Search Berg's 2 Phase PPC Process

The following two step process outlines how a PPC project is worked on.

Phase 1

Research and Setup

Your Project Begins!

 Information Gathering

The PPC team sends a small questionnaire about your business/website. These are the details we need to begin the project.

 Keyword Research

We conduct an extensive Keyword Research on your website and come up with search terms that will lead to a conversion.

 Website Analysis

We check site functionality, navigation, landing pages, for optimal PPC configuration and recommend changes and suggestion.

 Ads Creation

Creating catchy, appealing ads for your campaign that will entice viewers and influence them to click on your ads!

 Campaign Goes Live

Your Campaign Goes Live! Let the conversions come in!

Phase 2

Monitoring, Management, Monetization

 Bid Adjustment, Analysis & Optimization

Adjusting bids daily/weekly either manually or on auto to ensure prompt and most efficient utilization of the daily spend and higher cost per click ratio

 Negative Keyword Identification & Removal

Identification and Removal of negative keyword that could harm a PPC campaign.

 False Click Detection and Adjustment

Detection of clicks that are not genuine and/or intentional. Such clicks lead to wastage of the daily budget. We track these and ban those IPs from our campaign.

 Time Management and Conversion Analysis

Determining when to best run campaign and at what time of the day is the campaign most productive.

 Trend/Pattern Recognition

Determine trends in the client’s industry and gauging how it will effect our online marketing.

 Ad Performance Review Analysis

Determining which ads are getting the most exposure, why and how to optimize those that are not performing well.

 Weekly/Monthly Reporting

Creating weekly and monthly reports outlining results, the path ahead and suggestions for better optimization.

Project Completed! Time to Renew!

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