20 Feb 2015

8 Content Marketing Trends to Dominate Your Niche in 2015

Content Marketing is one of the biggest buzz phrases to come out of the IT industry. However, it has now been established as an industry in its own right and it is time to set our sights higher. If your organization is already generating content for marketing, it is time to take the game a step further with the latest content marketing trends in 2015. It has been predicted pertaining to the content marketing trends that the brands will get strategic with their content marketing efforts. It is time to use your content to do more than sell products and services. Get ready to build smarter, more lucrative relationships, tell stories and grow your audience like never before by exploiting the best content marketing trends.

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The content marketing trends 2017 have done well for the content marketers, and they are being enriched with every passing year while the content marketers do not leave any possibility to explore the new ideas in this regard. So today we will talk about the content marketing trends that will dominate 2015.

Chances are that you will encounter the following phrases A LOT in year 2015 as the most effective content marketing trends.

1 – Content Generated by Other Users

One of the best ways of victorious content marketing is to win the trust of target audience. For instance, a firm sends a message to its potential audience; if that audience has some or high degree of trust on the firm, they will follow the message. Now you may wonder how to build such a degree of trust, right? The best way to win their trust comes through the content generated by your existing users. It means that you put forth the content in front of your potential audience shared by other users instead of creating your own.

2 – Live Videos

Video content has already been a domination trends and it is has got stronger with live videos, the content viewers jump at. According to Facebook, its users spend 3 times more in watching live videos as compared to other video content and their engagement in comments and likes is also higher. So ensure that you incorporate the live video as one of the most effective content marketing trends in 2015.

3 – Culture of Content

Content is no longer a lone part of your marketing department. If you are doing things right, content IS your marketing department! A culture of content within a company is an indication of its dedication to creating timely, original, enjoyable and engaging content by fostering an environment that is conducive to creativity. This will be the key to successful content marketing in the future.

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4 – Snackable Content

With an attention span of 3 seconds, Goldfish only comes in second to human beings. Research suggests that it is nearly impossible to command the attention of adult humans for more than 2.8 seconds. Hence, the concept of snackable content or bite-sized pieces of information that can be consumed quickly, and still leave a deeper resonance is already in and will continue to be even more effective in 2015. Think of what’s being shared on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Now tell us if you have a strategy set up for creating snackable content for the coming year.

5 – Native Ads

Well, truthfully speaking, Native Advertising is just another name for sponsored content. Native ads mimic organic content and are pretty handy when you want to build trust and engagement with prospective customers quickly, and are willing to pay for it. Think promoted tweets, suggested posts on Facebook, full page ads on Flipboard and so on. The native ads are more dependable, and therefore shared and clicked upon more than say, banner ads.

6– Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality still seems to be a futuristic technology, but in 2017 we saw the growth in its use, especially by clothing stores. The experts are quite certain that its use will be more prevalent in the coming year.

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7 – Snaps

This app has been in business for quite some time now, but it still has its effectiveness intact. If you are above 25 years of age, then we are pretty sure that you don’t have the app it takes to ‘snap’! And if you are less than 25 years old, then in all probability you can’t help but ‘snap’ all the time. The app is called SnapChat and everyone from Amazon, to Universal Pictures and McDonalds is using it as effective content marketing platform to target teens!

8 – Engagement

The next time you look at the Analytics for your page, don’t panic if you don’t see a respectable conversion rate because engagement can now be defined in many ways. Click-through rate, time-on-page, bounce rate are all examples. But measuring relationships is bit more difficult. It’s a good idea to use track scrolling, mouse movements, highlighting, active window/tab, and other factors.

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Content Distribution

Creation of engaging content is one tough part and when you are done with it, it is time to present it to the targeted audience to make the most of your content. In simple words, your choice of the content distribution channels will matter most and Search Berg is skilled at doing so.

It’s time to think of engagement as the attention paid to our content and then build a solid content marketing strategy that commands the right kind of attention. Time to start a conversation!

Content Marketing in 2015 is all about Integrity and Purpose!

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