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Google’s Gemini Era: What You Can Expect

The updated chatbot has a paid version operating on Gemini Ultra 1.0.


  • Gemini Pro integration into Bard marked a new era for AI.
  • Google Gemini is a multimodal model absorbing insights from various sources.
  • Google announced restructuring efforts, integrating Gemini into SGE and Ads.
  • Google Bard transitioned to Gemini, offering a paid version with advanced features.

In late March 2023, Google launched Bard as a swift response to ChatGPT, rolling out its long-anticipated large language model (LLM) chatbot technology. While Google developed their chatbot before OpenAI, they had kept it under wraps.

Eight months after that hasty launch, Google incorporated Gemini Pro in Bard, ushering in a new era surpassing conventional LLMs confined to textual domains and potentially paving the way for a fresh wave of AI offerings unlike those driven by ChatGPT.

Gemini: A “Natively Multimodal” Model

Referred to as a “natively multimodal” model by Google, Gemini assimilates insights from text, audio, video, and images. This particular multimodal AI also includes graph processing, language models, programming, and 3D models.

While ChatGPT underscores the remarkable knowledge acquisition potential of AI models when fed copious amounts of text, some AI researchers argue that a mere size increase in these LLMs could give them human-like capabilities.

However, the inherent constraints of LLMs like GPT-4—hallucinatory outputs, deficient reasoning, and peculiar security vulnerabilities—hint at the finite nature of multimodal AI

A New-and-Improved Gemini

Today, we bear witness to a new age of Google Gemini era. On February 8, 2024, Google announced it was in the initial stages of restructuring Search, among other products.

While Gemini is already integrated into the Google SGE, short for Search Generative Experience, and Google Ads, it will also contribute to the Google AI search experience later this year.

From Google Bard to Google Gemini

When Google Bard was launched, it only used Gemini Pro for “advanced reasoning, planning, understanding, and more.”

With its latest update, Bard has fully transitioned into Google Gemini, not only in name but also in URL. Instead of accessing the tool at, users will now visit Those typing the former will also be redirected to the new URL.

This change is borne out of Google’s aim to streamline the user experience. It is developing an entire ecosystem centered around Gemini and wants to emphasize that Bard users are now Gemini users.

The Paid Version: Gemini Advanced

Google has also launched a paid version of the tool called Gemini Advanced. It is a part of the Google One AI Premium plan, which includes additional storage and other features, for $19.99 a month.

Google states Advanced is adept at comprehending complex instructions, allowing users to provide longer prompts while Gemini grasps the context.

Advanced operates on Gemini Ultra 1.0. While it is available in over 150 countries, it currently only works in English. Google plans to introduce support for more languages over time, along with exclusive multimodal AI, coding, and data analytics.

For now, Google Gemini is attracting premium users by offering a free two-month trial for new subscribers.

Gemini will eventually be integrated into other Google products, including Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet. The tool will also be replacing Duet AI.

What Should You Do in the Meantime?

Google Gemini has a lot in store for us. However, it has a long way to go until it can call itself the perfect replacement for human capabilities.

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