Happy 4th of July From the Team at Search Berg

04 Jul 2020


It’s time to set your SEO toolkit aside for the weekend and immerse yourself in the social distancing-friendly 4th of July fun and festivities! Deck your home out with red, white, and blue décor, bake a classic 4th of July cake, and hold your family close as you celebrate 244 years of independence.

graphic design wishing people a happy Fourth of July

We’d like to wish you a blissful 4th of July from the team at Search Berg, including our SEO specialists, content marketing experts, social media management team, and paid marketing professionals. Whether you have a family BBQ party in your backyard or spend the day watching 4th of July-themed movies and playing board games with your loved ones, we’re sure you’ll find a creative way to make this holiday just as fun!

Our team is hopeful that America’s collective efforts will prove to be fruitful and allow Juneteenth to be recognized as a national holiday by next year. As strong proponents of the Black Lives Matter movement, we believe that true independence should be marked by the day everyone became free.

In our push for racial equity and justice, we hope to see change so we can proudly celebrate independence and freedom for all, especially the Black community, which has been marginalized for decades and centuries.

Stay safe, practice social distancing, and have a memorable weekend!

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Aaron Tylor

Aaron Tylor

Aaron Tylor is a Senior Account Manager at Search Berg, a full-scale SEO and WEB Agency.

He brings more than 15 years of practical, hands-on experience in Lead Generation, Web Development and Digital Marketing. Starting out as a junior link builder right out of college, Aaron has expanded his career to deliver quantifiable results for some of the most demanding, high-profile campaigns. He regularly contributes to the SearchBerg Blog and on other web and digital marketing platforms. His goal is to get published on Moz and give a presentation at PubCon.

In his spare time, Aaron can be found golfing or binge-watching on Netflix. You can follow Aaron on Linkedin here.