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Guest Posting 101: Proven Tactics to Boost Your Brand’s Visibility in 2023

One of the most criminally underrated SEO strategies to build your brand’s credibility is guest posting.

Why?It can significantly boost your brand’s visibility in 2023 by strategically placing your content on authoritative websites within your niche. This not only enhances your brand’s reputation but also drives targeted traffic to your own website, resulting in improved search engine rankings and organic growth.

A staggering 34.6% of bloggers publish 1-5 guest posts a month to help build their brands, while only a small percentage (3%) do 25 or more.

The sweet spot truly depends on your business or brand’s goals and what you want to get out of your guest posting strategy—which is what our guest posting services will talk about today.

Be Our Guest—or Let Us Be Yours

70% of consumers prefer blogs to ads—which is saying a lot. This means that your audience wants to read content, gain value and insight from your materials, and take a credible authority’s word on relevant matters.

Instead of searching for experts and persuading them to try your brand, service, product, or company, as well as obtaining backlinks and publishing high-quality content on reputable websites with high domain authority, there’s a simpler option available. You can outsource your guest blog services to our team of experts.

By doing so, you’ll be able to take advantage of the top-rated strategies and highly effective tactics that we’re about to share with you.

1. Identify A Niche And Work It

When writing guest posts, it’s important to work on finding your niche and working a particular angle. This is one of the most effective strategies to work on in 2023 because it allows you to focus on your area of expertise more deeply and avoid spreading yourself too thin.

As part of our expert guest blogging work, we’re able to create highly-specialized content on subjects you focus on, including services, products, industries, and more. When readers explore guest blogs, they’re looking for content that goes above the average cut. They want expert opinions, top-notch research, unique insights, and material that appeals to their sensibilities, which is why your content needs to be immaculate.

Direct resources and effort into carving out your own niche and specialty, whether it’s focusing on digital marketing for your industry, décor advice based on your clientele’s expectations, or analyzing industry trends.

An excellent case study of this is our long-term client Education Long Finance (ELFI), whose company we’ve written highly specialized guest posts for. Rather than focusing on their services as private lenders, we created a diverse content strategy talking about debt, debt management, and repayment, the pros and cons of educational loans, and more.

The result? 73% increase in visibility and strong connections with 16 publishers. You can see some of the unique titles and expert posts that our guest blog writers created for them:

A list of all the guest posts published for ELFI.

2. Move Away From Time-Sensitive Content 

While being relevant is important, one thing we’re no longer doing in 2023 is creating time-sensitive guest post content.

This is simply because:

  • You don’t have control over the publishing period, and when your post goes up
  • You want your content to stay evergreen and stay consistently relevant and engaging.

The idea isn’t just to release a clickbait post that generates buzz and traffic but dies down when trends change—you can save that for on-site blogs and news pieces. Guest posts need to remain as relevant in 2030 as they are in 2023, and what you state in them should be fundamentally true and high-quality.

A graphic depicting the benefits of evergreen content

The idea is for your guest post to be so credible and authoritative that no passage of time will discredit that information or make it outdated and irrelevant to your readers. It’s definitely challenging and requires in-depth knowledge of your industry—but that’s where our research skills come into play alongside your firsthand knowledge.

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3. Look Beyond Domain Authority

While domain authority (DA) is arguably the most fundamental factor in choosing which website to publish content, it’s not the only one.

You should look at websites that generally publish high-quality content from expert writers, have a wide range of categories related to your field and line of work, and of course, enhance your branding.

You might want to aim high for platforms like Yahoo!, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other big names related to your industry—but there are also dozens of others.

Our in-house guest posting services will take care of that aspect for you, identifying websites that tick off all the big boxes that you’re looking for, from DA to relevance to categories.

Your brand needs to connect with the website where you post for it to be most impactful—if it doesn’t, it won’t drive traffic to your website.

A custom graphic of a person using a computer to browse a list

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4. Diversify Your Guest Blog Content 

You should aim to diversify the kind of guest blog content that you put out and focus on a variety of approaches.

Don’t just limit yourself to industry experts sharing analyses of trends. Try to expand your content style to include affiliate content, bloggers and influencers, tutorials, educational writing, and other material that helps generate greater value and interest.

This allows you to establish your brand as a definitive authority across multiple domains and show that different types of experts entrust your company and vouch for your brand, allowing the readers to get more out of it.

The more diverse your guest post creation strategy, the more diverse your inbound traffic will be, and our blogger outreach services are perfect for this purpose!

In addition to the style of your guest blogs, diversify the type of topics you choose. Think about How-To Guides, Case Studies, Ultimate Guides, and Thought Leadership Posts that define your authority.

Here’s a brief video on how to ensure that your guest blog pitch will hit a home run and get your content published on the website of your choice:

5. Be Sure To Engage With Your Own Guest Posts And Blogs

Writing and publishing the guest post is only half of the battle. It’s not just a one-and-done attempt where it’s published and sent into the void. You must engage with your own guest posts and blogs in 2023.

You have to keep tracking it to see how people respond and react to it, what the general feedback is, what comments are saying, and work to generate comments on it too. It may seem forced and inorganic to leave comments on your own guest posts, but that’s where you can outsource guest posting services to companies like ours.

Our dedicated experts create content and viable personas, allowing you to leave comments, share feedback and critique, and rate the content quality.

It’s a great way to see what readers are thinking, utilize their recommendations and feedback, and make the most out of your work.

 A simple guide to leaving quality comments on blog posts

Focusing on the quality of comments can play a major role in boosting engagement and extending the reach and impact of your guest posts. It shows the readers that you’re interested in their thoughts and that your brand is making a concerted effort to implement them in their work.

Additionally, repost published guest posts onto your socials to generate buzz, get people excited, and create a loop for backlinking and traffic generation. Who would want to miss out on the additional publicity, even if it’s a third-party platform?

Make an Impact with the Right Guest Posting Strategy

Search Berg’s guest posting services remain unparalleled. We’re here to build your backlink strategy, establish you as an authority, and help your brand gain recognition in the most impactful way.

Using these tactics, our team will create fully-customized strategies to improve the quality of guest posts and blogs for your brand and use expert insights from leading content writers to get the job done.

Be our guest—we’ll treat you right.

It's time for a 180-degree transformation, Search Berg style. Rank higher on Google SERPs, build brand credibility, and drive more revenue by signing up with us today!

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