Local SEO

Getting Local Consumer Traction By Ranking Up On Google Maps: A Breakdown

Consumer search and purchase habits evolve consistently. What your target market is looking for and how they are looking for it, changes rapidly, which means you’ve got to change the way you market your content online. One of the leading trends in online search is the use of mobile for …

Link Building

The Importance of Link Building and Why It Continues to Dominate SEO In 2018 After Panda and Penguin Updates

Is link building still important? Short answer, Yes. Content, for good reason will always remain king but the importance of backlinks in SEO and that of link building in general cannot be denied or ignored. In fact content and links go hand in hand. Any content that gets published essentially …

Small Business SEO

5 Proven Ways To Boost Your Small Business in Google In Order To Gain High Rankings and Bring New Customers To Your Website

Ever since the evolution of the internet, the digital world has essentially become a battle ground for businesses everywhere, especially for entrepreneurs. However, it’s nothing you can’t learn to navigate through. We’ve seen small startups flourish in a matter of months. How is that? The first contributing factor is the …