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Why Should I Sign Up for SEO Services for Lawyers?

Your local industry is filled with hundreds of similar businesses. If you don’t
stand out, you’ll lose prospective clients. Our job is to help you become the
most credible law firm in your industry.

At Search Berg, we utilize effective SEO strategies for lawyers. As our experts rework your website, create fresh
content, touch up your social media pages, and improve your local reach, we help you become a trusted, credible, and
reputable practice in your industry.


Do you often run into the following problems:

  • A low number of clients
  • Poor Google rankings
  • Weak online visibility
  • Low traffic
  • Inability to retain clients in the long run
  • Little to no social media growth
  • Low profit
SEO lawyers

Here’s How Our Law Firm SEO Marketing Campaign Can Help

Our team has extensive legal experience and expertise. This is combined with proficiency in SEO. By combining these two vital skills, our team helps your law firm earn more traffic, conversions, and profit. We start by analyzing your business. Why isn’t your website performing well? Why is your link building plan in bad shape? What has caused your social media pages to stagnate? As we identify the underlying cause of the damage, we create a powerful SEO plan accordingly. Our campaign helps clients gain more visibility on the web. They also build more credibility, which helps people make swifter decisions. If your law firm has a good online reputation, web users will not hesitate to pick up the phone and give you a call or opt for a consultation. We build your brand to help your practice gain more momentum and take off!

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What Do You Get With Our Attorney SEO Services?

Has your law firm been struggling to earn more clients? Are you lacking online visibility? Team Search Berg creates a hyper-specific plan to help you get back on track. Since the legal industry is extremely competitive, your SEO plan must be local, relevant, and powerful. Our experts identify the areas that require the most work. Based on our research, we finalize a set of SEO techniques that will become discoverable on the web, generate high-quality traffic, earn a high ROI, generate greater credibility and trust, earn PPC success, and reach the full spectrum of your target audience.

Website Audit & SEO Assessment

Website Audit & SEO Assessment

We thoroughly analyze your website to understand where the damage is occurring. Is your web design outdated? Is your site poorly developed? Do you have a high bounce rate? Using our analysis, we improve your site structure and profile.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Have your competitors been consistently dominating your industry? We analyze their business to identify the specific strategies that have helped them rise to the top. We mimic these techniques to help you outdo your competition.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

The right keywords can help you outrank your competitors and generate more traffic. We identify high-volume keywords for your business on a monthly basis. Our team incorporates these into web copy, content, and social media posts.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Quality content can help you rise to the top. We write engaging, optimized, and value-added articles, blogs, guest posts, press releases, newsletters, ad copies, and other types of content to build a loyal audience around your law firm.

Videos and Infographics

Videos and Infographics

Legal videos and infographics are extremely effective. We create visually compelling and useful media to reel in more clients. We maintain high quality and further diversify the campaign to maximize growth.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We help you gain more traction on popular social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.). Our team develops effective posts, stories, and polls to help you become visible on social media.

Link Building

Link Building

We help you earn high-DA backlinks and enjoy a substantial increase in web traffic. As new web users flock to your site, you earn a higher number of conversions. We help you become a credible law firm and tap into greater revenue opportunities.

Brand Building

Brand Building

We rework your brand to make it appear more appealing and credible to your target audience. As a result, our clients enjoy improved customer loyalty, efficient word-of-mouth marketing, and better sales. We tweak the campaign on a monthly basis.

Analytics Set-Up and Tracking

Analytics Set-Up and Tracking

We closely track various metrics to understand how your business progresses with each campaign. This data helps us improve future campaigns and tweak ongoing plans accordingly. We help you stay on top and improve with every plan.

Check out some of our greatest Lawyer
SEO hits!

See how we leveraged [Content + Email] marketing to increase conversions by over 300%



    (An industry which is notoriously tough for new customer acquisition)

    In a market vertical that already relies heavily on online marketing, we needed to develop an edge for our clients to set them apart.


Getting our hands on the finest market research was the first part


  • 400

    Blog Posts

  • 60

    Power Posts

  • 160

    Guest Blogs
    (DA 40+)

  • 80

    Guest Blogs
    (DA 60+)

  • 120


  • 40




An organic traffic increase of 122%! FOLLOWED BY AN INCREASE IN CONVERSIONS BY



What You Can Expect From Search Berg’s SEO Services for Lawyers

We don’t want you to achieve temporary growth and go back to square one. At Search Berg, we implement
effective solutions that help you become a stable, successful, and trusted business in the long run.

Boost Website Traffic

We start by helping you generate more traffic. Our team performs comprehensive keyword research, creates optimized content, improves your social media performance, writes guest posts, and leverages advertising to reel in more web users. As your traffic increases, your online visibility skyrockets.

Build Website Authority

If your website isn’t credible, you’ll lose prospective clients. We make sure this doesn’t happen. Our team works on your site’s on-page and technical aspects to build greater credibility. We rework the design and redevelop your site. We also utilize reputation management, content creation, and link-building strategies to increase your site’s trustworthiness.

Increase Conversions

As you start generating more traffic, new web users must be converted into leads. We use exciting CTAs and value-added content to maximize conversions. We also generate more local reviews to help build trust among new clients.

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It’s time to earn more clients and work on
exciting cases!

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Our Law Firm SEO Experts Adapt to
Evolving SEO Practices

We don’t believe in using the same plan over and over again.

As the legal industry becomes more competitive and innovates rapidly, law firms must adapt to the changing landscape.

SEO techniques are also becoming increasingly advanced every month.

At Search Berg, we keep up with new strategies, innovations, and updates to help you reap maximum benefits.

I Want My Law Firm to Stand Out Online. Can Search Berg Get Me There?

If your law firm is more popular offline than online, SEO for lawyers is the right call for you. We help lawyers enjoy high online visibility, get more clients, and grow their practice. If you’re struggling to get seen online, yes, SEO will help you earn a power-packed boost in online visibility.

Our law firm SEO marketing solutions help lawyers appear among the top Google search results. This means any time a web user looks for legal support in your city/state/country, your services will show up. More calls, more clients, more positive online reviews. And the cycle begins! Looking for the best SEO for law firms? Search Berg is at your beck and call.

SEO Hasn’t Worked for Me Before. Why Should I Give It a Shot Again?

When used correctly, SEO works incredibly well. When misused, it does more harm than good. At Search Berg, we have a team of experienced, qualified, and skilled SEO specialists on board. They don’t just pull out random SEO techniques out of their hat. Instead, our team uses actionable, effective, and tailored attorney SEO strategies that work well for your business.

If SEO hasn’t worked for you in the past, chances are your agency/team didn’t know what they were doing. By bringing specialized SEO knowledge and cutting-edge software to the table, we help you rank and get your business off the ground! Looking for SEO services for lawyers that actually work? Search Berg should be your first call.

SEO Services that Delight Clients

Our clients and their feedback is what keeps us going. Read some of their kind words about us


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need legal SEO services?

    Presently, there are hundreds and thousands of successful lawyers operating in every legal sub-industry. If you operate in California, for example, you have a lot of competition. As an attorney, you should have a strong focus on outdoing your competitors and becoming the most trusted firm in your area. Legal SEO services help you do just that. We rework your website and off-page components to tap into greater traffic, improve rankings, and build trust. If you opt for regular SEO, the approach will be more generic. Our plans are specifically created for lawyers.

  • What will my legal SEO plan include?

    At Search Berg, we cover all the bases. Our team will handle your company’s on-page, off-page, and technical SEO needs. This includes keyword research, link building, content creation and marketing, social media marketing, local optimization (Google My Business marketing), paid advertising, and more. We identify a set of techniques that will benefit your business the most and kick things off accordingly.

  • How does Search Berg write legal content?

    Our team includes experienced legal experts and lawyers. These individuals also specialize in SEO. This crossover helps us produce accurate, relevant, and high-quality content for you. Our team utilizes its own knowledge and researches new information to write value-added, engaging content that informs and converts your target audience. We use excellent, accurate grammar, punctuation, syntax, spelling, and vocabulary. We also focus on content optimization to help your work reach more people and prompt greater conversions.

  • Will Search Berg help me outdo my competition?

    Our team has a strong focus on helping you perform better than your competitors. We run a comprehensive competitor analysis to understand your competition’s growth and recreate it accordingly. Our services have helped thousands of clients become the most trusted and credible law firm in their local industry.

  • Do lawyers need websites?

    Absolutely. While word-of-mouth marketing is great, it’s not enough. Today, online spaces are extremely popular. If a person is arrested for drunk driving, they will quickly pull out their phone, run a Google search for the best lawyers in the area, and contact the most credible option they find. The internet is powerful. If you don’t have a website, you’ll fail to target your audience. We build an interactive, user-friendly, and optimized website for our clients.

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