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Targeted ad campaigns to drive calls, leads and revenue.

Boost Sales Boost Sales Lower Costs Lower Costs
  • Optimized Ad Spend
  • 24/7 Campaign Enhancement
  • Certified Experts
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Weekly & Monthly Reporting
  • Dedicated Support


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Why Our PPC Management Service is Your Best Bet for Quick Sales

Are you ads not getting traffic, not converting or eating up too much budget?

No matter how big of an advertising budget you set aside, it takes round-the-clock monitoring, troubleshooting and
management to make ads profitable. You need CERTIFIED experts who know the ins and outs of PPC management
and can drive the maximum ROIs for your business.

Are your ads facing any of these UPHILL CHALLENGES?

  • Unacceptable impression shares
  • Below par click-through rates
  • Poor quality of traffic leading to high CPC and poor conversions
  • Landing pages not converting
  • Bogus clicks using up your advertising budget
  • Competitors ranking for your branded keywords

Our Certified PPC Management Experts Have the Solutions

From setting up optimized ad campaigns to constant monitoring and
improvement, our experts make sure that your ads provide results.
Using technical expertise and advanced software, we are able to
pinpoint areas of concerns, and address them promptly.

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Leads Generated


Calls Generated


Revenue Generated


Annual Ad Spend Managed

Our Advertising Channels

PPC Management that Drives Results

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Increase Conversions and Return
on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Effective PPC management is all about driving sales and conversions. As long as sales are booming and the ROAS is justifiable, the service pays for itself.

At the campaign planning stage, our experts carefully target high intent keywords and keep tweaking strategy till results are achieved.

We also keep tracking CPC-leaching keywords, timings and landing pages to optimize ROAS.

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Keep Cost-Per-Click and Total
Costs Down

Achieving conversions is certainly the first thing on our PPC experts’ plate. However, we understand that there are costs and budgets to consider.

We treat our client’s money like it’s our own. Our PPC marketers through careful monitoring and execution make sure that the average CPC remains manageable.

We get results without going over the ad budget, in fact, we over deliver by reducing costs.

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PPC Management Done the Right Way.
Increase ROI, Conversions and Leads Today!

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Dominate Your Competition with Data-Driven PPC Management
that Promises Results

Pay-per-click advertising is a must for any retailer, small business or multinational conglomerate looking for quick
results. SEO has its uses, but it is a long game.

Consider this: 90% of consumers agree that ads influence their buying decisions. On top of that, people who get to
your website through an ad are 50% more likely to buy.



Holistic Result-Oriented PPC Strategy


In-depth Keyword Research


Ad Copy and Visuals Creation


Quality Score Optimization


Audience Segmentation and Geo-Targeting


Round-the-Clock Bid Optimization


Dayparting Strategy


Conversion Rate Optimization


Landing Pages Optimization


Traffic Quantity and Quality Tracking


Conversion Tracking


Keywords Monitoring and Improvements


PPC Call and Chat Tracking


Dynamic Remarketing Ads to Regain Visitors


Conversion-Driven Facebook Ads


Google Shopping Ads for Retailers


Video Ads for YouTube and Other Video Platforms


Targeted Displays Ads


Local Service Ads to Advertise Locally


Call Ads for Businesses Interested in Calls Only


Weekly and Monthly Reporting

What Makes Us Different

Our PPC management experts take control of your whole campaign from top to bottom, start to finish. From the audit stage to ad creation and optimization to landing page optimization and tracking, we stay on top of your project till you get results.


Let’s get to the brass tacks and see why you should choose us!

  • Free PPC Audit

    Free PPC Audit

  • Free GTM Account Setup

    Free GTM
    Account Setup

  • Certified Specialists


  • Free PPC Account Setup

    Free PPC
    Account Setup

  • 24/7 Support

    24/7 Support

  • Competitor Analysis


  • Quick Results

    Quick Results

  • Free Conversion Tracking Installation

    Free Conversion
    Tracking Installation

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What Makes Us Different

Our Process



Schedule a consultation, whereby our consultant will get in touch with you to gather information about your business, your objectives and advertising budget.

PPC Audit

PPC Audit

Your team will go over your existing PPC campaigns, if any, and review your landing pages and site’s current performance.

Research and Strategy

Research and Strategy

Extensive keyword and competitor research will define our PPC strategy. We take into account the target audience, locality and competition at this stage.



A proposal will then be shared with you with our recommendations and action plan. Everything will be laid out for you to making the ordering decision seamless.



You place your order and our PPC management specialists will start executing their plan, testing and refining the strategy continuously to make sure your targets are being met.



You’ll be provided with weekly and monthly reports apprising you about how your campaigns are doing. All metrics will be tracked and measured in these reports.

Just Want More Traffic?

We’ve got specially-designed packages
just for you!

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Is outsourcing PPC management the right choice for me?

PPC advertising works for all industries and businesses irrespective of size. If there is a demand and search intent for your product, PPC will get you sales.

  • When can I see results after paying for your PPC management services?

    It only takes a few hours for our PPC experts to review and set up your campaign, after which it will be live. Once the ads are active, you should start seeing results promptly. For new Google Ad campaigns, it takes a few days for the Google to start sending traffic.

  • Do you offer pay-per-lead or pay-for-traffic packages?

    Currently, we do pay per lead PPC management services, request a quote to learn more. We also offer traffic packages, which you can take a look at here.

  • I have an existing PPC campaign. Will it go to waste?

    No, your existing campaign will not go to waste. We can tweak it, rework it, if need, and use analytics to dictate strategic decisions.

  • Where will my ads appear?

    Your Ads once live will appear on the platform we are targeting. Google Search, Google Shopping, Bing Search and Facebook News feed are a few places where these ads appear.

  • What’s your refund policy?

    We offer a satisfaction guarantee. In other words, if you’re not satisfied, we will refund your funds.

  • My PPC advertisement is not showing up. What do I do?

    This is nothing to be alarmed about. Usually, if your daily ad budget has run out or you’re searching from a location that is not targeted with the ad, it will not show. You can always contact your Project Manager if you need help.

  • What is the cost-per-click (CPC) for a campaign?

    The cost-per-click varies project-to-project. Your industry, location, and keyword competition all play a part in the average CPC of your campaign. CPCs can also go up and down during the course of the week. However, our PPC strategists will set expectations at the start of the project.

  • Will I pay my advertising budget directly to you?

    No, we will not be handling your PPC budget for you. It is to be paid directly to the advertising platform in your plan. We set up the account for you and facilitate you in every way, but payments are made by you.

  • What is my expected budget for a campaign?

    The expected budget varies depending on expectations. Our team will usually provide realistic targets at an early stage with your budget in mind. The budget can be increased or decreased depending on what results you’re looking for.

  • How do I calculate conversions on a PPC campaign?

    The weekly and monthly reports created by our PPC experts contain your campaign’s conversion totals. We track sales, RFQ forms, phone calls, and chats among other things.

  • How do I know the ROI you’re providing is worth the expense?

    The ROI of your ad campaign is an easy metric to calculate. We will provide you information about your cost/lead or cost/sale. If you’re selling directly, subtracting your cost/sale from revenue/sale and multiplying by 100 will give you your ROI. For leads, if you have the numbers of how many of your leads converted, you can use the formula above replacing cost/sale with cost/lead to calculate ROI.