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Increase In Organic
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The Client

Delaughter Bailer Bonds has been serving the people of Indiana since 2010, with high-quality and reliable bail bonds services. Their commitment to the community and prime service standards is at the forefront of their vision.

With location in 14 counties throughout Indiana, Delaughter turned to Search Berg as a digital partner to support with the online presence and visibility of these locations.

The Client

Client Feedback

In the first few months we gained a bit of traffic through on-page SEO optimization but it was constant and we wanted it to increase. Search Berg developed a plan to increase our traffic and within a couple of months our site's traffic increased and we were ranking for a bunch of keywords.

The Ask

Delaughter’s requirement was to improve visibility throughout the digital space for the
main business as well as each of their sub-locations. More visibility means more
traffic, and that in turn, funnels down to a better bottom line.

Simple enough right? Well, not quite.

The SEO team at Search Berg realized that the “quality” of traffic was equally
important in order to get higher conversions.

This meant taking hard decisions to weed out irrelevant traffic and streamline the
brand visibility and offerings for its target audience.

Increased Impressions


Increased Clicks


Better Traffic


The Search Berg Fix

Prior to jumping into activities, we had to
understand what was going on with their traffic,
keywords, and backlinks.

Hence, the SEO audit.

The audit confirmed that the company’s traffic
was flat. They would experience the occasional
increase but it will drop shortly afterward. This
seesaw trend had been happening for at least a
year before they started working with us.

Our SEO team knew that in order to help this client we’d have to improve their search ranking by optimizing their keywords and gaining more backlinks. The first step was to determine our “easy win” keywords.

  • Evaluate current scenario
  • Note "Fixes" to do
  • Identify low-hanging fruits

Next came the SEO campaign execution.

Our SEO team takes care of everything so business owners can focus on developing their operations. Clients can be as hands-on or hands-off as they wish, and they receive regular analytics reports.

Client Feedback

Search Berg's SEO audit is incredible. They figured out the obstacles that were affecting our Google rankings and came up with applicable solutions within our budget.

We laid out this plan for the client and decided that it was best to focus on the following:

  • On Page Optimization
  • Guest Posts
  • Blogs
  • Link Building
  • Content Syndication

Client Feedback

Have to hand it to Search Berg's SEO team for a solid long-term strategy. Our requirements were back-breaking but you guys lived up to our expectations.

The Results

And did we deliver?

Well, you could say that. Or, you can say that
the client’s organic website traffic increased
by 736%! That is over 7X.

The referral traffic + search traffic from all our proposed activities, remember that? Well, this
spike is a direct result of that!


Increase In The Organic Traffic

Let’s talk Keywords.

In June of 2020, Delaughter Bail Bonds ranked for 532 keywords. As of now, they rank for 1,171
keywords. That’s an increase in ranked keywords of 121%!

Organic Keywords

How about first page results? Or even top ranked keywords for that matter?

Hyper-local targeting empowered our client to rank number 1 for over 43 keywords!

Organic Keywords Sheet

Want to be our next case study?

Let’s get the ball rolling and start unlocking your
organic growth.

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