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Local Search: The Importance of a Location Data for Your Business!

Mobile search and social media have given businesses innumerable new ways to find qualified leads and make new customers. However today, brands must harness the power of their locations for more potent business listing management. Location data is now a scalable asset that should be made more accessible.

What’s The Fuss About?

Mobile consumers use their Smartphones for searching mostly because they need whatever it is they are looking for to be close to them, and they need it now! This significantly increases the importance of location data. If your website or online shop doesn’t have a location listed with Yelp or Google Local, how will the local searchers find it?

Your brand needs to be available the very moment someone starts looking for it through a search.

Location data is key to acing moments. Small and medium sized businesses may have a single or even several locations across a city. It is important that these companies optimize their online presence for all their locations using location data to be visible as and when people look for them. This can also help encourage potential customers to quickly follow up on their search, i.e. calling for more info, booking an appointment, redeeming vouchers or start shopping online.

Why Online Businesses Need To Sort This Out… Quickly!

Customers move from research and exploration to consideration and purchase quickly. And as a brand your job is to make sure that your products and services are available only a click away, the second they come looking.

Be visible. And let them know that you are near them. Arrange, categorize and distribute your location data to make sure your locations are findable. This includes ensuring the accuracy of name, address, phone, and hours of operation etc.

The problem is that a majority of small businesses are so focused on audience data that they completely overlook the importance of their own local data. As a result, they can’t command the attention of mobile searchers, who instead go to other, more mobile savvy competitors.

It is important for the modern American small businesses to create local landing pages that are also optimized for search and mobile. These optimized landing pages can significantly accelerate the path from search to service for customers who looking for exact products and services.

Build a Sustainable Local Marketing Strategy

Location data used to be a passive phenomenon for SEO company purposes. But with development of specialized local search services, it has become more relevant than ever. A consumer enters a search query, and Google can quickly display your brand at or near the top of search results thanks to good location data.

According to Google’s Mobile Search Moments Study, 75% of all mobile searches end up in the user taking some sort of action.

When it comes to local searches, the data is very compelling. Technology has made it very convenient for everyone to shop online, so much so that nearly 50% of online visitors of a store, buy online, or call their nearest branch within an hour of the search. Mobile users are increasingly going to company websites, checking out their favorite stores online and sharing information with their friends on the go.

So how do your customers find your local storefronts? What do they see when they search online for products and services similar to yours? If your location data and website are nicely optimized for local search, potential buyers will see exactly the information they need to see to make buying from you a priority.

Would you like to learn how we can help your brand ace local search? Call us at 855-444-4777 and let’s get your business seen everywhere you want it be!

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Aaron Tylor

Aaron Tylor

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