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A positive online reputation is absolutely critical for a business to succeed in today’s extremely competitive market. Potential customers and clients are keen on learning as much as possible about a company before they begin a joint venture. A negative reputation will limit the number of opportunities a business can avail. This is particularly hurtful when the negative reviews are false or inaccurate.

Our Reputation Management Strategy Core Components:

Purchasing of new domains/websites for Link Suppression Purposes

Content :

High Quality Content Creation for Improved User Experience/Interaction


In-depth White-hat Link Building for your Website to Promote SEO

Promotional Content
Promotional Content :

Creation of Infographics/Videos for Positive Branding and Perception


Press Release Creation and Submission to build website authority

Ingredients In Our Business Reputation Management Mix:

Identifying ALL negative data about you or your company


Create multi-pronged/multi-tiered strategies based on analysis


Strict implementation of finalized strategies to the letter


Promote all positive work on popular platforms including social Media


Weekly and reporting of all activities and then repeat

We are an award winning agency specializing in online business reputation management. We bring 8 years of practical hands on experience to the table. Our team will monitor your business profiles, online portfolios and your industry relevant digital footprint for any negative activity and will take action accordingly. All our strategies conform to Google guidelines, and our services are proven to deliver results.

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Why Business Reputation Management is so Important

Simply put, businesses who don’t have a positive online reputation don’t survive long. A positive online reputation for your business is absolutely crucial if potential customers and perspective clients are to work with your company. Search Berg understands that well, being a corporation. Some of our high profile clients, prioritize reputation and branding above Search Engine Organization or even PPC Marketing. That’s because there is no denying the positive benefits of this approach. Our multi-pronged business reputation management services provide the follow:

  • Gain Consumer Trust

    Positive reputations builds trust among potential clients and improve credibility. The sooner you are perceived as an honest, trustworthy, working organization in your area of expertise, the better.

  • Strengthen Your Brand

    By building strong online business profiles, you are also confidently building your brand. The stronger your brand, the more likely you are to work with the bigger clients and get better opportunities to apply your trade and professional skills.

  • Your Best Image on Display

    It’s the side all companies have to show in order to get other businesses to notice them. Not doing so says a lot about you as an organization and leads to even more misconception or misunderstanding among your target audience.

  • More Opportunities

    How positively you are perceived online has a direct correlation with how many projects/clients you get to work with and the type of opportunities that come your way. This is not rocket science. People respond to people they can trust and believe they can mutually work with.

  • Increased Sales

    The number 1 reason why businesses big and small invest thousands of dollars in reputation management is because it brings increased sales if done the right way. Our services deliver a multitude of benefits all of which ultimately result in our clients getting more calls, more referrals and more projects to work on.

About Business Reputation Management Services

Utilize RM to its full potential! Businesses who are serious about their reputation and want to protect themselves from false, negative attacks on their brand and negative SEO should definitely consider Search Berg’s Online Reputation Management services. Create a good first impression on new customers; interact productively with your existing clients, confidently address conflicts and negative branding issues and most importantly, portray yourself as an authoritative, genuine, well-liked, professional business to your target audience.

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