05 Nov 2018

How to Optimize Your Services or Product Landing Page for PPC Conversions In order to Generate More Revenue and Gain New Leads!

Businesses love sales-driven landing pages! After all, they bring customers and most importantly, revenue for your business.

If you’ve been creating a sales-focused landing page for your product and want it to convert like a true rockstar, you would definitely want to check out the following landing page optimization tips. There’s six in total and all of them are equally important.

Tips for optimizing a sales-focused landing page for conversions

Let’s start with the content of your landing page.

First Tip: The content of your landing page should be highly specific and focused

Many landing pages are often seen promoting multiple solutions simultaneously. Tossing out multiple solutions on a single landing page makes the actual promotion ineffective. Furthermore, the noise and additional options might be an instant turn off for your audience.

When your audience visits your landing page, they expect to find a solution to their specific problem. But if the landing page narrows down to signing up to a newsletter or giving in their email address, in return for the solution; you might not hear from them ever again.

Is your landing page specific and focused?

Second tip: optimize your landing page to include keywords

Optimizing keywords in the landing page content can be tricky. You need to position the keywords in such a way that they make the page SEO-friendly without affecting the content flow.

An easy way to do this is by limiting the use of keywords to the main title, subheading, image alt text and periodically within the content.

Rand Fishkin explains in detail the concept of combining conversion – and SEO-focused designs into a single landing page.

In summary: When optimizing a sales-focused landing page, focus mainly on conversions and keep SEO secondary.

Third tip: come up with a catchy CTA

CTAs are the most important elements of landing pages. They might seem like simple instructions, but in reality, CTAs are key drivers of conversions.

It’s important to have a catchy CTA for your sales-specific landing page.

What is defined as a catchy CTA?

A catchy CTA is one that is simple, clear and clickable.

The message should be simple to comprehend within microseconds, the instructions should be clear and the button design should be visible.

Take a look at this CTA sample used by Neil Patel for one of his webinars. It has all the elements that make it “catchy”.

Is your CTA catchy?

Fourth tip: Use visuals where possible

The best sales-focused landing pages have gripping pictures. Visitors love them and process and respond to them much faster.

Does your landing page have great visuals?

If not, try incorporating them into your landing page design. Make sure to use only relevant pictures.

For instance, you can use images of the product or service you’re trying to sell. You can include images of your product in action. You can use images of your team using your product to establish an emotional connection with your audience.

On the contrary, avoid using stock photos. Be creative and take your time to source pictures that the audiences can connect with.

Fifth tip:Make sure your landing page is easy to navigate


Your landing page should not be cluttered with content. Instead, it should be neatly divided into different sections, making it easier for the readers to navigate.

It should have a main headline, clearly explaining what the landing page is about. It should have a sub-heading expanding on the concept introduced in the main headline.

Subheading? Yes, sub heading!

Never underestimate the importance of sub-headings. They provide the audience a deeper contextual understanding of the content on your landing page and give them a reason to read your copy instead of simply skimming through it.

Lastly, use legible and clean fonts so that mobile users can also read your copy easily.

Sixth tip:Make your customers an offer they can’t refuse.

Your landing page is only as good as the offer itself.

If your product or service is not affordable for your customers, there’s no way they’re clicking on that CTA button.

Review your product pricing and see if you can drive it down without hurting your bottom line. You may also want to include a limited time discount offer to prompt your customers to take a quick action. Time sensitive promotions create a sense of urgency within potential customers, that when combined with the right CTA instantly boost conversions.

Just remember: keep it affordable for your customers.

This completes our roundup of tips on how to optimize your sales-focused landing page for conversions.

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