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What is White Label SEO? How Can It Help You Achieve Results?


A couple of years ago, white label SEO was a shiny new buzzword being thrown around in conferences and emails. Today, it’s considered one of the most life-saving, or should we say company-saving, SEO approaches out there.

If you’re confused about what any of this means, you’ve landed on the right blog.

Let’s get back to the basics.

Our SEO experts have put together a guide to SEO reseller services/white label SEO for small to mid-size businesses, startups, and even successful corporations.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about white label SEO.

Yes, everything.

Keep reading, pull out a notebook and pen to take quick notes, and sip on some freshly brewed coffee for extra alertness.

By the end of this blog, you’ll be a white label SEO maestro… or at least one who understands the technique better!

Let’s begin.

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What is White Label SEO/SEO for Resellers?

Today, thousands of businesses offer SEO services.

This doesn’t mean you have to run a classic SEO company.

Perhaps you run a creative design agency, an email marketing company, a PR firm, a web design business, or a paid marketing startup.

No matter what your primary business may be, if you offer SEO as a service, you have to think smart.

This is where white label SEO enters the picture and makes it twice as rosy.

As a business owner, you can hire another company to handle your high-volume SEO needs.

It’s possible that your team isn’t equipped to do justice to your ongoing SEO projects. Or they may not have enough time on their hands. The latter is especially common among agencies that offer SEO as a secondary service, not primary.

White label SEO entails handing over all the legwork to another kickass company.

This is done privately.

Your customers will think you’re offering the requested services while another company will be taking care of the job behind the scenes.

Effective, legal, and whip-smart, this technique is used by thousands of companies today. It’s especially common among businesses with other fortes.

What happens when your client requests SEO services on the side?

The not-so-smart way to handle this would be turning them down and focusing on the main job instead.

They may not like this, especially if you run a reputable company that should ideally know how to do SEO.

Worst-case scenario, they’ll cancel the project and find someone else who can feed both birds with one scone.

The smartest way to handle this situation is accepting the project and finding another brilliant SEO firm to take care of the deed for you.

A great way to knock your client’s socks off, isn’t it?

If you’re not a multi-talented company, present yourself as one until you become one. White label SEO helps you do just that.

How Does a White Label SEO Partnership Work?

Kicking off a successful white label SEO partnership isn’t exactly a piece of cake.

You can’t rush the process and find a potential partner overnight.

Research, referrals, reviews, and ratings are key here. Instead of being hasty, be smart and strategic.

Start by researching the top white label SEO companies in your country.

Ideally, your white label SEO partner should have:

  • Ample experience as an SEO agency
  • Ample experience offering white label SEO services
  • A broad client base (make sure they have successfully completed projects for clients in your industry)
  • Excellent reviews and ratings
  • A 100% money-back guarantee
  • Different white label SEO serviceplans based on your needs
  • Affordable packages (exorbitant prices are always a red flag; they show that the company is looking to make quick, big bucks)
  • A project manager for each client

Narrow down 2-3 potential partners and dig a little deeper for a few days. Research will go a long, long way in helping you avoid getting scammed.

Unfortunately, there are many new, inexperienced, and even fraudulent white label SEO companies out there. This is why using a checklist is extremely important. You’ll manage to find a trusted, esteemed, experienced, and diligent company that doesn’t let you down.

Once you’ve found “the one,” select a package that’s right for you and schedule a meeting. Ask as many questions as possible.

Inquire into:

  • Their track record
  • Their work ethic
  • The range of SEO tasks they handle
  • What happens if a project is delayed
  • What happens if your client isn’t happy, i.e., do they offer free revisions?
  • How many white label SEO projects they have successfully completed in the past
  • Their specialization level in the services you’re requesting
  • Their work samples

This will help you feel confident in your decision.

Before kicking off the project, make sure you request your client to share their requirements as clearly, comprehensively, and unambiguously as possible.

Send these to the white label SEO company.

You will act as the “middle guy” in this situation.

Make sure communication is prioritized at all times.

There should be no doubts about the quality of work that’s expected once the project begins.

Communicate each and every detail beforehand to avoid disappointing your client or delaying the project.

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What Are the Benefits of White Labelling SEO?

We’ve touched upon the obvious benefits of white label SEO. In this section, we’ll cover more ground.

Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive benefits of white label SEO services for resellers:

1. Saves You Time To Focus on More Important Business Functions

Hiring a team of SEO pros is a great way to save a ton of time. Your team can focus on its key roles and responsibilities instead of worrying about handling complex SEO tasks they don’t specialize in.

If your team tries to learn the ropes and tackle the job, they’ll end up pouring a ton of time down the drain getting up to speed with the basics. Since they don’t possess the experience, expertise, and tools required for the task, they’ll produce a fair-to-middling output that disappoints your clients.

You’ll lose time that could’ve been spent on another project. You’ll also lose customers. The white label SEO route helps you keep both intact.

2. Saves Money By Reducing Costs

How can you possibly save money by hiring the crème de la crème of SEO experts? Here’s the trick.

Today, the top white label SEO companies don’t have absurdly high prices. Their packages are actually pretty affordable.

In-house SEO teams also don’t possess the required SEO tools, which are often very expensive (web design software, web development equipment, SEO analysis programs, PPC advertising tools, etc.).

As you hand over these tasks to a company that has the right tools and experience, you’ll save money in the long run and reap the benefits of quality services.

3. Improves Your Reputation and Credibility

Quality control is extremely important for modern businesses. If a client approaches you for SEO content, you must deliver optimized, engaging, value-added, grammatically correct, industry-relevant content that wows their target audience and increases their conversion rate.

White label SEO helps you maintain a high, consistent level of quality. You’ll churn out quality services that turn casual visitors into loyal customers. Every company dreams of achieving this transition. White label SEO makes it a reality.

Note: Make sure you don’t hand over critical SEO tasks to any company. We emphasized this before and we’ll double down on it again: hire a team of qualified professionals who know what they’re doing!

4. Increases Customer Satisfaction

Today, you can find top-tier products and services within a few clicks. The standard is higher than it has ever been before. If you offer fair-to-middling SEO services, your customers will look for the nearest exit and land on the next best competitor’s site.

White label SEO helps you piggyback off of your provider’s experience, expertise, credibility, and reputation. They’ll build and deliver top-notch SEO solutions. The outcome? High levels of customer satisfaction. Your clients will be impressed with the quality and promptness of your services.

Make sure you look for a white label SEO agency that provides free revisions. Whether they’re writing a blog, designing a website, offering Twitter advertising services, or crafting posts for your social media pages, they’ll be willing to make revisions without hesitation.

If your clients aren’t happy with something or want a change of direction, their concerns will be addressed without any delays. Extending the offer of free revisions to a client goes a long way in keeping them happy.

5. You Get to Enjoy Better Sales

Picture this. You received an SEO order and handed it over to a credible white label SEO company. They completed the job to perfection and left you with a happy customer.

Since they had a positive experience, your customer will either spread the word about your business or shop from you again. Most satisfied customers take one of these two positive actions after shopping with a business. Either way, you’ll enjoy better sales.

Quality services always pay off. As you maintain a high standard of quality, you’ll get more calls, convert more customers, and grow your business.

This is one of the most cost-effective ways to organically grow your business. You don’t have to worry about hiring new SEO experts. Keep your revenue on track!

6. You Become a Multi-Talented Company

Customers are increasingly looking for companies that do it all and do it well! Let’s say a client wants to revamp their design. They also want to touch up their web copy and spruce up their social media presence.

Would they rather hire an expert who takes care of all three services or hire a separate web designer, content writer, and social media marketing specialist? The former, of course.

Companies that cover all the bases achieve impressive levels of success. Building a strong white label SEO partnership is your golden ticket to becoming a multi-talented company. Over time, you’ll attract more clients who are looking for diverse businesses.

It’s simple. The more you diversify your services, the more diversified your audience becomes.

If you’re a web development agency, you won’t just target people who want to build a new website or fix their domain. Instead, you’ll also target folks who want new content for their site or an effective link building plan.

And you won’t let them down since you have a team of experts taking care of everything!

Will White Label SEO Help Me Get More Traffic and Rank on SERPs?

Absolutely. Once you start offering quality SEO services, you’ll start earning more traffic. Google’s whip-smart algorithm crawls, indexes, and ranks sites based on many, many different factors. Google reviews are one of them!

The better your reviews, the higher your SERP rankings.

Your white label SEO partnership will help fetch stellar reviews. This, in turn, will give you sweeter rankings. If your business previously showed up on the third or fourth page for local search terms, it’ll start ranking on the second and possibly even the first page!

According to research, most web users don’t click past the first SERP. If you’re right there on the first page, you’ll earn more impressions, clicks, and conversions!


In this blog, we gave you a power-packed look at white label SEO in all its glory. We answered some of the most-asked questions: what is white label SEO? How does white label SEO work? What are some tips for hiring white label SEO service providers? What are the benefits of white labelling SEO?

Now that you have a good understanding of how your business can benefit from this neat SEO approach, start putting it to the test! We won’t leave you hanging, Search Berg is here to help.

As an experienced, reputable, and trusted white label SEO company, we have completed over 40,000 SEO projects so far. That’s not all. We’ve developed over 10,000 websites, created over 100,000 pieces of promotional content, and designed over 5,000 brand videos.

Our white label SEO services are effective, comprehensive, and personalized. Check out our reviews and speak with our team for that extra boost of reassurance.

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