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3 SEO Services All Small Businesses Must Use

Small businesses generally have a lot on their plate; lots of expectations; lots of anticipation; fear of failure; and the ever-present need to establish the company quickly upon which a successful business would eventually be built upon. In the midst of all this, SEO often times takes a back seat.

It shouldn’t.

SEO services for small businesses are in immense demand today and for good reason. The internet has become an indispensable tool for generating revenue. Small businesses are quickly realizing this fact and adding SEO to their marketing arsenal in order to compete with stronger competitors. In today’s post, we will highlight 3 tremendously important and vital SEO services that small businesses should adopt for their website.

Keyword Research

Optimizing a website for the right keywords is the primary objective of every strong digital marketing strategy. With more than 100 billion Google searches being performed every month, every company wants to tap into this vast search pool and get their website featured among the searches; but they have to be the right searches. And this relevancy will only come through extensive Keyword Research, which is why it is first on our list of top SEO services for small businesses.

Keyword Research is an extremely detail oriented process and getting it spot on is absolutely vital otherwise you start off on the road to failure from the very beginning. For an SEO company, this process entails doing extensive research and information gathering on a given industry; how it’s ranked in Google; performing competitor analysis etc and then compiling that data into various research tools to come up with the list of target keywords both long tail and short tail, that a website can be optimized on.

It is necessary for a website to be perfectly optimized for its target keywords. And not just for the home page, but also for internal pages especially landing pages and top navigation pages.

Website Audit

Fact. You cannot begin SEO without a website audit.

Think of it as a routine health check-up for a website. A website audit typically consists of a series of tests performed on a site in order to determine how it is currently seen by Google. There are literally dozens of checks and every SEO company has its own way of conducting them. As an example, the Website Audit Report that we send to clients consist of over 20+ tests and checks. The results obtained from these tests provide us with an aerial view, identifying potential flaws and areas of improvement that we can work on. In other words, a website audit essentially lays the ground work for the SEO strategy that we then begin implementing for that website.

We cannot stress the importance of a website audit for small businesses. Having a nifty website is one thing; how search engines are viewing it is a completely different ball game. So many times, we find visually appealing websites, a total disaster from an SEO perspective because they are not optimized for Google. This is why so many businesses incorporate SEO during the design phase of their website. However, the good news for everyone is that you can optimize your website at any time by going through an extensive site audit.

Content Creation

Content has been in the spotlight ever since Panda and Penguin; the quintessential element of a successfully SEO strategy. Today, your website’s success goes hand in hand with the type of content you post on it.

There are guidelines. It has to be relevant to your business. It has to be unique and not plagiarized. More importantly, it has to be of high quality. Content is king for good reason because it ensures a positive web experience for searchers and small businesses can capitalize on this to engage with their target audience and forge long term client relations.

If content is not the central part of your SEO strategy, you are pursuing a failed strategy. The key to gaining organic rankings, building web authority and bringing organic traffic to your website is through content. However many small businesses don’t have the time to dedicate to content every day. This is where SEO companies step in.

A professional SEO organization will have a team of experienced writers with solid written skills and in-depth knowledge on different industries and niches. They will be able to create fresh content that you want to see, and most importantly, what your target audience wants to see! Small businesses must never be content without content.

So there you have it, 3 extremely important, extremely vital, extremely beneficial SEO services for small businesses. You can’t have a successful business model without a successful online presence. SEO can do that for you and if you get the above 3 things right, you are well on your way to establishing yourself as a viable player in your target market.

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Aaron Tylor

Aaron Tylor

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