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10 Link Building Services and Strategies for Websites and Small Businesses

When it comes to running a small business, entrepreneurs often feel the pressure to market their brand without going over the budget. Finding convenient and affordable promotion options can be a difficult task, but that’s where SEO marketing comes in.

Link Building Services and Strategies for Websites and Small Businesses

SEO marketing is a highly effective way to promote your business and not just for the short term. With the right services, you can ensure your top spot at Google’s search engine rankings consistently.

However, there are some things you’d want to heed caution over. One major problem with promoting your business online is that if you’re not well-versed with SEO, you might end up using keyword-stuffed pages on low-quality links. Not only does this affect your search engine rankings, but it also signs you up for SEO penalties.

But with the help of an established digital SEO marketing agency like Search Berg, you can get white hat SEO strategies to boost the visibility of your local business. We believe in the power of link building to help steer small businesses to the top of Google’s search results page. In today’s blog, we’ll show you how you can build links that will benefit the growth of your online business!

1. Initiate Partnerships with Other Local Businesses

The essence of link building lies in networking. You need businesses to link back to your website so your business grows in credibility, yields more traffic and climbs up the SEO ranks. However, local businesses will only want to feature you on their website if they feel like they have some connection to your work—without feeling like you’re an outright competitor.

For example, if you sell cat food then you should get in touch with vets, cat grooming salons and pet shelter businesses.

Now, as an entrepreneur, you’d know the importance of providing incentives to get work done. Likewise, when you’re building links, try to offer rewards like discounts to some of your customers who link or refer to your business on their website. The more relationships you build, the more attention your business will get.

2. Contribute to Local Organizations or Events

While you keep forging new networks within your local industry, it’ll help to offer sponsorships to local not-for-profit organizations. A sponsorship can easily put you on the map and if you’re aligned with your partner organization’s values, then you can also tap into a broader market segment.

Keep an eye out for arts and music festivals, conferences and other events that could potentially bring in more customers for you. As a promotion for the event begins, your business’s name will be on pretty much every online poster and newsletter published by that organization. This will improve your chance to build authentic links within the local community.

3. Become a Member of a Professional Organization that has Access to Directories

When it comes to the local industry, different cities have different chambers that are built to cater to a specific business demographic. For example, a chamber of commerce can be dedicated to uplifting minority groups within your community.

Many such professional organizations have links to these industry chambers and winning a link with them could work brilliantly for you. Keep an eye out for organizations that are relevant to you and the ones that offer membership with directory access.

4. Host a Fundraiser or Charity Drive

Becoming part of community events is a great strategy to build legitimate links. Not only do you get to support a good cause, but people are more likely to share links and spread the word regarding such events.

Once non-profits begin promoting your support on their website, local bloggers and journalists are going to be interested in featuring you on their story. It’s a good way to win your business some press coverage.

Host a Fundraiser or Charity Drive

 5. Get into Content Marketing

Fresh and relevant content is a huge aspect of link building. When you post something new, other websites have a reason to link back to you. Make sure you have a blog portal on your website that you regularly update.

Now, content marketing can get extremely competitive since there are lots of businesses that are using this method to build links. However, your focus shouldn’t be to compete with all these businesses; just focus on the local industry that serves your target market.

When it comes to reaching out to your clients via content marketing, you need to write about something that’s useful to them and is presented in a locally relevant context. Try to produce work on topics that work for you and your community members.

For example, if you own a shop that sells ATVs and scooters, you can write a blog about the best spots in town to ride your one-person vehicle.

6. Get in Touch with Local Bloggers

Bloggers come with an established reader fan base and can help you market content that’s new and relevant to locals. Make the first move and get in touch with bloggers who’d be interested in partnering with you. Ask them to cover something related to your website or put in a positive review for your business.

7. Keep an Eye Out for Local Round-up Pages

You’ve probably seen online content with some kind of countdown or a list of the best businesses in a particular industry; these are round-up pages.

Round up pages are location-specific and are usually ranked highly on search engine results. This means these pages are going to get plenty of clicks and visitor traffic. Figure out what categories or tags your business could fit into and try to get in touch with the writer for a promotion link. Even if they’re not ready to feature you in the upcoming list, they can shortlist your business for future references.

8. Write Guest Posts

If you’re looking for a reliable white hat linking strategy, then guest posts are going to be your best bet. Guest posting promotes both ways; you and the website business you’re writing for.

Small businesses, in particular, can benefit from guest posting because they don’t have to pay or make any offers to anyone for promotion. You’re essentially putting your business out there by writing for someone else’s audience.

Do some research on local blogs that are useful for your business and are willing to partner with you on guest posts.

Pro-tip: Pitch your proposal for guest posting with a relevant topic that works for both, you and your partner. That way, you can insert links back to your website in a natural way, without it ever seeming forced.

9. Build Broken Links

Broken links are a bane for many online businesses, but the solution to it is fairly simple. Keep your eyes peeled for local industry websites that have broken page links. Alert the website owners about the problem and offer them your website link as a replacement.

It might seem too good to be true, but this strategy works precisely because fixing broken links helps that website’s SEO ranks and your website serves as a quick and convenient fix for their problem.

Try to get in touch with businesses that deal with similar products or services because that way it becomes easier for you to convince them that you’re a good replacement for their site.

Build Broken Links

 10. Practice Awards and Giveaways

Winning an award is a matter of pride and everyone wants to share their achievement with the world. If your business begins handing out awards, honorable mentions and credits to local businesses and their owners there’s a high likelihood you’ll be the talk of the town for the upcoming week.

People would love to post about their honors, especially on their social media pages. If you’re able to present the winning names on your website, you can easily manage plenty of link shares to your website.

Giveaways are also a great way to reach out to local customers and introduce traffic to your website. Fun competitions that involve people sharing links to your website can get you many links in a short amount of time. It can also connect you to other businesses who’d want to partner with you and hold a bigger event in the near future.

And There You Have It!

These were some of our trusty tactics to help you build links in an authentic and reliable manner. The great thing about our strategies is that they don’t just win your business better visibility, but they also make you more appreciated and valued in your community.

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