Ecommerce Ready PPC

Ecommerce Ready PPC

Search Berg is ready to take your e-commerce to the next level!

PPC is an absolute must for e-commerce websites today. Our E-commerce PPC is designed to connect buyers with your products/services. Our goals are two-fold; to bring your website new visitors and customers; create interesting, catchy ads that would compel them to make a sale. We have Google certified professionals who have in-depth understanding and experience working on e-Commerce sites. Our reporting is transparent and flawless; we have the expertise and the tools; we offer E-commerce ready PPC.

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A Fully Informed and Customized Approach

No two PPC campaigns are the same.

We approach each campaign differently depending on what we want to get out of them. Search Berg utilizes a fully customizable approach to E-commerce PPC. Do you want to promote your products? Want to give more exposure to your services? Or do you prefer branding instead? We have tested strategies in place to accommodate all your requirements.

Most importantly, we keep our clients informed of their PPC campaign. From identifying negative keywords and CPC adjustments to notifying clients of conversion and other important trends, we make sure we put you in the driver’s seat.

Ad and web content is extremely important for a campaigns success, especially for e-commerce sites which generally require sizable page content for each product or services as well as ad text. A fully customized and properly configured campaign targets all products or those that have been thoroughly researched to provide results in the form of a purchase. There is a reason why viral businesses are aiming for creatively developed content backed by an exhaustive PPC campaign.

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An Adventure That Brings ROI

The great thing about PPC is that it is an exciting venture compared to SEO. Search Engine Optimization for E-commerce websites takes time to yield results. PPC on the other hand, can transform a site within weeks! Most of our clients and business owners start seeing results within the first month, in some cases within days! These results are the building blocks upon which a revenue-driven, properly optimized and monitored PPC campaign is constructed. It’s an adventure and a lucrative one at that

An Eye for Adventure

Ready for the next challenge

Search Berg’s keen eye for marketing will give your company opportunities they never knew existed. We strive to provide a positive e-commerce PPC experience for our clients. We have ben monetizing websites for many years and with certified specialists, tested tools and rock-solid PPC strategy, it can safely be said, it will get better and better.

Let us do PPC for your business and transform your website into a cash portal. Despite the already competitive digital marketing arena, Search Berg is ready to take on the challenge and will help you gain an edge through our quality e-Commerce strategies. Contact Search Berg today or fill out the form to begin PPC for your website.

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