Meet Olivia, The Newest Member To Our Editorial Team!

24 Jan 2019

In a few months, I’ll be marking 7 years of managing all content on and the company blog.

I am amazed at the speed at which Search Berg has grown. What started off as a small business, has expanded and evolved into a network of departments specializing in every internet marketing discipline in use today; comprising of talented, hardworking individuals, each of whom has made invaluable contributions to making Search Berg, an award winning company.

The Search Berg blog has been one of our success stories and managing it has been an amazing experience for me. That too, in addition to my primary responsibility as the Senior Account Manager at Search Berg. Well after 7 years, I am happy to say that now I have some help!

I am really excited to introduce the newest addition to our community. Everyone please say hello to Olivia Glynn, our new editor at Search Berg! She just recently joined our Digital Marketing team.

You will be seeing her in action on blog as she talks about some of the trending and emerging demands of Internet Marketing and more importantly how businesses can capitalize on it to generate revenue and increase clientele.

A Little About Olivia

Olivia studied Marketing and Advertising, with a minor in Computer Sciences along the way from NYU. After graduating, she went on to intern at a digital marketing agency where she got her first-hand experience with SEO as she helped with strategy formulation and implementation.

Seeking to evolve her career, she has recently joined Search Berg and will be contributing to our marketing strategies as well as the company blog. Olivia will be also interacting with our numerous clients and helping them achieving online solutions just like are many hundreds of other clients. Olivia’s specialty is Content Marketing, Paid Search and Web Design.

We’re really excited to have her onboard. Everyone please join me in welcoming Olivia. I look forward to seeing her posts on the blog as I reshuffle my work to devote more time to Sales and Lead Generation. Good to have you onboard Olivia.

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Aaron Tylor

Aaron Tylor

Aaron Tylor is a Senior Account Manager at Search Berg, a full-scale SEO and WEB Agency.

He brings more than 15 years of practical, hands-on experience in Lead Generation, Web Development and Digital Marketing. Starting out as a junior link builder right out of college, Aaron has expanded his career to deliver quantifiable results for some of the most demanding, high-profile campaigns. He regularly contributes to the SearchBerg Blog and on other web and digital marketing platforms. His goal is to get published on Moz and give a presentation at PubCon.

In his spare time, Aaron can be found golfing or binge-watching on Netflix. You can follow Aaron on Linkedin here.