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The Client

A thru Z is a leading pediatric care center in Stone Oaks and Medical Center. It’s a trusted name in the San Antonio community with a range of pediatric care for babies and treatment for adolescents with behavioral problems.

The Client

The Ask

A thru Z wanted to improve their online presence, boost their leads and outrank
competitors. Since A Thru Z Pediatrics is a YMYL website, we needed to build its
Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.

So what did we do?

We turned to SEO to boost our client’s SERP rankings by optimizing their Google
maps and Google My Business for conversions. The client’s conversions were "on
location," meaning we had to improve their call ratio, request for direction, and
website visits (Web actions).

But that’s not all; our SEO strategists mapped out a complete journey to meet our
client’s requirements.

Improving Online Visibility

Improving Online Visibility

More Leads

More Leads

Outrank Competition

Outrank Competition

The Search Berg Fix

In every campaign, we start with a site audit, market analysis, and competitor analysis. This allows us to work through target keywords.

After all, improving web actions requires improving visibility and rankings.

So we searched for all the keywords A thru Z was ranking for using Ahrefs. Our in-depth analysis showed A Thru Z ranked on 228 keywords in October 2020 but their position wasn’t stable. The first step was to maintain keyword rankings and increase keyword count.

  • Find relevant keywords
  • Strengthen Backlinks
  • Improve brand position on Google

The Results

And did we deliver?

We increased the number of ranking keywords for A Thru Z Pediatrics by 163% (580+ total keywords) through several industry expert practices by April 2022.

Organic Keywords

From October 2020 the results were monumental. We managed to rank 270+ keywords in only 6

So the next step was to improve the client’s backlink profile as their current backlink profile
wasn’t diverse enough and the referring domains were not of the quality required. We addressed
this by disavowing links that did not meet Google’s quality criteria.

Afterward, our SEO experts increased domain authority for A Thru Z so they could retain their
keyword position.

We vastly improved the quality of our client’s backlink profile by increasing the number of
referring domains from 76 to 195.

As our client’s web authority increased, more and more people started to click on A thru Z’s web
page. Ultimately, web actions surged for both Stone Oaks and Medical Center locations.


Average Increase in Web Actions


After meeting the two objectives,

  • Higher SERP ranking
  • More referring domains

Outranking competitors became an achievable target.

Ranking Highest Among Competitors

At this point, A thru Z had a strong backlink profile and 580+ ranking keywords. So the only thing left was to keep an eye on the web analytics and performance.

As with most online businesses, a couple of on-page SEO problems started surfacing which
prevented A thru Z from ranking highest among the competition. So we optimized loading speed,
tiles, and metadata. Finally, A thru Z was at the top for targeted keywords with more web traffic
than the closest competitor.


Through combined efforts and effective communication with the client, A Thru Z started ranking
in the top 2 positions for highly targeted keywords.

Keywords Ranked

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