Achievement Alert! Search Berg Successfully Completes 30,000 Projects!

19 May 2020


We kicked off 2019 with the announcement of reaching 20,000 projects! And we haven’t slowed down since then!

As May 2020 comes to a close, the Search Berg team has now cranked it up a notch—or two!—successfully completing 30,000 projects!

We’ve worked with countless businesses—big and small—in a wide range of industries and locations to deliver excellent results that help improve sales, brand identity, and customer engagement.

From helping local businesses in Seattle and Orlando to closely monitoring the web presence of established corporations in New York and Seattle, our team has delivered exceptional results across the nation!

A Glimpse of Our Quick and Impressive Results

Our content-driven SEO strategies have enabled us to help clients reach their goals and set new targets that would’ve otherwise seemed like a fanciful pipe dream to them.

Our quantifiable on-page and off-page SEO services have enabled businesses in the automotive, education, construction, travel, health, real estate, shopping, and technology industries to establish impressive web presences.

Each of the 30,000 projects we’ve tackled has helped clients:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Reduce Customer Attrition Rates
  • Climb SERPs and Attract Quality Traffic
  • Generate More Leads
  • Improve User Experience
  • Build Brand Credibility
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Reduce Bounce Rates
  • Increase Audience Engagement and Retention
  • Decrease Cost Per Acquisition
  • Increase Website Referrals
  • Break Into New Markets

And the list doesn’t stop there!

Our powerful and innovative strategies continue to help our clients improve rankings and expand their business in new ways. With over 10 years under our belt, we’ve continued to devise unique and cutting-edge strategies that help our clients create an unbeatable web presence.

Each project is assigned a dedicated project manager to ensure seamless execution and continual monitoring. As the goals are periodically assessed and checked off, the project manager ensures a quick turnaround so you don’t have to wait for results.

Our 100% money-back guarantee is a testament to our experience and confidence in helping your brand tap into the digital landscape efficiently, speedily, and successfully.

Our Award-Winning Strategy

While we completed 30,000 projects in 2020, we also celebrated a string of other accomplishments.

We were recently named the Top Small Business SEO Company of 2020 and the Top WordPress Developers of 2020 by Clutch. Good Firms also honored us by deeming our team the Top SEO Services Company.

Our holistic approach has helped us publish 150,000+ content pieces and 22,800+ infographics and videos. Our meticulous SEO process includes exhaustive keyword research to ensure customers reap the benefits of an SEO-friendly web presence.

With over 1,000 satisfied customers, we don’t plan on stopping any time soon! Our individualized and flexible SEO packages help clients pick the best services for their projects, thereby ensuring they reach their goals.

Clients can opt for a wide range of strategies within the following categories:

Kick-start your project by requesting a proposal and free SEO audit report or giving us a call at 855-444-4777. Our representatives will assiduously review your site and prepare an in-depth analysis to help you get started!

We’ve helped over 30,000 businesses rank.
Let us inspire you.

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Matt Jensen

Matt Jensen

An expert content marketing manager, Matt has been working with search engine optimization strategies for the past 8 years.

Prior to entering the field, he was running his own internet marketing company. He later decided to branch out and venture towards exploring larger, more diverse audiences from different regions and industries. He brings in-depth experience at generating and driving traffic to websites and improving Google rankings.

At Search Berg, Matt creates comprehensive digital strategies by identifying the right SEO tactics that drive organic growth and create engagement for various blogs and websites. With his experience, he has an effortless grip on the factors that make audiences move.