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6 Website Essentials for Bathroom Remodelers

Struggling to find clients for your bathroom remodeling business?

According to studies, home renovations are currently on the rise and are expected to continue growing throughout the year. Some attribute this increase in home improvement projects to strengthening employment conditions and the heavy price tags of new homes. Bathroom remodeling, in particular, has gained massive popularity among homeowners in recent years.

The National Association of Home Builders conducted a Remodeling Marketing Index survey in 2018 according to which bathroom remodeling was the most common remodeling project, cited by more than 80% of home remodelers.

While experts consider this to be a positive trend, it has given rise to intense competition in the remodeling industry. In order to keep up with this rising competition, bathroom remodelers need to up their marketing game and use every channel to attract prospective clients.

One way to do that is by having a strong online presence and partnering with an agency that provides SEO for bathroom remodeling companies. As a vast majority of homeowners looking to upgrade their kitchen or bathroom begin their search for remodeling contractors online, having a business website can work in your favor. Instead of locating your office and scheduling an appointment with your team, interested individuals can use your remodeling website to gather all the data they need with minimum hassle.

However, merely having a functioning website isn’t enough. There are certain elements of web design capable of boosting your website’s reach and generating more traffic.

Wondering what those are?

Here are some of the top website essentials driving traffic and SEO for bathroom remodelers:

1.     Simple Navigation

The purpose of your website is to advertise your bathroom remodeling solutions. Having a website with a haphazard, cluttered design can make it difficult for your visitors to find information about your services. This is the reason why websites that are hard to navigate through tend to have a higher bounce rate than those with simpler navigation.

If you already have a website, de-clutter it with the help of professional developers to ensure that it’s distraction-free and user-friendly.

2.     Responsive Design

We can’t stress this enough. A website with a responsive design that adjusts itself according to screen sizes of different devices is more important now than ever before. With consumer bases of all industries abandoning conventional shopping methods and using smartphones to shop online, websites with responsive designs have turned into a necessity for commercial set-ups.

Having a responsive design will ensure that those visiting your remodeling website through their phones will have access to the same or similar information available to desktop users.

3.     An ‘About Us’ Page

Most people looking for a bathroom remodeling service provider online aren’t in need of an urgent solution. They’d much rather learn more about you, your company, how long you’ve been in the business, and the remodeling services you’re capable of providing before making a decision for themselves.

This is why it’s important to have a comprehensive ‘About Us’ page on your site that covers the foundations of your firm, your current status as a bathroom remodeling contractor and everything in between.

4.     An Extensive Portfolio

Nothing attracts prospective clients like a well-maintained portfolio displaying the skills of your team. Adding photos of your work to your website will build their expectations regarding the quality of your services.

You can choose a conventional carousel-style gallery or display your projects in a before-and-after duo to allow your visitors to compare the results side by side. Make sure the images have a high-resolution and are taken from angles that complement the lighting and accents in the remodeled bathroom.

5.     A Testimonials Section

Remodeling projects can take anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, depending on the extent of change people are planning to make to their existing structures. As remodeling is a hefty investment, most people prefer having some kind of tangible proof of your past experience and project management abilities. A testimonials section on your website can provide just that.

Not only do testimonials and reviews help in leaving a positive first impression, but they also offer SEO benefits and boost your rankings in search engine results.

If you’re a bathroom remodeling firm looking for ways to incorporate these elements into your website and optimize it for search engines, get in touch with Search Berg!

Leading digital marketing agency Search Berg offers unique SEO and web design and development solutions to local and foreign businesses, including SEO for bathroom remodeling companies and firms. Our team of experts uses their vast SEO experience and unparalleled digital marketing skills to propel your business website to the top of search engine results. We run a comprehensive analysis on the website of each of our clients and develop an effective SEO strategy based on the latest optimization trends and standards.

Our services also include reputation management and content marketing.

You can request a free SEO audit report for your website online or learn more about our services by getting in touch with our representatives at 855-444-4777.

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