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6 Ways Professional SEO Services Can Help Your Local Business Rank on Google


What Are Professional SEO Services?

  1. Bringing Your Target Audience Closer to Your Business
  2. Reeling in New Local Customers
  3. Helping You Earn External Credibility
  4. Beating Out the Competition
  5. Sustaining Stellar Rankings

Wrapping Up!

Can you guess how many small businesses are scattered across the US? The answer may surprise you: 32.5 million.

These are numbers that our SEO team crunches on the daily. They give a lot away about the increasing competition and need for top-tier SEO services.

Think about it. Your local industry is saturated with hundreds of thousands of small businesses just like yours! If you fail to stand out among the competition, you’ll struggle to make impressive sales and get your business going.

So how should you stand out?

The answer is simple: local SEO.

Professional SEO services are designed to put you on the map, amplify your traffic, and skyrocket your sales.

Team Search Berg has put together a comprehensive guide to local SEO in 2022. Let’s find out how professional SEO services can help your business rank higher and soar!

Our experts are ready to create a winning local SEO strategy for your business. Let’s get started!


What Are Professional SEO Services?

Before we dig deeper into how SEO helps local businesses, let’s understand what professional SEO services entail.

Many local businesses prefer using in-house (read: not professional) SEO services.

If you delegate critical SEO tasks to your marketing team, they’ll fail to meet the mark.


SEO is a specialized service that’s most effective when offered by professionals who possess a) industry experience, b) the required expertise, and c) advanced SEO tools (software systems and programs).

It takes years and decades for SEO experts to become capable of offering top-tier services that yield excellent results.

In-house teams lack the knowledge and skills required to help small businesses dominate local SERPs.

If you want to get seen by your target audience, sign up for professional—albeit affordable—SEO services that significantly move the needle.

Let’s get back on track. Our SEO experts have broken down the benefits of SEO for small businesses. Take notes, and feel free to ask us questions towards the end.

Let’s dive into it!

1. Bringing Your Target Audience Closer to Your Business

As a small business, you should have numerous clear goals. One of these must be getting seen by your target audience.

The number of local businesses is increasing every day.

As new businesses enter the fold, older ones become more vulnerable to getting outranked by their competitors.

Local SEO services prevent this from happening.

At Search Berg, we use a set of competitive on-page strategies to put you on the map!

Here’s how we do this.

Our team runs a competitive Google My Business optimization strategy to help small businesses rank higher.

If you haven’t heard of Google My Business before, here’s what you need to remember. This is the most powerful and consistently effective local SEO tool out there.

Created and run by Google, Google My Business allows you to manage how you’re seen online.

Here’s an example.

If you search for “consulting services in New York,” this search pack will show up:

This is the Google Local 3-Pack. It directly fetches information from Google My Business.

So if you run a fully updated, optimized, and comprehensive Google My Business page, you’ll increase your chances of ranking in the coveted Local 3-Pack.

Why should you aim to do this?

Well, the Local 3-Pack earns the large majority of clicks from local Google searches.

It’s user-friendly and packed with information (business address, hours, experience, services, etc.).

Web users engage with the first result the most.

If you run a seamless listing and rank #1 on the Local 3-Pack, you’ve essentially won the lottery as a local business!

Excellent rankings = high traffic = impressive sales.

At Search Berg, our professional SEO services help you run a powerful Google My Business campaign.

We recently ran a campaign for Western Mass Auto Insurance, a local insurance business based in Massachusetts. We helped them become more discoverable on the web by implementing targeted strategies!

We also worked our magic for Tower Optical Corporation, a precision optics manufacturing business. Our local SEO plan helped them become the first search result for the most relevant industry keywords.

This is the power of a successful Google My Business campaign run by a professional SEO company. Using our experience and expertise, we help you get on top and stay on top!

Uh oh, is your business not showing up in the Google Local 3-Pack? Let’s undo that ASAP!


2. Reeling in New Local Customers

Some SEO strategies increase online visibility to a limited extent.

Businesses end up reeling in the same ol’ clients, which prevents them from growing their business.

At Search Berg, we help you reach new local customers.

Our local SEO campaign includes region-specific keyword targeting techniques, which help us target new customers in nearby towns and neighborhoods.

This strategy yields impressive results.

You manage to widen your audience base as you reel in customers who are still within reach but weren’t a part of your initial plan.

The outcome? Better sales and long-term business growth.

We further fine-tune our local audience targeting plan by segmenting your audience based on geographics, demographics, psychographics, and behavior.

Here’s a closer look at our approach:


Based on our research, we create audience-specific content to increase your reach further.

Let’s say you offer legal support to clients living in Texas.

We’ll analyze your audience and create mini-campaigns for every city in Texas, focusing on the most popular cities like Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, and El Paso.

Our team will use its research to create hyper-specific content that generates more clicks, resulting in a broader outreach.

For instance, we’ll create a blog on the penalties for DWI in Fort Worth to reach a niche audience. This would reel in a hyper-specific part of your audience that would otherwise remain unengaged if a generic SEO plan was employed.

This is one of the most notable benefits of SEO for small businesses. Professional services help companies reach the depths and crevices of their audience, becoming well-dispersed across the particular city or state they’re targeting.

3. Helping You Earn External Credibility

While building internal credibility is essential, it’s not enough.

If you run a local small business, you must gain reputability and trustworthiness in the eyes of third-party industry giants.

Here’s what we mean by this.

Sure, you could boost your reputation by writing high-quality press releases and running a reputation management campaign. These are ways of improving your online reputation through internal means.

While highly effective, these measures shouldn’t be your only course of action.

Make sure you also earn credibility from other businesses, stakeholders, and—most importantly—your customers.

A professional SEO plan helps small businesses combine internal reputation management efforts with external credibility strategies.

At Search Berg, we get to work right away.

Local link building is one of the best ways to get more people talking about your business.

It refers to earning local links (hyperlinked references) from high-DA websites.

These aren’t your competitors; they’re closely related businesses that have established themselves in the industry.

Recommended Read: What’s Domain Authority (DA)?


For example, if you’re an interior designer operating in New York, you should work towards earning a backlink from a platform like Architectural Digest.

If they include a hyperlink to your services/content, you’ll earn high-quality traffic, i.e., traffic that will most likely convert.

As a high-end architecture and design magazine, Architectural Digest attracts clients looking to get inspired by new trends and make a purchase.

The more high-quality backlinks you earn, the better your online credibility.

The best part?

Google’s hard-to-please algorithm loves good backlinks.

They help Google understand which brands are credible.

If a company like Forbes links to a small business, the latter is doing something right. Forbes wouldn’t just offer anyone a backlink!

When high-DA domains find low-DA domains credible, Google pays attention.

As a result, it boosts the low-ranking site’s authority, helping them enjoy more significant traffic and clicks on Google.

At Search Berg, we have a specialized local link building team for small businesses.

We use individualized plans to help small businesses dominate SERP rankings.

We help you earn quality backlinks from local industry experts using a professional plan.

Over time, Google will crawl, index, and rank your site better.

4. Beating Out the Competition

How can SEO help you rank?

One of SEO’s most impressive feats is its ability to beat the competition.

Once you start implementing your SEO strategy, you’ll become more visible on the web than your competitors.

At Search Berg, we use advanced strategies to help you get ahead and stay ahead.

As you outrank your competitors, you’ll start earning a steady stream of traffic and conversions.

Your competitors will relegate to lower ranks, further diminishing their reach.

The ranking gap between the top SEO performers and the weakest businesses gradually increases and cements.

After a certain point, poor performers cannot catch up unless they start implementing a power-packed SEO plan for several months without any breaks.

This is why local SEO is so important for small businesses!

5. Sustaining Stellar Rankings 

Professional SEO services don’t just improve rankings; they also sustain them.

As a small business, you can’t benefit from improved rankings alone. If you rank well for a handful of weeks but eventually revert to fair-to-middling rankings, your business growth will keep fluctuating.

That’s not the goal.

You should aim to achieve consistent, predictable, and high levels of growth, not piecemeal, stagnating, and low levels of growth.

Professional SEO plans are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound).

They work efficiently, effectively, and consistently.

At Search Berg, we also leverage social media marketing to create even more buzz around your products, services, and brand identity.

When combined with on-page SEO, off-page SEO works exceptionally well in sustaining impressive rankings. It puts the word out and keeps businesses afloat.


Exciting, optimized with keywords, and direct, this Twitter post is an excellent example of using local off-page SEO to build your brand.

While social media activity doesn’t directly contribute to SEO rankings, it improves your position on SERPs in a roundabout way.

Your business will gain more traction, which will improve its visibility and reach, both online and offline.

The perfect on-page and off-page SEO strategy will ultimately help your small business enjoy stellar rankings that continually improve with time!

Wrapping Up!

In this blog, we offered a closer look at the importance of local SEO for small businesses.

We also helped you understand how SEO can help your business become one of the most sighted domains for local industry-specific search queries.

Ready to start putting these strategies to the test?

We’re here to help you get started!

If you want to hire local SEO experts, take a closer look at our local SEO services.

We fine-tune our plans based on each brand’s industry, target audience, business model, goals, and the specific cities, states, or countries they’re targeting.

Sign up today!

If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us or give us a call at 855-444-4777.

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