Social Media Management

Bye-Bye Google Plus!

While for some it came as a shock, others saw it coming and knew it was imminent—Google announced its plans to shut down the consumer version of its social network, Google+. According to Google’s VP of Engineering, Ben Smith, 90% of user sessions on Google+ lasted for less than two …

Video Content

Why You Need Video Content for Your Website If You Want to Gain New Customers And Strengthen Your Brand Online

Content marketing is ever evolving in the sense that new and better forms of content have emerged and in some cases replaced older approaches. Take print media and digital media for example. Before people used to get their news from the local newspaper. Now they get it online, from their …

Small Business SEO

Conquering SEO: A Guide For Small Business Owners

Not sure your small business can compete with the bigwigs? Keep on reading to find out how you can make your business thrive and keep up with the competition with dedicated small business SEO services.


How to Optimize Your WordPress Blog Post for Increased Traffic In Order to See Massive Gains in Rankings, Reputation and Revenue!

Do you have a WordPress blog? Are you getting any mileage out of it in terms of generating traffic for your business or gaining new viewers and readership? Do you want it to perform better? If so, then keep on reading. Today, we’ll walk you through the steps of optimizing …

Small Business SEO

Accelerate Your Small Business’s Growth With These Powerful SEO Strategies

To say that the competition to get on the first page of Google’s search engine results is intense would be an understatement. With only 10 spots on the first page, businesses work proactively day in and out to nab the coveted space. Improving your local SEO is a necessary aspect …

Link Building

What Is Link Building And Why Does My Business Need It?

What Is Link Building? The SEO landscape is ever-evolving. Therefore, strategies pertaining to SEO must change accordingly. This includes link building as well. The importance of high-value links is undeniable today. In order to thrive online and get a competitive advantage, businesses must implement effective link building campaigns. In its …

Voice Search

Now is the Right Time to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

Back in 2011, when Siri first came out, it was considered a novel and cool technology. It was informative and rather funny at its core. Everyone loved playing with it. However, at no stage was it considered a major impactful technology. Or atleast, that is how we perceived its present …

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO Checklist for Website Owners That Understand SEO

Okay, so mobile-first indexing is finally (and officially) here—but on a larger scale. Phew Google! You really ran it late this time around. And we’re grateful you are informing us about particular migrations through the Search Console. Which brings us to you (no, not you Google; you there, reading this …

Website Design & Development

Don’t Destroy Your Website SEO By Making These Redesign Mistakes

There are more than 200 million live websites in the world and seemingly as many web design mistakes that are committed—knowingly or unknowingly—by designers on a regular basis. If you want to remain competitive, it’s important to keep up with technological changes, trends, and updates to user experience conventions.  Unfortunately, …

Local SEO

How the Latest Google Update Impacted Local Businesses

If your local business website was affected by the recent core algorithm Google update, you weren’t the only one. Those who primarily work in the small business market should be particularly vigilant of how the update changed the dynamics of local search. Google, the leading search engine company that rolled …