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How to Grow a Plumbing Business?

Let me congratulate you first of all, since your online search ‘how to grow a plumbing business fast’ has brought to you on the webpage containing the precise and instantly actionable ‘PLUMBING BUSINESS GROWTH FORMULA’.

I assure you reading till the end of this webpage paying close attention to every section and suggestion will be a transformational journey for your business, and you will have a crystal-clear picture of how to run a successful plumbing business and get more leads, calls and work at a higher price faster.

In this plumbing business growth guide about how to expand plumbing business exponentially and increase plumbing clients, we will be focusing on the following steps;

  • Have your business website and visiting card ready.
  • Get listed on Google Places and BE RANKED higher in response of local search queries.
  • Use local business directories to get plumbing leads/calls online.
  • Contact sites for local plumbing leads/calls.
  • Utilize the power of social media and its marketing techniques.
  • Make the most of PPC marketing.
  • Implement search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns for organic and targeted traffic.
  • Launch email marketing campaigns.
  • Collaborate with other plumbers to share leads

1 – Create Business Website &Visiting Card

Before I start leading you to succeed as a plumbing company, it is assumed that you already have a business website and your visiting cards ready. If you have not got your website and visiting card ready, please visit this page to find about designing process of websites and visiting cards for plumbers.

2 – Google Places

Plumbing is a local business, limited to certain areas in a city, so the first thing you have to ensure that your company is exposed to the potential clients of the areas you can manage to serve Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, Los Angeles, Kansas City and so on.

To add your plumbing firm in Google Places, take the following steps;

  • Visit Google Places.
  • Click Start Now.
  • Fill in a form with your business information.
  • Choose your service areas.
  • Mention your working hours and days.
  • Select payment options.
  • Upload company photos.
  • Attach YouTube Videos if you wish.
  • Put in more available business details.
  • Double Check the info you entered and click ‘Verify’.

That was too easy, wasn’t it?

Google Places shows a special listing representing only 3 local companies. Now imagine how many plumbers are already working in your area and how many have already added their business to Google Places! So how will you ensure ranking in top results. Well, that’s a tricky part of your business growth which I will show you later in this post. Now please, don’t scroll down to the bottom to know the ultimate plan of how to grow a plumbing company. I humbly request you to go through every section to get a comprehensive picture and a flawlessly created actionable plan.

2 – Local Business Directories

Have you seen the big book of Yellow Pages? Of course, we all have seen and used it at times. It is also available online now and it is not alone, another evidence of the power of internet and a reason for you to focus online business. There are many business directories and you can register easily on them for being more visible to local clients. Some directories require a long form to fill in, consuming a great deal of user’s time. There are free and premium directories, so be informed before you choose one to register.

3 – Local Plumbing Lead Generation Sites

Local plumbing lead generation sites are also very useful in expanding plumbing business and the perfect answer to how to generate plumbing leads online.These sites father the data of potential clients through a variety of techniques and sell those leads to the plumbing companies. It is always a premium option, since selling leads is the revenue source of the owners of lead generation sites.

Doesn’t it seem exceedingly tempting option? Well, you have to be very careful with this option since the leads you buy may not turn into your customers at all or the potential customer may not be in the same area as you are due to wrong entry of data in the lead generation form.

4 – Social Media for Plumbing Business

The basic purpose of social media is to interact, share news and events and have fun with others, while marketers take good advantage of social media networks and promote businesses in question. In fact, social media marketing and is now an established term and social media management is its by-product, so why not take advantage to promote and get more clients as a plumbing business!

Social media networks can bring you free and paid traffic to your website, so it will depend upon your choice. Obviously, the free techniques will take a great deal of efforts and time to produce good results. Every social media network may not be fruitful, so you have to be selected. We are listing down the best ones here.


Though it is a fun place, it can drive serious business to you. For quicker results, choose Facebook ads. On the other hand, create a Facebook page and keep sharing the content regularly to see the results. It is just an overview of how it works, in fact, it demands a detailed post on this subject.


It is the simplest of social media networks. Simply share a small sentence about your business and keep growing with time.


It is a well-known network where users share their videos and you can share some plumbing DIY and process videos on YouTube. Now some people may raise their eyebrow and ask if we tell our clients what we do, why they would hire us? It is a valid concern, but it actually establishes you as a plumbing expert and you remain on top of your viewers when they need a plumbing job.

Google Plus

It is a platform like Facebook owned by Google, but it is not as famous as Facebook is. Yet it is worth creating your profile on Google Plus.


With millions of users across the globe, Instagram is a proven social media network and is bringing good businesses to the companies.

If social media has users globally, why should I use it for my local business?

This is a perfect question in the scenario we are talking which is about how to get more plumbing work. We know a user from a city different from yours might not be of direct benefit to you, but it is not true that such a user has no worth to your business.

Today, social media has become the ultimate source of branding and branding a business does matter. When they view your social media profiles with useful and interactive contents, their response and involvement will create positive vibes for your business and you locally targeted customer will already be influenced with your social media presence. This whole practice of being on social media will make you the default choice among your local plumbing customers.

Are You Ready to Be on Social Media to Get Local Pluming Clients?

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5 – PPC Marketing

PPC, abbreviation of Pay-Per-Click, is premium marketing program offered by different search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo!, Bing AOL. There are a few others, but these three search engines actually have worth. And among these three search engines, it is Google that actually matters.

To cut to the chase, your focus of PPC marketing for your plumbing business has to be Google. PPC is the quickest and easiest way of making a plumbing marketing plan.

If you are fully geared up to handle new plumbing clients within 72 hours as soon as we launch PPC marketing campaigns for your plumbing business, fill in the form to get a detailed analysis.

Your website’s PPC analysis will disclose you the maximum ROI within your allocated budget.

Moreover, the report will be delivered to you for FREE within 48 hours. We deliver valid numbers, and ensure your patience returns you the value you expect.

6 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is practice done by trained SEOs to make a website appear in the tops slots of a search engine, which is mainly Google as it is in case of PPC marketing. In your case, you have to narrow it further and use the term local SEO.

The efforts carried out for local SEO will help your website rank in the tops slots of Google when visitors search queries to find plumber working in their own area. For example;

  • plumbers in Austin
  • Austin plumbers
  • best plumbing service in Austin

There be could be many variations of these search terms and an expert SEO will always help you rank higher when these or other search terms related to your business are entered in Google’s search bar.

In point number 2, I told you about Google Places and hinted about the solution to rank higher in Google Places. Well, local SEO is your perfect solution in this regard too.

Local SEO is One of the Most Effective Ways of Marketing for Plumbers with Greater ROI at Lower Expense.

Search Engine Optimization is not a DIY solution, but it is a specialized service and you will need professional assistance to execute SEO campaigns.

To learn how we can help you succeed in expanding you plumbing service with local SEO and make your website appear on first page of Google, please fill in the from below and receive a detailed SEO analysis report, which is absolutely FREE of charges.

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7 – Email Marketing

Follow-up is one significant element to establish a good relationship with your clients and let yourself possess a permanent spot at the top in their list of preferred plumbers. A few decades back, it was done on phone and in person. Today’s latest technologies allow us to do it with emails and this is one purpose of email.

The other significant purpose of email is marketing. A methodically planned email marketing campaign helps you gain greater exposure to new plumbing leads/calls or clients.

You can exploit the power of email marketing at certain times of the year i.e. events, seasonal promotions, discount offers and the like. I repeat that email marketing must be carefully planned to generate maximum leads/calls, ultimately more income.

8 – Collaboration with Other Professionals

In point number 3, we talked about how to get more plumbing calls/leads and the margin of error of margin getting leads from other regions while point number 4 disclosed the importance of social media traffic, even from the regions where you can’t manage to offer your services. It is time you turned both these concerns into your profit.

If you can’t serve in another city, the local plumber of that city will surely do. Got it? Instead of considering wrong leads and traffic of other regions useless, make them profitable opportunities without doing any laborious work by selling your leads to the local plumbers of that city.

You can find many local plumbers in online directories. Simply search and select the ones with good reputation and make a joint venture. Isn’t it interesting to earn some money without providing any services?

It is a two-way deal, so the other plumbers will also share leads with you, which will ultimately help you grow your plumbing business further and fast. Simply remember that plumbing is a local business, but online promotion in not.

Now Would You Tell Me How I Put This LOOOONG Plumbing Business Growth Guide Into Practice???

Online business expansion is quite an intimidating and a time-taking process, so patience is the key to success here as this plan contains loads of work to do. To execute this expansion plan, we will have to move with highly practical approach, so let’s see our ground realities first.

Your Professional Skill &Strength

It is unquestionably plumbing and you want to grow your plumbing business fast.

Our Professional Skill &Strength

It is to provide complete digital marketing solutions and help businesses make their brand popular and get more and more customers.

To cut the to the chase, you focus on your plumbing business and gear up to recruit more talented workers, since you are going to get a high volume of plumbing leads, calls, traffic to your website and high return on investment as soon as our experts get engaged in your plumbing business marketing project.

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