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How to Build Links Without Guest Posting

We’re often asked about the biggest rookie mistakes in the SEO game.

And boy, are there plenty!

The best thing about SEO is that mistakes never go unnoticed. As your metrics start showing the damage, you’ll be forced to take a U-turn and change your plan ASAP!

At Search Berg, we’re here to cover all the faux pas and help you turn things around.

Today, we’re raising our eyebrow at the common and critical mistake of not focusing on link building without guest posting.

Sure, well-optimized guest posts will get you far, but only till a certain point.

Once your link building juice dries up, your rankings will plummet.

So how do you turn things around?

It’s simple. You master the art of link building without guest posting.

Buckle up, we’re covering the A to Z of manual link building today.

What are the basics? How can you build quality backlinks in high quantity with this game plan? And what’s the right way to kick things off?

Let’s complete the puzzle.


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1. Stop Ignoring Infographics

Infographics are important

Visual content is the future of digital marketing.

Think about it.

Let’s say you have 20 minutes to become well-versed in perfume making.

Would you rather watch a 20-minute video or pore over a long, dense research paper?

Would you rather go over a visually engaging infographic or read a never-ending, picture-less article?

Pretty clear answers for both, right?

Content that stimulates more senses is always more popular.

If you want to amplify your link building efforts, start releasing well-researched, value-added, expertly optimized, and visually striking infographics.

If you offer engine repair and replacement services, create a stunning, information-packed infographic on how a car engine works.

If you run a renewable energy business, release an infographic on the functioning of solar panels.

If you’re a pasta manufacturer, launch an infographic on the different types of pasta (cover everything).

And if you sell standing desks, put together an infographic on the dangers of prolonged sitting.

You get the gist, right?

Sneak these infographics into your blogs, articles, or guest posts. You can also release them as standalone pieces.

The outcome? You’ll fetch more traffic to your site and earn valuable backlinks.

Infographics are in demand.

The best part? They’re cheap.

You don’t have to shell out an exorbitant sum to fill your arsenal with a bunch of nice infographics.

Find a company that creates kickass infographics, opt for a starter plan, and kick things off.

Your rankings will thank you.

2. Post an Ultimate Guide

Tired of seeing “ultimate guides” floating around the internet?

There’s a reason for it.

Ultimate guides are insanely popular.

Let’s understand why.

Web users don’t just want bits and pieces of information about a topic. They want to know it all in the least amount of time possible.

If you’re interested in how to clean a pool, you’ll try to find a guide that covers the most effective pool cleaning methods in their entirety.

Now, the smartest businesses in the game have already taken the reins and produced content that people are actively searching for.

Post an ultimate guide

What are they getting out of this?

Tons of quality backlinks.

If your guide is comprehensive without being long-drawn, Google will rank it among the first few search results.

The more traction your guide gains, the more backlink partners you’ll earn.

This strategy works beautifully.

As always, make sure your content is well-researched, accurate, and industry-specific.

The language, tone, and vocabulary should be relevant to your industry.

If you’re working on a guide to record expungement in Texas, the tone should be professional and formal.

If you’re writing a guide to skincare for teens, the piece should be informal, fun, and Gen-Z-friendly.

Keep these nuances in mind to launch a powerful guide that increases your traffic, fetches more conversions, improves your rankings, and fills your link building tank with fresh backlink juice.

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3. Turn to Google Search Console

Google Search Console

When it comes to effective manual link building, backlink generation and analysis tools are your best friend.

If you’re not quite ready to invest in an advanced tool yet, start slow with Google Search Console (GSC).

Free, wickedly smart, and effective, GSC tools help you discover new backlink opportunities for your site.

Users are provided with incredible data and insights that can be utilized to maximize reach, boost rankings, and increase conversions.

Use the GSC links report to identify your top-linked pages, top-linked text, and more.

We recommend using GSC for a few weeks or months at best. Once you’ve acclimatized to the climate of link building tools, upgrade to an advanced software that fetches more comprehensive, accurate, and relevant insights.

At Search Berg, we use cutting-edge link analysis tools to provide a complete picture of your backlink profile.

Why is this insight so helpful?

We use it to remove spammy backlinks, increase backlink value, replicate competitor backlinks, develop effective and relevant anchor text, avoid link penalties, improve your follow/nofollow ratio, and optimize your deep linking structure.

Click here to kick things off!

4. Get Your PR Efforts Back on Track

If you’re not leveraging public relations, you’re doing it all wrong.

When it comes to link building without guest posting and doing so on high-DA sites, establishing strong connections with industry professionals is half the game.


If your business is well-known in your niche, you’ll get back-to-back refills of link juice without even asking for it.

Sweet, right?

Here’s how you use this strategy in your favor.

Start by establishing yourself as an industry expert on social media.

Your presence should be loud and clear on the top social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Over time, consider branching out into other platforms like YouTube, TikTok (especially if you’re targeting a younger audience), Pinterest, Tumblr, and so on.

The goal is to generate as much traction as possible, not just among professionals but also among your target audience.

Oftentimes, industry experts come to know of other brands because of how much customers like them!

If you can’t reach the top guns directly, you’ll reach them indirectly by putting your brand out there.

Announce anything and everything on social media: new products/services, exciting in-office developments, behind-the-scenes celebrations that reflect your company culture, milestones, future plans, collaborations, and so on.

Here’s a great example:PR efforts for link building

Andrew Gustafsson, CEO of Volvo Car USA, starts by announcing his company’s collaboration with Starbucks.

As the post continues, he highlights Volvo’s goals and touches upon the exciting, sustainable future of electric facilities.

Of course, everyone knows of Volvo and Starbucks.

But how do you think they reached the top?

Through excellent products/services, game-changing customer service, and a sweet social media presence.

As customers and industry experts pick up on your presence, link building opportunities will start knocking at your door.

Make sure your posts are well-written, optimized, and catchy.

Don’t let any errors slip through the cracks, no matter how small they may be.

Stay on top of your game to neaten your link building profile.

5. Revive Broken Backlinks

link building without guest posting

This little trick deserves all the praise in the world!

Before you try to build new backlinks, take a closer look at where you stand.

If you’ve previously tried your hand at link building, chances are you already have a nice collection of backlinks out there.

Great, right?

Well…not quite.

Links don’t remain active by default.

In many cases, webpages are taken down, links are entered incorrectly, or mentions aren’t linked at all.

There’s a lot that can go wrong when it comes to the actual act of offering a backlink.

So what do you do?

You take charge.

At Search Berg, we use advanced tools to identify broken links, unlinked mentions, and incorrect hyperlinks.

Once we’ve done all the digging, we get to the real work and revive your backlink profile.

If a business has offered you a backlink, but the webpage is down, we politely and courteously reach out to them requesting page revival.

If a company has given you a shoutout but failed to hyperlink the text, we send them an email requesting an official backlink.

And if the URL was entered incorrectly, we send the correct version.

This strategy should ideally be repeated every month.

As you breathe new life into unlinked mentions, broken webpages, and incorrect hyperlinks, your rankings will steady up.

Hut, hut!

6. Chase Contextual Links

Have you ever encountered something like this halfway through a blog, article, guest post, or any other type of content?

It may be titled “Recommended Read,” “Read More,” “Pro Tip,” and the like.

This is what you call a contextual link.

The more contextual links you earn, the better your backlink profile.

So how do you earn these links without guest posting?

It’s simple. You find the right industry-specific link prospects.

When you go about this correctly, it’s one of the most powerful manual link building tactics out there!

Start by researching topics with high demand.

Let’s say you provide tech support in Los Angeles.

If you recently wrote a kickass blog on virus removal, start finding industry experts who can offer you a contextual link.

Here’s how you go about this.

Enter the following phrases on Google:

  • virus removal inurl:blog intext:” read more”
  • virus removal inurl:blog intext:” recommended articles”
  • virus removal inurl:blog intext:” recommended reading”

The results will give you an idea of which businesses write virus removal-related content and include contextual links in their work.

Make sure you remove competitors from the list.

Additionally, check each site’s domain authority (DA) score. Ideally, this score should be above 60.

The higher, the better!

DA scores indicate a domain’s reach, authoritativeness, trustworthiness, and reputability. If you earn backlinks from a company with a high DA score, you’re in for a treat.

Once you’ve shortlisted the top industry experts, it’s time to pitch your work.

Avoid boilerplates at all costs. Instead, opt for a creative, personalized, and catchy email that makes a great impression on them.

Don’t overdo it.

Your email should still be professional, concise, and balanced—not cheesy, embellished, and salesy.

Give a brief overview of your company, highlight your USPs, and introduce your content.

Create a strong connection between your contribution and their content. This will help them understand why and how your contribution will supplement their work.

Relationship-based backlinks are often the most effective.

You won’t just earn one or two backlinks. Instead, you’ll establish a link building relationship and earn quality backlinks each time you release good content worthy of a mention.

As you try these strategies, make sure you maintain excellent product/service and content quality.

No matter how meticulous your link building plan may be, it’ll fail to work its magic if your products/services aren’t up to par and your content is fair-to-middling.

When you check both of these boxes off, the real work begins!

Link Building Without Guest Posting

In this blog, we walked you through the basics of manual link building. As the ball lands in your court, it’s time to take your shot and dominate the game.

Are you ready to master the art of link building without guest posting? We’re here to help!

At Search Berg, we offer professional link building services to help your business get seen online.

As you rank higher on Google SERPs, earn more traffic, and bag one sweet sale after the other, your bottom line will smile back at you in relief.

Our link building specialists will rework your existing game plan or create a new link building campaign from scratch.

We have a razor-sharp focus on helping you earn high-DA backlinks and become a frequent sight on the top SERPs.

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Let’s get your business back on track!

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