Search Berg Ranked # 1 Digital Marketing Agency In New York

With digital marketing becoming increasingly in demand, new startups and big business, all are hiring digital marketing agencies to create online marketing strategies for them that will bring them high rankings and web traffic in Google and most importantly, revenue.

Search Berg has been working in this industry for almost 10 years. After working with thousands of clients, we are finally getting mentioned for our work. Just last year we won the 2017 Customer Choice Award by Site Jabber for Best SEO. Now we are being mentioned on Clutch as the #1 Digital Marketing Agency in New York. We are extremely proud of achieving this unique distinction. You can view the list here.

Our Strategies Work
To explain it in simplest of words, Search Berg has been immensely successful because the strategies that we create for our clients are immensely successful. Our Search Team specializes in understanding client needs, analyzing industry demands, and researching the target audience. Combine that with a firm understanding of how Google ranks and rates websites and landing pages, we are able to create result-driven SEO strategies that start delivering within weeks. All our clients get ranked in Google within 30 days.

Who Have We Worked With?
Search Berg has worked with a diverse set of clients, ranging from real-estate and technical fields such as technology and construction to the health and education industry. You can view our portfolio.

If you’re considering going digital with your business and are not sure where to begin or want to improve your current online presence, call us at 855-444-4777 to begin today! To get a quote and receive a free SEO audit report, click here and our correspondent will get back to you.

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Aaron Tylor

Aaron Tylor

Aaron Tylor is a Senior Account Manager at Search Berg, a full-scale SEO and WEB Agency.

He brings more than 15 years of practical, hands-on experience in Lead Generation, Web Development and Digital Marketing. Starting out as a junior link builder right out of college, Aaron has expanded his career to deliver quantifiable results for some of the most demanding, high-profile campaigns. He regularly contributes to the SearchBerg Blog and on other web and digital marketing platforms. His goal is to get published on Moz and give a presentation at PubCon.

In his spare time, Aaron can be found golfing or binge-watching on Netflix. You can follow Aaron on Linkedin here.