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In 2015, Search Berg launched the Client Dashboard tool, free for our clients.

In 2016, Search Berg successfully completed 10,000 SEO projects.

In 2017, Search Berg was awarded the Customer Choice Award by Site Jabber.

There is one reason for our success. We’ve always delivered the one thing all clients want; Results!

Our strategies are geared towards:

  • Attracts new visitors to your website
  • Increases your weekly and monthly conversions
  • Improves your keyword rankings across Google and Yahoo
  • Establishes authority in the search engines, your target audience and viewers
  • Enhances your company’s online reputation and strengthens your brand
  • A optimized website that is responsive, and ranks well in Google
  • Online Ads that generate conversions and leads
  • Promoting social media platforms and generate interaction

Search Berg has a winning team that is trained, Google certified and has in-depth experience in all internet marketing disciplines.

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