SearchBerg 6 Phase Web Design Process

The following six step process outlines how a typical Web Design project is worked on.

Step 1

Website Design Options

Step 1 - Website Design Options

First, we lay out a design plan for your website, in accordance with your preferences and target audience.

We provide you with a number of professional themes to choose from. If they don’t match your brand vision, our innovative design team will create a custom mock-up design for your website.

The layout is sent over to you for review. We only go ahead with the process once you’re fully satisfied with the final look.

Step 2

Content Creation

Step 2 - Content Creation

Once the layout is decided, our content team steps in. Website content consists of written texts, images and videos which visitors of the website will be able to see.

The content writing process includes catchy headlines, creating text for web pages and blog posts in accordance with the theme of your business and the design layout of your website.

As a standard process, you will be provided content for five pages on your website.

Step 3

Website Development & Testing

Step 3 - Website Development & Testing

At this stage, the website is put to test on a URL. The entire website is tested to ensure full functionality so there are no broken links. With the design published and content uploaded, you will be able to assess what the website will look like to your audience.

Step 4

SEO Optimization

Step 4 - SEO Optimization

Once the website is fully developed, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can begin. SEO is the process of optimizing website elements in order to gain higher rankings in search engines.

As part of the on-page SEO, content on the website is tweaked to enhance keyword optimization. Meta tags are added to maximize the website’s site engine performance. This step has a significant impact on your website’s potential Google ranking.

A higher visibility and ranking on Google search will bring in more traffic to your website, therefore enhancing your company’s organic growth.

Step 5

Website Goes Live on Domain

Step 5 - Website Goes Live on Domain

The design is created, content uploaded, visibility maximized.

Now, it’s time to execute and launch! The website is finally made live for your customers. Make sure you have a launch timing and communications strategy in place, so your customers know exactly when your website is going live.

Step 6

Quality Assurance

Step 6 - Quality Assurance

The website quality assurance step is where our developers review your website to make sure that is free of bugs and lags.

  • Dummy pages on the website are removed
  • Internal and external links are audited to make sure none of them are broken
  • Website forms are tested to ensure complete functionality
  • Mobile responsiveness is tested, confirming that it is just as user friendly when accessed from other devices—like tablets and smartphones.

Congratulations! Your Project is Complete. It’s time to renew!

Now that your website is live, it's time to monetize it. There are multiple options to chose such as SEO and Paid Search Marketing. Call SearchBerg for details!

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