28 Apr 2020

Top 10 Ways to Grow a Small Business Through Facebook

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has inevitably transformed how business is done across the globe. A recent Goldman Sachs report revealed that over 96% of small business owners reported that they had been impacted by the deleterious crisis. In addition, over 51% admitted that they would be forced to close their business within a span of 0–3 months.

As the ongoing lockdown demands a shift toward digitalization, many local offline businesses are struggling to undertake this massive transformation. However, it may be their only way to maintain (and boost) metrics, audience engagement, and audience retention.

According to Forbes, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased internet use by 70%. Brands that have successfully leveraged the power of digital marketing have managed to keep their business afloat and increase revenue sales.

While digital marketing comprises an eclectic blend of PPC marketing, reputation management, web design and development, and content production, there’s one key player that stands out for its unparalleled performance.

Research indicates that coronavirus has pushed Facebook usage through the roof. People are spending 50% more time on the popular social media application, thereby interacting with more digital marketing content and fueling conversion rates for online businesses.

A recent survey conducted in March revealed that over 63% of Americans stated that they were expecting to use Facebook more during the pandemic to stay informed about recent developments. Not only has that estimate increased across the globe, but it has also helped a lot of small businesses gain greater visibility and boost their business.

If your business has been struggling to weather the COVID-19 storm, we’ve rounded up ten powerful ways to leverage Facebook for greater audience reach, revenue sales, and brand identity during the ongoing crisis.

1. Create a Separate Business Page

Research indicates that there are currently over 65 million active small business pages on Facebook. With the number expected to increase as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, creating a separate Facebook business page is a surefire way to boost audience engagement and retention.

The powerful tool helps small businesses centralize their audience, thereby strengthening brand identity and allowing you to successfully reach a wide expanse of potential customers. Instead of using conventional marketing strategies, marketing your target audience through a strong Facebook page will also lower your marketing expenses. This is extremely beneficial for up-and-coming startups and small businesses that are actively on the lookout for cost-effective marketing strategies.

Creating and running a Facebook business page is free, so you don’t have to worry about investing in unpredictable marketing sources that may not deliver the expected results.

A Facebook business page is also extremely effective in boosting SEO, increasing website traffic, and reducing customer attrition. Target your intended audience based on key demographics, interests, and location to further enhance localized engagement. These strategies will collectively help you establish a powerful social media presence and reputation.

As you continue to use the platform, you’ll also establish a strong sense of competitor strategies. As you analyze their performance, marketing tactics, content quality, and reputation management practices, you’ll be able to tweak and polish your branding strategy accordingly.

We recommend examining the Facebook business presence of small businesses and established corporations that fall within the same industry. This will help you incorporate a unique and effective mesh of “glocal” (global and local) strategies that resonate with the intended audience.

2. Post Empathetic and Crisis-Friendly Content That Resonates With Your Audience

While the ongoing lockdown has necessitated the creation of a strong Facebook business page, many small businesses are struggling to use the platform in an empathetic and crisis-friendly manner.

While you may feel compelled to leverage the application by solely marketing your products/services, you may want to reevaluate your strategy.

The sensitive crisis demands a gradual departure from unadulterated branding. Instead, prioritize support and care to make your audience feel comforted during a time of chaos and uncertainty.

Moving toward a humanized marketing approach—in contradistinction to an automatized marketing approach—will strengthen your brand identity.

Slack’s genuine, heartfelt, and altruistic check-ins are a great example of prioritizing audience health (physical, mental, and emotional) and wellness before promoting products/services:

We also love Foreo’s empathetic marketing approach that prioritizes care and follows it up with timely and appropriate product recommendations:

Building an understanding and comforting Facebook presence will ultimately help you establish a strong brand identity and generate more sales.

We also recommend posting thoughtful and crisis-sensitive blogs, articles, press releases, guest posts, infographics, and videos to crystallize brand visibility and attract new audiences.

3.Closely Monitor Insights to Improve Your Strategy Accordingly

One of the most beneficial features of Facebook marketing is the ability it gives you to closely monitor insights.

As Facebook use continues to increase, small businesses are increasingly leveraging Audience Insights to determine areas of improvement and to connect with potential customers who may have been overlooked through conventional marketing strategies.

Access page summary data and scrutinize metrics to develop an understanding of what works and what doesn’t. As you browse through the posts with the highest organic reach and determine the most popular content style on your page, you’ll be able to successfully realign your strategy without breaking a sweat.

This tactic is essential for small business owners with a limited understanding of digital metrics and KPIs. The easy-to-use dashboard allows quick, accurate, and digestible statistics that’ll help you steer your business to success.

We also recommend benefiting from Facebook Analytics to visualize and optimize the customer experience.

4. Leverage Facebook Videos for Improved Audience Engagement and Retention

While the lockdown has given people more free time than before, the average human attention span has remained constant. According to Time, humans have an average attention span of 8 seconds—1 second less than that of a goldfish!

While image and text-based marketing content is effective, video content is twice as powerful. Research indicates that videos generate 1,200% more shares than images and text combined. Moreover, Facebook videos enjoy over 8 million views per day!

As the most viewed and shared form of content on Facebook, videos facilitate the buyer decision-making process by increasing reach, engagement, and retention.

Share effective, empathetic, and engaging video content to promote your products/services.

5.Don’t Abandon Your Facebook Page

The initial boost in metrics and sales revenue can easily induce complacency, thereby preventing businesses from maintaining a consistent effort.

While you may feel compelled to rest on your laurels and reduce Facebook interactivity to twice or thrice a week at best, it’s essential that you continue to post regularly. This will help you maintain the growth and visibility established in the initial months.

Instead, abandoning your page can wreak havoc on previous accomplishments and can gradually make your business disappear among the active competition.

Post meaningful and compelling content that keeps audiences engaged. Celebrating powerful events is a great way to contribute to a good cause while concurrently maintaining your brand presence.

TOMS’ frequent posts commonly include heartfelt messages that commemorate annual days that carry social, economic, political, and cultural significance.

For instance:

Sharing strong messages on annual holidays and celebratory days will help your brand stand out while fighting the good fight. If you run out of ideas, share general posts with a slice of wit to keep engagement levels high!

Little Owl—an up-and-coming small eatery in New York—has established a strong reputation and presence owing to its frequent posts—many of which include re-shares when inspiration runs low!

The consistency and continual empathy have helped them earn incredible ratings and attract cosmopolitan audiences across New York. Keeping yourself on the map by actively sharing and re-sharing content will also increase your brand’s overall SEO.

6.Give Facebook Ads a Shot

As one of the most effective tools for small businesses, Facebook Ads are a powerful way to increase revenue and brand awareness. With Facebook use at an all-time high, small businesses can effectively market their products/services without worrying about engagement.

As the fastest and most cost-effective advertising strategy, Facebook Ads increase website traffic and dramatically lower cost per acquisition. According to research, over 3 million businesses actively advertise on Facebook!

Facebook’s Ad Manager facilitates campaign management, thereby making the process easier than alternative advertising strategies. With a few clicks, you can successfully run your ads across multiple platforms and receive extensive and robust analytics.

Facebook’s excellent targeting capabilities are extremely effective in helping small businesses micro-target their audience. Not only does this increase conversions, but it also reduces customer attrition as users that deviate from the target audience are gradually eliminated.

The platform’s rich payoff helps businesses remarket to audiences and build a sustainable brand identity.

7.Collaborate With Similar Businesses to Increase Your Following

Struggling to boost your following? Collaborating with businesses in the same industry is a great way to double or triple your following.

Ideal for small businesses, partnerships increase visibility within the same niche, thereby attracting potential customers with a strong intent to purchase.

For instance, if you own a small salon, we recommend partnering with local businesses that sell hair products or skin rejuvenation tools. Approach them with a cross promotional offer to increase following and sales for your business. Similarly, they’ll also benefit from the collaboration, as your customers will visit their website and purchase their products/services.

While the clientele will be similar, the contrasting products/services will ensure that one business’s traffic isn’t being transferred to the other. Instead, the mutual benefits will help each business enjoy greater audience reach and sales.

8. Boost Post Views by Using Hashtags

Using Facebook hashtags the right way is extremely effective in organically boosting page views. A recent study revealed that Facebook posts with hashtags receive 12.6% more engagement than those without.

This is especially important as the number of interactions dramatically decreases if hashtags are overused.

9. Create a Private Group to Establish a Close Connection with Your Loyal Audience

While this powerful strategy seems counter intuitive to many, it’s a great way to establish a strong connection with loyal customers. A private Facebook group increases personal engagement and helps frequent customers feel included in the brand’s decision-making process.

Whether you’re working on a new product or are considering releasing an in-demand service, a quick heads up to your customers can go a long way in increasing audience retention. We recommend posting polls, updates, and behind-the-scenes images and videos to keep your audience engaged and entertained. In addition, ask for their feedback and announce special discounts to establish a connection that goes beyond a superficial buyer-seller relationship.

CJ’s Coffee Cafe’s lighthearted, fun, and rewarding poll is a great example of engaging with group members and incorporating a little giveaway at the end:

Whether you follow a similar strategy or create a unique group atmosphere for your customers, the conscientiousness and dedication will help create a community.

As the group members feel appreciated and involved, they’re also more likely to unknowingly market your products/services to friends and family, thereby boosting reach and engagement.

10. Ask Professionals for Help!

While growing your business through Facebook may seem uncomplicated and accomplishable, it can pose a challenge for small business owners who are concurrently navigating the transition to digital selling and marketing. Moreover, many businesses also lack the expertise and experience required to optimize their Facebook page with SEO strategies in mind.

As one of the leading digital marketing service providers in the U.S., we offer expert Facebook management services across the globe. Our experience has helped us complete over 20,000 SEO projects for a wide range of clients in varying industries.

We also offer award-winning PPC marketing, reputation management, content marketing, and web design and development services to help small businesses boost revenue during the ongoing crisis. Our 100% back money guarantee ensures there are no contractual obligations that make small business owners feel hesitant.

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