrade it and optimize it for search engines.

Earn Reviews to Build a Reputation

Search engines sort web pages on the basis of their relevance to a query and their perceived popularity among web surfers. This is why online reviews play a crucial role in building a positive reputation and increasing your search engine result rankings. Begin by introducing a reviews or testimonials page on your website. Next, try reaching out to your existing customer base via email, text or any other channel and request them to describe their experience with your dealership. You can also consult a reputation management firm and let professionals handle this for you.

Harness the Power of Google My Business

Google My Business is a platform launched by Google, which allows brands to gain local exposure and efficiently manage their online presence. All you need to do is provide relevant information regarding your dealership, which will place you on Google’s listings. GMB then uses the provided information to create a Google Maps location that is synced to your Google search, which makes it easier for people to find your page.

Implement Schema Mark-Up

Integration of schema mark-up is one of the key SEO trends shaping the future of digital marketing at the moment. It’s involves using code to help site crawlers understand the content of your website in a better way. Schema markup implementation allows search engines to distinguish between different types of information on your site and display it in search results accordingly.

For example, if your website is using schema mark-up, Google will be able to determine whether the numbers listed in your web content make up your business contact number or are a part of your postal code. Schema mark-up improves online visibility and increases the possibility of your target audience members finding your site.

Get Citations

Search engines value web pages that are credible. This is why it’s important to build your website’s credibility to boost SEO and generate web traffic. An approach to this issue can be to get as many citations as possible, from other websites. You can choose to list your business in local business directories or online platforms specifically developed to help people find auto dealerships.

Digital marketing holds immense power in modern day and age. Following the techniques we’ve mentioned, you can steer your auto dealership’s digital marketing to success. However, for prompt and efficient results, it’s always better to consult professional SEO specialists.

If you think your auto dealership’s current digital marketing strategies need a revamp, get in touch with SearchBerg!

SearchBerg is a U.S. based digital marketing agency helping businesses boost their search engine rankings and gain a strong foothold in the digital realm. Our team of skilled SEO experts combines their extensive experience in digital marketing with latest SEO trends and standards to deliver efficient SEO solutions to clients. We also provide services such as PPC marketing, social media management, reputation management and more, all of which can help uplift your business and direct traffic to your site.

To request a free SEO audit report or learn more about our Automotive SEO services and pricing plan, contact our representatives at 855-444-4777.

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