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The Art of Linkbuilding by “Earning” Links Through Content in 2018 and Beyond

Google has undeniable dominance in the world of search engines. It’s unparalleled. It’s undisputed and its unmatched because no other search engine even comes close to offering the level of information and accuracy that Google does.

But what makes Google so powerful, so accurate and so reliable?

Its user-focused algorithms!

Google algorithms simply leave no page unturned (*pun intended*) when it comes to providing internet users (like us) with a matchless search experience. If a page is ranked high on Google, it’s because the algorithms have found it authoritative, important, reliable and most importantly, relevant to the user’s search query and most likely to lead to a positive search experience.

To gauge websites across all these parameters, Google assess them on multiple ranking factors. One such ranking factor is links or the number of “backlinks” indexed to the page to be more specific.

Think of backlinks as references in the offline world.

In the offline world, companies and individuals endorse and promote various products and services. The more different types and number of recommendations, the more popular that brand becomes.

Same is the case here.

Backlinks are a recommendations or citation for a webpage. The websites and social media profiles backlinking to the webpage are the media, companies and the people.

When a webpage has more backlinks coming from quality sources, Google considers that page of high value. Consequently, Google ranks that page higher in the SERPs.

The process of acquiring backlinks for a webpage is known as link building; a very popular and in-demand digital marketing service today.

Some common ways to build backlinks to a webpage (or website) include:

  • Link requests, where the website administrator simply asks other admins of other websites to link back to their webpage. They may agree as is, or they may ask for a reciprocating backlink in favor.
  • Leveraging online directories, where web admins create free listings and build backlinks to their webpages. It’s similar to link buying, but it’s not considered a “bad link buying” practice as per Google’s guidelines.
  • Guest blogging, where you submit a blog or article to another website and create backlinks via the submitted content piece.
  • Creating high-value content, where you create content that is truly unique, acting as an authority (and reference-worthy) content piece on the subject of discussion.

Through link building, SEO expect generate web traffic, brand awareness, search engine rankings and higher web page visibility and higher domain or page authority.

However not all links are created equal and over the years, focus has shifted from building links to earning links. SEO’s today have a much better understanding of how search engines work and what entails a good link building process.

As a result, web admins and SEO experts have started focusing more on earning backlinks than building them.

Anna Crowe writes for Search Engine Journal:

To build a high-quality, credible backlink profile, you need to stop working on building links and start working on earning links.

What’s the difference between Link Building and Link Earning

The concept is same, to get more backlinks to your website or webpage. However, link earning specifically focuses on establishing generic associations as opposed to establishing reciprocated or paid associations.

Link earning is like a subset of link building.

Since you’re seeking generic associations in link earning, the only link building technique which then remains relevant in the context is creating high value content. If you create high value, authority content, website administrators are likely to cite your content on their webpage or website. This way you get to generically generate backlinks for your webpage. Readers who end up on your page also acknowledge the content as worthy of earning backlinks, and it enables them to see it through their skepticism and appreciate the information.

Creating High Value Linkable Content

So how to create high value linkable content?

It all starts with a strategy.

Ask yourself: What theme would you like to have for your content? Does the theme align with your business goals? Is the theme relevant to your target audience? How strongly it resonates with their problems?

These questions will help you create a strategy for your content.

Once you have a strategy in place, the next step is to research the facts and information. Study everything there is to be studied about the topic.

Using the gathered information from your research, create a compelling content for your audience. Use visuals where possible. Bake in the resources. Maintain clarity. Discuss your point comprehensively. Spoon feed them. One thing to note is that quality viral content doesn’t have to come in the shape of a blog. There are many avenues you can pursue. Make a short video about a product you are selling. Create a visually stunning infographic on the benefits of a particular service that your business is offering. Make your content standout. It doesn’t have to be a blog post

In addition, you can promote your content through influencers and industry leaders. Of course, they won’t just facilitate your request (as they’ve a reputation to maintain), so you’ll have to work towards building a partnership with them first. You’ll have to earn their trust to convince them to promote your content. This will further help you generate more backlinks to your web page.

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In this age of content skeptics and critics, link building is all about link earning links through quality content!

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