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Earning Backlinks with Infographics in 2018

Infographics have always been loyal companions to link builders.

A quality infographic has always something unique to share. It uses a communication medium that makes messages effective and quick to grasp. It provides content ideas in dearth of creativity. Plus, to use it in a piece, all a web admin needs to do is copy and embed its HTML code on their web page, and there it is standing proud and live.

Add all these features together, and it’s easy to see why publishers love using infographics. And every time they share (or publish) them, you get (earn) a backlink in return.

However, the use of infographics to earn backlinks has recently been brought to question. As recent as 2018.

The premise?

The oversaturation of infographics in the content marketing world.

Every business is creating infographics regardless of their expertise level in the domain. Consequently, many infographics out there today don’t hold true to the principles that originally made them successful and popular among publishers.

They simply seem to be adding to the noise without voicing anything of value.

As a result, the gap between created infographics and published (or shared) infographics has widened; more infographics are being created and less are being shared.

Less sharing means less backlinks.

That does not mean though it’s right of us to question the ability of infographics to earn backlinks. Infographics are still very much relevant in this present age, it’s just that a significant majority of marketers and business people are not designing them correctly.

Google’s Matt Curtis sums up this shortcoming of present-age infographics perfectly:

This begs the question:

How do you design an infographic that earns backlinks in 2018?

As someone who is already familiar with creating infographics for link building, you don’t really have to do anything novel, new or reinvent the wheel; you just need to make sure you stick to the principles that originally made infographics a success.

You need to keep your infographic visually appealing, unique, precise and linkable.

Designing a neat, visually appealing and linkable infographic is not difficult, thanks to the many design software and services available both online and offline. The real challenge, however, is making an infographic that is visibly unique and delivers necessary information at a quick glance.

To do that, you need to come up with content ideas that haven’t already been created into infographics— ideas that resonate with your audience.

  • You can use Google Trends, industry-related forums, Facebook pages, Twitter streams, LinkedIn groups, competitor’s websites and other tools and platforms to find topics that your customers are most interested in discussing.
  • Performing a quick search on Google (“keyword” + “infographic”), Pinterest, Topsy and will help you determine if an infographic already exists on the topic.
  • Various data resources available on the internet and informational input from your staff will help you gather facts on your selected infographic topic.

Once you have adequate information on the topic, shape it into an infographic format.

  • Keep the layout of your infographic neat for easy navigation.
  • Use the right color scheme to make your copy more impactful.
  • Incorporate relevant images. Use PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF or GIF format as they are fastest to load and help reduce bounce rates.
  • Employ bold font for headlines to make them stand out from the rest of the content.

After you’re done designing the infographic, get an embed code and publish it underneath your infographic for easy sharing and backlinking.

And your infographic is all ready to go live and earn backlinks for your business.

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