23 Aug 2016

7 Undeniable Benefits of PPC for Your Business

Pay Per Click

For businesses that are desperately looking for reliable, proven ways to increase sales and increase clientele, we discuss some very important reasons in this post explaining why a small investment in PPC Marketing can yield a sizable return on your investment and increase your online revenue within months!

PPC Marketing has revolutionized how companies harness the power of the internet to maintain their market share in their target niches and ensure that steady revenue continues to flow through the information highway with each passing month.

Despite an across the board ringing endorsement for PPC Advertising to by millions around the world, many businesses remain skeptical; not on the concept of PPC and what it brings to the table but rather, how can they utilize it to benefit their online business. The simple truth is that PPC can benefit any business of any kind at any time to enable them in generating new leads and increase sales provided that they are carefully planned and executed. Our today’s post will focus on why pay per click is advantageous for small and medium size businesses and why they should seriously consider PPC.


Reasons & Benefits of PPC

Many business owners consider that PPC is too expensive as compared to the advantages of pay per click for their business, but today you will have changed views regarding the immense advantages of PPC having read this post.

1 – Verifiable, Actionable Results

One of the best benefits of pay per click is that is provides actionable results; results that companies can actually see. A properly configured PPC campaign keeps a detailed record of all important activity happening on Google as well as on the website. Every time an ad is clicked, it is marked. Every time a newsletter is signed up for, it is marked. Everyone a sale is made on a website it is marked. Every time a phone call is initiated through an Ad, it is marked. Companies can see the progress of their campaign and determine whether it is actually contributing to the business success.

2 – You Only Pay When Someone Clicks On Your Ad

So many of Search Berg clients like PPC just for this feature. A great advantage of PPC marketing is that you only pay when you Ads are being clicked on in Google and that’s good for 2 reasons. First, it eliminates the scenarios of having recurring fixed budget amount every month even if that amount is not fully used. You only fund the campaign when your budget is completely exhausted. Secondly, it’s fail-safe. If your monthly budget is not being utilized fully and a big portion of it goes unattended, that either your monthly budget is too high and that you should bring it down or something is very, very wrong. Are people even seeing your ads in Google? Is the campaign properly optimized for your target keywords? What ARE your target keywords? Was Keyword Research done effectively? A Google AdWords certified PPC analyst will be able to tell you all that.

3 – A Marketing Campaign That Never Goes Over Budget

Some businesses are not targeting online sales as their primary objective, yet they still want to a sizable presence on Google and hence allocate a specific budget for the entire fiscal year. PPC can accommodate that provided the initial Keyword Research and analysis pertaining to the industry, target audience, target keywords and their CPC cost is correctly determined.

You can never go over budget with PPC. Your ads disappear once you have used up your daily spend. Businesses have the flexibility to adjust their daily spend at any time. However the point here is that everything is under your control. You can actually put a cap on your daily PPC spending and still have the flexibility to change it at any time.

4 – Reach Out to Your Target Market Immediately

What if you wanted to target a member from your audience while they are at a specific location at a specific time of the day? You might need to dive into the depths of geo-tagging and location based search with organic ranking strategies. PPC makes it easy.

Pay-Per-Click advertising agency like us, make use of various delivery tools and location targeting options along with platform-specific preferences to deliver your message to your target audience at a time you decide, when they are at a geographical location you prefer.

This obviously opens up doors to a number of exciting online promotional strategies that companies are benefitting from, even as you read this!

5 – Works Best When Joined with SEO Strategies

PPC is PAID search marketing. SEO is natural search that is free. Combined them both and you have are well on your way to making some serious money from your website through Google’s natural results and paid ads.

SEO services

The core of our business is SEO yet we routinely pitch PPC to our existing clients because we have seen the results first hand. So many of our clients have dual projects with us, SEO and PPC and the results are there to see. Both complement each other and strengthen a website’s position in Google rankings. Imagine rankings for your target keywords in the natural SERP listings and seeing your paid ad on the top and bottom of the results as well. This directly leads to more Sales because you are occupying more slots on a given SERP result page.

6 – PPC is Pivotal to Branding!

When companies talk about branding, they are referring to the degree of exposure their online strategies can help them gain. Factors like the ultimate goals in terms of leads or sales and even email list building come under this branding umbrella.

PPC already exposes your brand name and primary message to fresh prospects. The takeaway? It doesn’t brand your offerings to everyone, but only to qualified prospects.

While this is not pure branding, it is still a branch of branding for small businesses that don’t typically have whopping budgets.

Even though branding isn’t something as easily measurable as direct sales, PPC metrics like the ones mentioned below can help quickly identify where your company stands:

  • The number of impressions equals the degree of exposure.
  • Click-through-rates can be used to indicate the effectiveness of prospect targeting and the level of prospect interest towards a particular ad.
  • Conversion rates also indicate the number of new prospects coming in every day.

7 – Always Return on Your Investment

Arguably, the one thing that can be said about PPC without pause is that if is done right, it will bring about a nice return on your investment. That’s why Search Berg has Google Certified PPC experts working for us; people who have practical experience working with high-volume campaigns. PPC advertising is the perfect fit for almost every business. You can use it to promote your products and services, boost brand awareness, and secure new leads through search engines and social media platforms.

I hope I have answered ‘why do PPC’ will be advantageous for your business.

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